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Rivers can easily represent the path of our lifestyles. As the river is normally quite calm this shows that your life at the moment is generally coming along well. To travel on the river in a canoe or boat means that you hope to improve how you are handling the period of your life at the moment.

Seeing a clear, calm-flowing river in your dream means that you are allowing your life to float away and it is time that you take a more decisive hand in directing your life. A river also symbolizes joyful pleasures, peace and prosperity.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
In a dream, a river represents a noble and a great person. Walking into a river in a dream means befriending or encountering such a person.

A river that is flowing well, or you floating in or flowing with a river, can represent peace or contentment with life or surrender to a higher power.
Fighting against the current, trying to go upstream can represent trying to "go against the flow." ...

A river bank is about your heart if the bank is green. This is for two reasons. The first is that banks represent the heart and circulatory system and the second is that the color green is associated with the heart chakra.

~s - An Overview of ~s
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A ~ bank is a boundary between land and water, between something that is solid and secure and something that is shifting and changing. If you dream that you are standing on a ~ bank, you have reached a boundary in your life.

Dreams About ~
What do dreams about ~ mean?
If you see a clear, smooth, flowing ~ in your dream, you will soon succeed to the enjoyment of delightful pleasures, and prosperity will bear flattering promises.

Dream Interpretation ~
If you see a clear, smooth, flowing ~ in your dream, you will soon succeed to the enjoyment of delightful pleasures, and prosperity will bear flattering promises.
If the waters are muddy or tumultuous, there will be disagreeable and jealous contentions in your life.

~s - ~s symbolize your journey in life, weather its physical or spiritual. If the water in the ~ is moving fast it can mean rapid changes might occur in your life or things are happening way to fast for your liking. Its possible it means you might feel out of control in your life.

The dream landscape often contains images of ~s and currents. In general, they can be seen as bearers of psychic energy. A journey on them by boat or ship refers to the journey of life.

~good and bad luck. A lucid ~ means good luck.
Schoolchanging your surroundings
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~boat - slow, but impacting many people
Rollercoaster - Positive: a wild ride that God is directing, exciting, but temporary; Negative: a path of destruction that first appears exciting; an emotional trying time with ups and downs
Sailboats - powered by wind of the Spirit ...

~stop list
Emotions, Intuition, Spirituality; a Boundary, Choice.
Rocktop list
The unchanging self, hard thoughts ...

~ life passing by; smooth sailing; easy path ahead; a change in lifestyle or job; things are moving fast. What might the ~ say if it could speak?

The ~ carries water from one place to another. It can reveal the flow of emotions and passions or a sense of what sustains your inspiration.

~-Spirit or Life (the Spirit of God, the spirit of man, or the world): Sin; wickedness; judgment; righteousness; trial. Deep, Wide or Muddy ~=Difficulty; obstacle; impassable, incomprehensible.

If you see a clear, smooth, flowing ~ in your dream,
you will soon succeed to the enjoyment of delightful pleasures,
and prosperity will bear flattering promises.

To see a screwd~ in your dream, indicates the need to hold some situation or relationship together. Consider also if there someone in your life who is "all screwed up" or whom you would like to "put the screws on"?

Creates a focus on the feelings and emotional content of the dream.
:: ...

Emptying. Flowing and active. Thinking is time to get rid of some feelings.
Road ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Water sustains life and is the most abundant compound in all living things. It may represent the flow of your energies, the path of your life, or the passage of time. It also may be symbolic of your emotional well-being.

~ - This is a strong emotional symbol. Consider the state of the ~ - was it frozen? flowing? It's representative of the passage of time as well. What are the currents in your life, the flow of emotions that tend to sometimes overwhelm you?

~: The feelings that flow through you. The events of your life
flowing by. Are there any rapids, or is it smooth and tranquil?
road: See path.

If a ~ or creek is dreamed of, is it within its banks and apparently traversable by usual means? These are all examples of controlled water.
Water presented in this way is often indicative of renewal. For example, while traveling and growing weary, the dreamer suddenly happens upon a creek.

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*Please See ~. TOP
To dream of a lamb (baby sheep) represents an aspect of your personality that is vulnerable, impressionable, or easily controlled. A lamb may also reflect your view of another person that you think is easy to lead or control.

The dramatic ~; may be scary or extremely liberating.
Where is my life, am I ready to jump, do I dare to jump into the water?

