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Dream Dictionary
To see a refrigerator in your dreams, portends that your selfishness will offend and injure some one who endeavors to gain an honest livelihood.

refrigerator car, refrigerator cookie, Refrigeratory
Dream Dictionary
Definition: ...

Actual food-related activity or issues in your life
Sources or means of obtaining mental, emotional, or spiritual nourishment in your life
Storage, or keeping something long-term
The idea of putting something on hold, or temporarily getting rid of or denying something ...

The refrigerator is a symbol of preservation, and in this dream it means self-preservation and there is a possibility that we might be turning cold sexually and that is a definite thing that needs to be changed. To be trapped in a refrigerator means that someone is trying to trick you.

A refrigerator symbolizes your stomach as it is located in the kitchen (digestive system) and is used to temporarily hold food. See Kitchen.
To feel relieved in a dream asks you to relax with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

To see a ~ in your dreams, portends that your selfishness will offend and injure some one who endeavors to gain an honest livelihood. To put ice in one, brings the dreamer into disfavor.
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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
To see a ~ in your dreams, portends that your selfishness will offend and injure some one who endeavors to gain an honest livelihood. To put ice in one, brings the dreamer into disfavor..

~ cold storage; keeping things preserved for future use; preservation; time to cool down. How are you being left out in the cold?
regret sadness; guilt about past actions; wishing you had done things differently. When are you going to forgive yourself for being human?

A fridge is a utility people use to keep things we wish to preserve. Thus, a ~ in a dream is an indication that there is something in waking life worth preserving. This may be a friendship, a belief, a value etc.

This appliance combines the idea of Food or the exploration of nourishment from a broad perspective with Cold or Frozen as symbolism of what you have put 'on ice' in your development.

To see or open a ~ in your dream, represents your chilling personality and/or cold emotions. The dream may also be telling you need to put some goal, plan, or situation on hold.

To see a ~ in your dream represents the preservation of goals, plans, or situations. Keeping something ready.
To put something in a ~ represents your interest in dealing with something at a later time or maintaining opportunities.

~-Heart: Motive; attitude; thoughts. Spoiled Food=Harboring a grudge; unclean thoughts or desires. (Matt 12:35; Mark 7:21-22)

Reins- heart motives. (Is 11:5) ...

A dream with a ~ suggests that you crave abundance, you can be emotionally cold at times, you're keeping your ideas on hold or that you are afraid of not ..Read more →

Dreaming of standing in front of the fridge means you are looking for more than just something to your solve your immediate hunger, but something more chronic.

*Please see ~.
To see your friends in your dream, signifies aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to integrate these rejected part of yourself. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself.

~ Represents the need for spiritual and emotional nourishment. It can also mean that the answer to a nagging question is within you. Religion To dream that you are deeply religious foretells of a disruption to your life.

see also: ice cold ~ appliance
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Clean up the meat in the ~ or take it from there - will profit from an unpleasant situation.
Cut the meat - to a successful completion of the business started to scroll through the wringer - a serious illness, beat the meat - in trouble at work or on vacation.

He said they were in the ~ where they would "keep." I was horrified. I asked, "Are you telling me they've been in there this whole time? They haven't even been fed in two whole days!" "Yes they have," he said. "I bought this." And he proudly held up a bag of kitten chow.

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If you are cleaning the ~ or oven, then it implies that you want to tackle an issue head on rather than trying to solve it gradually. Perhaps you feel as if you have reached a stagnant position in your life and you are unsure of where to go from there.

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