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The color red can represent stimulating, exciting, exotic, full of life or vigor, or anger. Red can also appear in a dream to highlight something important.
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To see red in your dream indicates raw power, Úlan, fervor, intense passion, agression, authority and bravery. It connotes deep emotions and spirituality. It also stands for anger as often used in the phrase, "seeing red".

Red and black indicates anger. For example, to dream of following a woman wearing a black and red dress would indicate that you copied (followed) your mother's anger (black and red).

"Red" in your dream suggests passion, love and geat energy when you're at your optimum and anger, explosivenes and a tendency to be overly critical when you feel challenged. In the dream you are being loved by everyone.

What does the color red mean in a dream? Most importantly, the color red symbolizes the blood of the Lamb, (being Jesus Christ, the Son of God). Red means suffering, or to suffer.

DREAM DICTIONARY - Eyes (red eyes) :
Many photographs are taken which have red eyese. So red eye dreams could link to some thought you have had regards a photo. Think of some photo you looked at last night? How did it make you feel?

He went on to relate the content of the dream stating that he had seen a vision of a female in a red shawl. This young woman only spoke four words in the dream, that being her introduction of herself: "I am Miss Napier".

Symbol of anger and passion in dreams. If the color red features prominently in your dream, ask yourself if something has been causing you to "see red" (get angry) recently.

Red eyes-symbolic of fatigue from drinking alcohol, Prov. 23:29. Red-eyed creatures in a dream are also symbolic of demonic entities
Red horse-symbolic of war, Rev. 6:4 ...

Red Light
To see a red light in your dream suggests that you need to stop what you are doing and think things through before moving forward. You need to proceed with care and caution. Alternatively, this dream may signify obstacles on your path.

Red - wisdom, anointing, & power Negative - anger, war
Blue - revelation, communion Negative - depression, sorrow, anxiety
Green - growth, prosperity, conscious Negative - envy, jealousy, pride ...

Red signifies love, strong emotions, passion, excitement, energy and aggression. You are competitive, ambitious and like to be the center of attention. You may be hardly listening to others.

Red being the color of anger could be a warning to stay cool and keep your temper under control. A deep, blood red is usually a portent of good news to come.

Red is a color that symbolizes passion and enthusiasm. It can also appear as a warning and direct you to play closer inspection to what is going on in the dream.

Good news. Passion. Anger. A warning to control your temper.
Astrological parallels: Aries.

Dream dictionary definition for redRed is the color of fire, sexuality, sensuality, and the physical body.  This symbol could also indicate a fiery personality, a hot temper, anger, or rage.

The color red in dreams represents negativity, negative intentions, or negative situations. In a dream it's reflecting something negative about the way you think, feel, or act.

Red can be both positive and negative. It can refer to blood, destruction and fire. Yet it can also speak of rubies, wealth and royalty (scarlet).
Definition For:

if red light - Stop! Caution! Stop! You should consider your plans again, if you want to avoid huge mistakes;
Misery if a bright yellow light - This dream signifies that upcoming events will bring you sorrow and grief; ...

Red: Lighter shades of red can be representative of excitement (especially sexually), passion, energy, and life. However, deeper or "weighed down" shades of red may be indicitive of anger and vengence.

May symbolize passion, anger, sexuality, revolution, danger. As the colour of blood, red is the symbol of life (which is why Hindu and Chinese brides wear red); but blood, or course may also mean death (see meaning od death).

This is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships.
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Red colors symbolize fire and is associated with power and importance. To dream of crimson clothes, foretells that you will escape formidable enemies by a timely change in your expressed intention.

Red hair usually suggests changes
If you see brown hair, you will be unfortunate in choosing a career.
If you see well kept and neatly combed hair, your fortune will improve.

Red colors in a letter, imply estrangements through suspicion and jealousy, but this may be overcome by wise maneuvering of the suspected party.

RED : passion, anger.
BLACK : the unconscious mind; void; death of the old.
GREY : fear, confusion.

A red flame is a warning telling you to watch your temper. A strong flame symbolizes happiness. A weak or irregular flame symbolizes a disappointment.
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The red robin reminds us it's time to shake the sleepiness out of our head (both figuratively and literally), get alert, get moving, and start enjoying life! ...

This red spice is a warning to control your excesses.
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To see red pepper growing, foretells for you a thrifty and an independent partner in the marriage state.
To see piles of red pepper pods, signifies that you will aggressively maintain your rights.

To see red apples on trees with green foliage is exceedingly propitious to the dreamer.
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To see red, hot iron in your dream, denotes failure resulting from displaced energy.
To see old, rusty iron in your dream, signifies poverty and disappointment.
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