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A road or highway can represent:
A way to get from one place to another, either literally or symbolically, as in series of events, or one action leading to certain results ...

Seeing road signs in your dream, represent advice and messages that your unconscious is trying to convey. Consider what the road sign is saying and how you need to apply its message to an aspect of your daily life.
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A road alongside a river or the shore line is about your spiritual path. It is common in these dreams for the road to flood in places. In this way the dream is encouraging you to get even deeper into your spiritual quest.

Dreams About Road
What do dreams about road mean?
Traveling over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings, which will bring little else than grief and loss of time.

How could a long road be a metaphor for your thoughts? Are you doing something that could take a long time? Have you been thinking about doing something but been put off because it will take too long?

The drive on the road means at some point you will follow a path in life together, moving pretty quickly. But you will be walking the line between the unknown and the emotional.

Roads or paths in dreams can take many forms. Generally, they are a symbolic expression of the dreamer's path through life. Crossroads and forks symbolize a necessary decision.
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Road-symbolic of a person’s journey in life or a choice. If the road is bumpy and hard it can symbolize a rough period in life. If the road is smooth it symbolizes God’s intervention on your behalf, Lk.3:5 ...

Places - Dream Dictionary
A sense of direction; your life's path. Its condition and the ease or difficulty you have traversing it may reveal how much you feel in charge of your life or provide clues to changes you need to make.

road. Journey, new discoveries, or an important transition.
rocket. Male sexuality, ambition, aggression, or virility concerns.
sanctuary. Safety, spiritual growth, or escape.

You may have forgotten that you are a ‘traveler’ on a journey through life that is ever changing and not static. Dreaming of roads can show you how you are ‘paving’ your future with your thoughts of today.

Traveling over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings, which will bring little else than grief and loss of time.

A dream with a road symbolizes the direction you are taking in life and the way you attain your goals. The road conditions give you an idea of where you are at ..Read more →

Dirt Road
To dream of a dirt road suggests that you may have gotten off track from your goals. You need to focus on what you want and keep moving ahead to get it. Do not let your insecurities hold you back.
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A curvy road can represent a process or journey with lots of twists and turns.
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What Does Your Dream Mean?
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Road - A rather straightforward symbol. It represents, in most cases, the journey of life that a person is on, your path, and the way they are progressing. It represents the direction that you are pursuing.

To see a road in your dream, indicates your sense of direction and pursuit of your goals. To see a winding, curvy, or bumpy road in your dream, suggests that you will experience many obstacles and setbacks in achieving your goals.

Road Signs India
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Achievement of something. Direction. Ask yourself about your life's path.
Rock ...

road: See path.
rocket: Breaking free of restrictions or self-imposed limits.
roller coaster: The ups and downs of life.

A road is something you travel on to get somewhere, so a broad road with pleasing scenery and few if any bumps will represent your steady progress towards your station in life and you will see your wealth build gradually over the years.

See Road and Path.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
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The road that the Lord has called you to walk can get lonely at times. With this series in your hand, you will be equipped to step into Apostolic Office! ...

Ice on a road or walkway suggests a "slippery" period in our lives that challenges our emotional control and ability to arrive at a hoped for destination.

To see a road inundated with clear water foretells that pleasure will wipe out misfortune for a time, but it will rise, phoenix like, again.
Rain ...

[242] See Road and Path.
To dream that you are possessed of much wealth, foretells that you
will energetically nerve yourself to meet the problems of life
with that force which compells success.

Dreams are road signs along the nighttime highway of sleep. ~Astrid Alauda, Dyspeptic Enlightenment ...

A fork in a road in a dream can represent a choice that you have to make which will have a significant effect on your future.

fork in the road
Time to make a decision about life direction or other choice.
A situation or personality that requires caution because of possible trickery, deceit.

Fork in the road: Sometimes, if you are right handed, taking the left fork can mean a wrong thing, but not always. The left fork can also mean a turn into the hidden or inconscious part of you. Even a parting from accustomed way or relationship.

Fork in the Road
To see a fork in the road in your dream, represents an important decision that you need to make. It may indicate your choices or ambivalence about some situation. Alternatively, a fork symbolizes the union of opposites.

A dream of a dusty road can mean that you are thinking about making a compromise.
Coal dust can represent hard work.
If you dream of gold dust, your unconscious could be warning you that you have been underestimating someone.

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