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robber, robber fly, robber frog, robbery conviction, robbery suspect
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Robber, Robbery (see Stealing)
1. If the dreamer is concerned about safety, security, and financial affairs, this dream could reflect those fears.

Next, I was back at home, and a man stormed into my house, and started a robbery. The first thing he did, was to demand that every camera in the house be put into a pile at his feet, so that nobody could take photo evidence of his crime.

To dream of a robbery - especially if you are robbed in the dream - means you are experiencing some kind of identity crisis.

robbery having something you value taken from you. Who is committing 'highway robbery'?

To dream that you have been robbed, denotes that you are experiencing an identity crisis or you are suffering some sort of loss in your life.

Robbery. To dream of losing your valuables in a robbery is an omen of contrary and signifies unexpected gain, unless the robbery involved a loss of money, in which case it is a warning to be careful how you handle your cash.

A bank robbery is not what it appears. With the bank symbolizing your heart the ‘robbers' are forcing you to give from your heart.

Robbery And Exploding Babies (Being Robbed Dream)
I was at the old park with my friends from highschool. We were sitting in the grass on our hill when I heard my car alarm go off. We all ran to the street to see my car being broken into. My car was p.

RIVER CROSSING : Crossing a river may suggest that you are trying to get to a new emotional situation
ROBBERY : Robbery may suggest that you feel resentment ...

A dream of a bank robbery means that you are feeling robbed of your resources. You need to rest and regenerate.

To dream of losing your valuables in a robbery signifies unexpected gain. But if the robbery involved a loss of money,... Continue dream interpretation - Robbery"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Robin ...

Synonyms of burglary tools
noun: break-in, robbery, theft, thievery, housebreaking; plural: break-ins, robberies, thefts, thieveries, housebreakings; related terms: felony, breaking and entering.

Judgment Day
Dreaming about appearing on judgment day foretells a robbery.

caught stealing, however, is a dream of contrary and implies good luck.
2. If someone steals from you, then someone is trying to encroach on your territory in some way, and perhaps to take full credit for something you've accomplished. See: Robbery.

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