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A marriage proposal can represent a culmination or milestone in a romantic relationship, or you'd like to proposed to someone or receive a proposal, or you'd like to be in a marriage with someone, ...

Synonyms of proposal.
noun: suggestion, proposition, offer, motion, overture, offering, tender, proffer, suit; plural: proposals, suggestions, propositions, offers, motions, overtures, offerings, tenders, proffers, suits.

you are being proposed to indicates that you are merging a previously unknown aspect of yourself More directly, the dream suggests you are thinking about marriage or some serious long-term commitment/project/situation. Your reaction to the proposal ...

Dream interpretation - Proposal
To dream that you are being proposed to, indicates that you are merging a previously unknown aspect of yourself more directly,... Continue dream interpretation - Proposal"continue dream interpretation ...

To dream that you are being proposed to, indicates that you are merging a previously unknown aspect of yourself. In some cases, this dream can suggest you are thinking about a serious long-erm commitment to a person, project or situation.

A surprise proposal or proposition could be in store.
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Happy dreams of proposals with rings that you find beautiful are signs you've met your true love. It's time to look your lover deep into his eyes, and make this dream a reality.

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If it involved a proposal of marriage and you accepted (or were accepted), it is a dream of contrary and you can expect a rocky road to romance. However, if you persevere, it may, in time, smooth out.

The birds in your dreams may be a premonition of something to come, or merely a way to make your more aware of your life and proposals for what the future holds.

turn taking your turn; not knowing which way to turn; turning away from something; turn the other cheek; turn a deaf ear; turn down a proposal; turn a person's head; turn an honest penny; time to turn in; turn in one's grave; ...

"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift - Swift's "A Modest Proposal" - Classic British Essays
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KEY WORDS :compromising, join together, showing generosity, assist, negotiating, bid, ending confrontation, a serious proposal?

Side: To dream of seeing only the side of any object, denotes that some personis going to treat your honest proposals with indifference.
To dream that your side pains you, there will be vexations in your affairsthat will gall your endurance.

To dream that you are being yearned for, indicates that you will soon be greeted with a proposal for marriage. To dream that you yearn for someone, foretells that you will find joy and contentment with your present love.
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If you dream that a friend or a lover is yearning for you this suggests that you will soon be getting a long wanted proposal and your happiness is assured.

see also: ring (jewelry) agreement breaking an agreement wedding ring appointment proposal getting married
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Because you traditionally get down on your knees when making a marriage proposal, knees in a dream can also be a symbol of commitment and faithfulness.

For a young woman to think her lover is yearning for her, she will have the pleasure of soon hearing some one making a long-wished-for proposal.

To dream that you receive a vase as a gift, signifies attainment of your heart's desires. For a single person, you will meet you mate or a proposal of marriage will be made.

For a man to dream that he has seduced a girl, is a warning for him to be on his guard, as there are those who will falsely accuse him. If his sweetheart appears shocked or angry under these proposals, ...

For a young woman to dream of ledgers, interpret she will have a solid business man to make her a proposal of marriage.

This is extension int your personal life, community and country. The attitudes and ideas that are on hold (table the proposal). Something that you cannot hold any longer and have to bring to the table.

In waking life he felt that his idea to flat out sell his deceased Grandmother's house was a better way to totally finish off his family's fighting over the will. Other family members wanted to wait and were discussing business proposals with the ...

Pen - a new offer or proposal.
Playing Card - good luck through associates.
Postage Stamp - you are soon to find a new, and worthwhile, friend.
Prison - if entering, oppression. If leaving or escaping, recovery from depression.

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