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To see a printer in your dream, suggests that you are trying to express a thought or idea in a way that others can understand. To dream that the printer is not functioning, indicates your difficulties and frustrations in communicating your thoughts across.

Printer: To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty,if you neglect to practice economy and cultivate energy.
For a woman to dream that her lover or associate is a printer,foretells she will fail to please her parents in the selectionof a close friend.

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To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty, if you neglect to practice economy and cultivate energy.... Continue dream interpretation - Printer"continue dream interpretation ...

In general: To printer (professional) in a dream warns against false and defamatory statements, then one must look at the real life situation for evidence of this.

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To dream of a laser ~ represents communicating or expressing what you are thinking with absolute clarity. Perfect articulation.
Alternatively, a laser ~ may symbolize the realization of plans in a careful or meticulous manner. TOP
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Before interpreting this dream, I noted in my Dream Journal that for the past three days I have been frustrated because my computer ~ stopped printing and I was having trouble getting repair help.

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This employment was with a technical graphic company and was in a phase of expanding with new data systems using computers and ~s.

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