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Dreaming that you're doing a puzzle can mean you're in the mood for problem solving and mental challenges, or perhaps you were already in this state of mind when you went to sleep. Dream activities like this can also mean that you're feeling some extra energy during the dream state.

Seeing a jigsaw puzzle in your dream, represents a mental challenge or a problem in your waking life that you need to solve. If there are pieces missing in the puzzle, then it suggests that you do not have all the facts in order to make a good and sound decision.

Quick Decode: Not obvious; uncertainty; complicated
Popular Expressions: Don’t miss a trick ...

jigsaw puzzle dream symbol
jigsaw puzzle
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Doing a jigsaw puzzle can mean: ...

So what we are looking for, the piece of the puzzle that only you can provide, is what exactly your uncle represents to you.

puzzle confusion; feelings of inadequacy and frustration; something to puzzle out. What are you puzzled about?

Puzzle. An obstacle dream, and its meaning will relate to whether (or how easily) you solved it.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Assembling a puzzle can be a way of exploring how the different 'pieces' of experience fit together. The pieces can be square and linear as a representation of limitations, or round in certain places to symbolize wholeness.

I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. There I met with a sickening surprise.

Jigsaw puzzle in a dream can refer to your arrogance. Pay attention if the pieces of the jigsaw were together, joined, or separated, if they were all, or some were missing, and also how were you feeling in the dream. Did you have a hard time completing the puzzle?

Crossword Puzzle
To see or do a crossword puzzle, suggests that you are being faced with a mental challenge. The dream may be a pun on "cross words" directed at your or aimed toward someone.
Crow ...

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The one thing that puzzles me is the shape of a heart. It was really beautiful. Any thoughts on that?
Duider says: ...

Example dream : A guillotine dream linked to the dreamer trying to solve a puzzle before he went to sleep. The answer involved 'chopping' off the first letter of each word. The sentence still made sense when the first letter was deleted.

A problem or puzzle to be solved. Possible setbacks. Gemini. Also: Gold: Leo.
5. Pink: Love. Compassion. The attainment of a dream.
6. Purple: Spirituality; status in one's own circle. Increased social life, or the desire for same.
7. Orange: Message from a great Master.

You can find many more symbols throughout the dream interpretations I have up on this site, via the Contest Winners' Interpretations , and I would rather you see the symbols interpreted in this way, because it shows how each puzzle piece/symbol fits together and makes a complete picture; ...

Example: Now I had the key to the whole puzzle. All the years of my adult life I have been looking, examining, trying to understand. It was all so much like the game of Master Mind. The answer actually exists in the ever-increasing information gathered. If only we could put it all together.

Our Dream Dictionary is a vital piece of your dream interpretation puzzle. Dream symbols hold a great deal of weight and importance when it comes to dream interpretation. Truth be told, they're only second to "emotions" when it comes to a legitimate and useful dream interpretation.

In a broader sense, these random circular objects can be assembled like puzzle pieces to provide a big picture of our transcendental view of nature. Just play with these, or other circular objects that appeal to you. Take time to just sit within the circles of time, space and matter.

Step 4 - De-code your dreams. Try putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together. Your dream symbols can confuse and trick you. Be patient and find the hidden meaning.
Step 5 - Dream Dictionary - It might help to use a dream dictionary to help find what the unconscious mind is hinting at.

A dream with a jigsaw puzzle suggests that you are putting effort into completing a task, or that you are facing many different solutions to a problem. It can also ..Read more →
JOB ...

You can expect to have some really complicated puzzles to sort out if your dream featured small details of any kind.... Continue dream interpretation - Detail"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Detective ...

Own dream of - the dream suggests that you are very close to resolving some puzzles, mysteries, problems. To see the image, sculpture - it means that your lack of professionalism, it is desirable to supplement knowledge base.
Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short) ...

in following him over a rail fence, the latter's gun was accidentally discharged in Willie's face and neck, resulting in instant death. With this shocking news the memory of the dream I had had came back to me vividly and puzzled me very greatly, and indeed has puzzled me to this day.''
Signed "G.

To dream of a ferris wheel represents an exciting or chaotic experience that keeps pausing. You may be puzzled about why you have to keep stopping or waiting for something you like to continue. TOP
Ferry ...

The other curious thing is her expression, she has a very very slight smirk with a cheeky quizzical or puzzled look, not unhappy just unsure or questioning like she thinks I'm going to play a joke it trick.

The dream suddenly became a series of strange and blurry images. Big pieces of a strange domino-like puzzle were falling forming a circle. Two men in white clothing ( looked like high priests ) were coming to rescue me from a jail. And there was rain.

If you know the child in waking and dreaming, this may reflect a wish-fulfillment or projection. If you do not know the child from your waking life, he or she may be a reflection of yourself at a particular time in your past. The main puzzle piece to discern is the nature of your activity and ...

Consider at the condition of the basement, how dark or big it is as it would give much more clue about your dream. If you see the basement that is untiddy, dirty it denotes the puzzlement you have to figure out. The state of the basement could also represent unfixed objects or questions..

Dismemberment, in a dream, refers to breaking apart before putting things back together. It suggests joining the pieces of your own life puzzle.
disobedience ...

Privacy Prize Probation Procession Professor Profit Progress Promise Promotion Prong Propeller Property Proposal Prostitute Prostitution Protest Prototype Prudish Pub Public Publisher Pudding Puddle Pulpit Pulse Pump Punch Puncture Punish Puppet Puppy Purchase Purse Purse Pursuit Push Putty Puzzle ...

Financial improvement. **Clubs: success after quarrels concerning business. A legal matter. **Spades: Sadness and/or unrewarded labor. Gossip or disgrace. **Unknown: If you were not aware of the suit, you will be puzzled by a mystery you cannot solve.

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