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Rats are almost universally despised in the modern world. Their reputation as disease-laden scavengers seems to precede them wherever they go. Some people own rats as pets and will, of course, perceive them differently.

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Rats are generally viewed as carriers of disease. They are destructive and unclean. We also call untrustworthy people "rats." To be "ratted out" is to have someone snitch on you. Tangled hair is a "rat's nest." The word itself is often used as a mild form of cursing.

What do dreams about this subject mean? Before determing what your rat dream means, you must first ask yourself what you associate with rats, says O'Connor. Are you afraid of them or do you think they're cute?

Rats indicate a threat of cancer. For example, rats under the cooker in the kitchen are a warning of cancer of your stomach (cooker).
A rat can also symbolize betrayal as in being ratted on.
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To see rats in your dream, signifies feelings of doubts, guilt and/or envy. You are having unworthy thoughts that you are keeping to yourself but are eating you up inside. Alternatively, it denotes repulsion. The dream may also be a pun on someone who is a rat.

To dream of a rat represents underhanded behavior, people, or situations. Rats reflect lying, cheating, stealing, or backstabbing other people.
You may be hiding something from others, or having a problem trusting someone.

Rats. These nasty rodents in your dream portend trouble though active but hidden jealousy; however, if they were white you will be protected by benign forces. If you heard them gnawing but didn't actually see them, the dream is a warning that you are wasting your life in meaningless pursuits.

Rats in dreams, like most animals, represent people we know in our waking lives. Has someone you know acted 'like a rat'... betrayed you, mooched food or money, been a romantic competitor, or been dishonest behind your back?

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They are unpleasant and symbolize danger, poverty, filth, and illness. Your unconscious mind may be bringing up unpleasant images due to a disturbance in daily life.

Rats - Contents of your unconscious that terrify you at first glimpst, emotions or instinctive impulsives that at some time in your past gave rise to guilt feelings.
Rebellion - Repressed parts of you (unconscoius) that are threatening to take control if you keep disregarding them.

Rats and mice are often ‘pests’ or associated with what is ‘unclean’ or forbidden. Rats can be ‘stowaways,’ hiding in ships, or in the shadows, representing abandoning something, sneaking around or escaping like a ‘dirty rat.

To see rats in your dream, signifies feelings of guilt and envy. It represents your untrustworthy friends in your life.
To see a black rat, represents deceit and covert activities.
To see a white rat in your dream, foretells that you will receive assistance from an unexpected source.

To catch rats, means you will scorn the baseness of others, and worthily outstrip your enemies.
To kill one, denotes your victory in any contest.

A rat, or rats, in your dream points up the fact that someone is very jealous of you and/or your accomplishments... Continue dream interpretation - Rat"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Rat-trap ...

A rat, or rats, in your dream points up the fact that someone is very jealous of you and/or your accomplishments and will work against you in any way possible, it is a dream of warning to be on the alert for enemy attack, (the backbiting kind).

To dream of rats, denotes that you will be deceived, and injured by your neighbors. Quarrels with your companions is also foreboded. To catch rats, means you will scorn the baseness of others, and worthily outstrip your enemies. To kill one, denotes your victory in any contest.
* See Mice.

Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was amazed when rats appeared when the room filled with rats linked to her thoughts about continuing her relationship with her boyfriend.

He placed rats in mazes during the day then noticed that similar patterns of neurons fired during REM sleep as had fired during the previous day at choice turning points in the maze. The rats were repeating important learning events during sleep.

In European tradition, rats are associated with theft of foodstuffs and the spread of disease, and therefore seeing brown or black rats running free is a warning to see your doctor and to be careful whom you trust.

The experiment started by training rats to run along a circular track for a food reward. The animals' brain activity was then monitored during the task as well as when they were asleep.

  Rats can also indicate disease and death as they are prone to congregate in filthy areas and feed off dead animals.  In this sense disease and death should be interpreted symbolically, rather than literally.

Bats........20 hours
Lions........13.5 hours
Laboratory rats..13 hours
Domestics cats...12.5 hours
Baboons.......9.5 hours
Humans......8 hours
Pilot whales....5.5 hours
Asian elephants..3 hours
Roe deer.......3 hours
Giraffes.......2 hours ...

Example: We have some marijuana to power the raft and push it into the driveway. There we begin waiting - meanwhile fighting off small scourges of rats and flies - while with a shovel waiting for a real big herd of rats to attack us.

Someone you feel has stealthy motives, is sneaky (rats tend to be active at night), or whose character you consider as inferior
Resourcefulness, easily adaptable, or a survivalist (even to the detriment of others)
Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

If the infestation comes from a positive event, it may be a warning from your subconscious that other necessary obligations are being neglected due to your consumption by a singular activity. If the infestation is a categorically negative image, such as rats or mosquitoes, ...

I think this last observation might be a reference to the plague, in which rats and mice ruled more prominently that kings and queens of the day (vermin being the number one enemy of the times due to their tendency to carry and spread the deadly plague).

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