A dream with a ~ can suggest that time is flying by if the ~ is flowing quickly. If you move across a ~ then it implies that significant change ..Read more →
ROAD ...

Log jams: If a ~ is bursting a log jam,it suggests blockages have been removed. It can indicate delays and confusion, and frustration, also feeling stuck with no way to turn. It is good to take time to look back at your life and reassess your life situation.

~ If you dream of a ~, you need to take more control over your life. Road To see a road in your dream indicates your sense of direction and the pursuit of your goals.

In Norse mythology the cow makes an appearance as Audhumla whose utters emitted the four ~s of power - these provided nourishment for the giants (primarily the first giant, Ymir) that ruled the First World.

see also Dining table ~ 1. the way of life Cayce (900-64). 2. stream - a dividing line Cayce (294-62, A-2). Road 1. journey of life one is on Cayce (195-42, A-1). 2. rough, poor roadbed - troublesome conditions to be encountered Cayce (900-18, A-2). 3.

To take a bath in a ~ means you will get a nice surprise. In a lake, you can get problems. In the ocean, you will get rich. Together with others, a friend will need your help. See possibly swim, swimming pool, bathing pool and water.

But if you choose the latter, then do not count on the fact that at any time can get back to business - twice in the same ~ can not enter.

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Example dream : A bridge of rocks over a ~ linked to the dreamer wanting to break away from a group of friends because they drained his energy and he was deciding to concentrate on others things.

He has also a physical plane, diversified by oceans, lakes, ~s, fertile valleys, waste places and mountains. All are in cosmic interdependency as they are in the macrocosm. Here rests the mystery of being—the grandest of subjects! ...

By this time the village was full of water and the ~ is now flooded with muddy water. I found myself ran as these snakes were chasing me. I ran and jumped over the ~. I stood on the other side of the ~ and looked back at this bunch of snakes.

The ~ of God will always flow to people who do not resist God's ways, His love, or His Spirit. When we resist the ~ of God's Spirit which is received by faith, we become a slough and breeding ground for a plague of the devil's doctrines.

I have also had recurring dreams about dying of exposure near a dried-up ~bed, which I now believe to be the source of the Yellow ~ in Mongolia, a place where there were many Tibetan monasteries.

To see/notice an ocean or ~ current in your dream, represents the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. It also represents the influences in your life and how they work in guiding you through your life's path.

Deep water-symbolic of a spiritual ~, Ezek. 47:5
Deer-a symbol of peace and longing, Ps. 42:1. Deer are also symbolic of youth and beauty, Song. 4:5
Deer blind-symbolic of lying in wait for someone or something ...

see also: swimming flow or ~ aquarium canal wet water flood fountain underwater pier jetty or breakwater pool wave
categories: Places Objects
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Colon; Muddy water / ~: toxins from colon are getting into the blood stream
See also: Lamb , Underground , Quartette , Occultist , Palisade
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"And it came to pass at the end of the two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed; and behold, he stood by the ~.''-- Gen. Xli., 1.
Saddle To dream of saddles, foretells news of a pleasant nature, also unannounced visitors. You are also, probably, to take a trip which will prove advantageous.

Clear, calm water portends happiness, while ~ rapids or crashing surf implies rough times on the horizon.
3. A waterfall, particularly if there is also a rainbow in the dream, indicates success, happiness, and wealth coming into the dreamer's life.

8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and [that] spreads out her roots by the ~, and shall not see when heat comes, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit." (GMR) ...

Popular Expressions: Sell someone short; Sell your soul; Sell someone down the ~
Possible Meanings: ...

A circle is like the number zero - a form without beginning or end. It is a smooth form, no rough sides to stick out and cause trouble. It rolls with the flow. It is a round ~ rock that issues flow over.

If the ~ is shallow and quick, the dream may indicate concern over a hasty decision in a recent matter. To dream of paddling with your lover may indicate you are on the same page in the relationship; but if the waters are rough, there are some issues that need to be smoothed out.

I did not found my dreams! Like swimming in a water, fying, crossing ~. Fighting with Death "the Reaper", riding on animal and so on!
Anyway great hub!
Thanks ALB21467, sorry your dreams weren't on here, but glad you enjoyed the hub.

Water - if flowing water, such as a ~ or stream, increased romance. If water is murky, one is unsure of one's own feelings. If fish in the water, abundance and creativity.
Weapons - be on guard.
Whiskey - a happy and active life.
Wine - a happy old age.

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