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Repairing a situation, relationship, problem, etc.
Healing or fixing
A fresh start, or the desire for one
Peace, or a need for peace ...

Dreaming that you are repairing something means that you are going through a period of recovery from an upsetting situation. The item that you are repairing is indicative of the area in your life that you are working on.
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Dream interpretation - Repair
A dream concerning household repairs predicts a sudden series of difficulties regarding your residence or living arrangements. A change might be...

To dream that you are repairing something, suggests that you are going through a period of recovery from an upsetting situation. The item that you are repairing symbolizes the area in your life that you are working on.
Repeat ...

repair something broken; sadness; hopelessness; time to restore something. What is a seemingly hopeless area of your life that you believe can be fixed?
report being judged; rumours; show up on time. What grade would you give yourself?

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - laundry: applies to arduous work at meager wages; - the house: thanks and friendship. Arabian (Islamic) - (You see yourself in this activity): Economy will improve your situation.

Auto Repair Shop - ministry restoration, renewal & repair
Barn/warehouse - a place of provision & storage
Castle - authority, fortress, royal residence ...

Repair of self image. Vanity. Renewal. Part of identity ready for a make-over.
Organization. Structure. Congenial work and good news.

To repair, or build a roof, you will rapidly increase your fortune.
To sleep on one, proclaims your security against enemies and false companions. Your health will be robust.
Roof Corner ...

To repair, or build a roof in your dream, foretells you will rebuild your relationship. Alternatively, it represents increased wealth and fortune.
Room ...

Trying to repair a crack in a dream can mean that you are trying to impose order on a chaotic situation in real life.
You may dream about a crack when you are under a lot of stress and are worried that you may "crack up".

Garage: car repair center is healing for your body.
Garbage symbolizes your elimination system.

Refuelling point: healing for the heart; Repair centre: healing for the body; Attached to house: heart, emotions
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Or is it mending or repairing like a hole?
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 For example, you may have a car or bicycle that is in need of repair, or you may be working too hard and need to slow down. Your dream may just mean that you are worried about being involved in an accident in waking life.

it's driven for awhile and we give it gas/nourishment & repairs as needed until it stops running, and then we go back home. Pay attention to your car, which symbolizes your VESSEL/physical body.

Consider the condition of the abbey in the dream - Is it standing and in good repair, or is it old and in disrepair?  The state of the abbey could signify your feelings about religious institutions or your current spiritual beliefs.

"Cleaning up after you" in your life, such as dealing with the consequences of your actions, accepting responsibility for your decisions, or repairing relationships after you've been hurtful towards someone ...

A house that is in disrepair or falling apart in a dream indicates fears that your family home is coming apart at the seams. It's time to identify the causes and repair them before your family does fall apart.

To dream of seeing a boiler out of repair, signifies you will suffer from bad management or disappointment. For a woman to dream that she goes into a cellar to see about a boiler foretells that sickness and losses will surround her.
Boils ...

Car breaking down / needing repair
Is the car having problem, getting a flat tire, running out of gas? You might think that your life is having troubles that aren't exactly under your control. Is life throwing problems at you?

If the balcony is falling or in need of repair - the message would be about making adjustments that allow you to achieve your ambitions.

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Tools - Are those things in your life that can repair what needs to be repaired.
TORNADO - Strong, sudden changes capable of disruption in your life. An emotional storm. Swirling emotions that can be damaging.

To dream that you are repairing a transmission means that you need to be able to adjust to your environment as the need arises. It may be that you are either rushing things or is procrastinating.

To dream that you are repairing a transmission, suggests that you need to pace yourself and learn to adjust to your surroundings and situations. Perhaps you are going to fast or moving to slowly.
Transplant ...

- "the place looks in need of repair"
- "no one cares about this idea any more"
- "he has seen better days"
- "she is looking run down"
- "things are worse than I expected"
- "no one cares any more" ...

Crossing a brightly lit bridge, and the bridge itself in good repair, with no difficulty, signifies a change in circumstances with a lot of prosperity heading your way.

To dream of a furnace, foretells good luck if it is running. If out of repair, you might have trouble with children or hired help. To fall into one, indicates some enemy will overpower you in a business struggle.

Tires are repaired, oncoming traffic is diverted, and rickety homes are preserved from the weather by angels. This seems to be a reflection on the growing interest in finding a reliable help in a malevolent world.

Resources, skills or abilities or training. A need to create new direction. A need to repair a situation or relationship. Tool is also slang for penis, so a broken tool could symbolize impotence or sexual anxiety.

If the House is in ill-repair or disarray, you need to take a close look at your health. If you are building a House, you should expect visits from old friends and you'll make new friends.

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