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Rubber Band
Seeing or use a rubber band in your dream suggests that you need to be more accommodating to others. You may need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking.

Rubber Band, rubber boa, rubber boot, rubber cement, rubber eraser, rubber plant, rubber stamp, rubber tire, rubber-base paint, rubberise, rubberised, Rubberize, rubberized, rubberlike, rubberneck, rubber-necking, rubberstamp, rubbery ...

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To dream of an elbow represents flexibility or being able to adjust. Being open to alternative choices or opinions.

RUBBER BAND expand your mind
RUBBER BAND stretching the facts / exxagerating
RUBBER expand your mind
RUBBER stretching the facts or exxagerating something
RUBBERBAND expand your mind
RUBBERBAND stretching the facts / exxagerating
RUBY jewel ...

I am sitting in a GYN office with x-ray in hand, rolled up with a rubber band around it.

Elastic objects (eg, rubber band) have a dream to go on spiritual and mental flexibility and adaptability. If the item is stretched too much, it can be due to internal adjustments that might result from excessive adjustment.

I dreampt that I was in this huge auditorium with a podium in the middle. I needed a rubber band really bad for my own braided hair and I saw lil wayne sitting down in the bleachers and I was wonderin...[More of this dream] ...

Something that is stretchy and returns to its original form after being stretched, such as stretchy fabric, elastic, rubber or a rubber band, might represent resilience, responsiveness, or an ability to handle crisis well.
See also: soft (pliable) ...

You may need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking. Open your mind! To dream that a rubber band snaps indicates that you have outstretched yourself by taking on too many responsibilities.

signifies that you will have to stretch yourself to the outside limit of your capabilities, but that you will find the exercise both stimulating and rewarding. If the feature of the dream involved snapping elastic or the use of rubber bands, ...

Or, even though we may try to "listen to our body," does it still surprise us when the massage therapist finds knots, "rubber bands," and sticky layers of achiness in areas we thought minded us the most?

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