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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of running in company with others, is a sign that you will participate in some festivity, and you will find that your affairs are growing towards fortune. If you stumble or fall, you will lose property and reputation.

Running demonstrates the need for you to get closer to the person or object that you have run away from. It indicates pressure from relatives or society of not accepting your path in life.

The fast passage of time, or quick progress in life or along your life path
The real-life activity, such as in a dream where you're exploring something that happened on an actual run or other recent event ...

Running is a traditional symbol of health and vitality in addition to being a means of fleeing potential danger. Thus running could be considered a dream of virility, as well as fear.

Dreaming that you are running away from someone indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or any danger, then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears.

~ and speed are often associated with freedom. So if you're just ~ along a road or meadow, enjoying the thrill of speed, it probably is a desire or joy with freedom. You enjoy that ability to go where you want to, do head towards your goals.

escaping or ~ away
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Escaping or ~ away from an undesirable situation can represent the feeling of escaping, or a need to escape, from something in real life.

I screamed for help and started ~ around. I finally started ~ for the stairs, (I had no idea why!) Right when I was up twelve or ten steps, WATER started streaming out of them and I slipped. When I looked around, she was at the bottom of the stair-case! ...

To dream that you are ~ alone, signifies that you will advance to a higher position and surpass your friends in the race for wealth. Alternatively, you may be ~ from some situation or from temptation.
To dream that you are ~ with others, signifies festive and prosperous times.

~ away
Dreams of ~ away from someone or thing in a dream reflect a desire to get away from or avoid a person or issue in your waking life. If you don't know what you are ~ away from in your dream, recall the feeling you had while trying to escape it.

~top list
Alone; you'll achieve success, exceeding those around you. With others; Success is forthcoming. And falling down; Be sure you're not misunderstood, your reputation is at risk.
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~ - faith; perseverance; working out one's salvation; moving forward with purpose
Swimming - living in the Spirit; moving in the things of the Spirit; operating in the gifts of the Spirit ...

~ out of time
To dream that you are having an exam, and see that you are ~ out of time, shows the tendency of your personality to leave things for the last minute. You are the person who always leaves things for the last minute.

~ out of eggs indicates the approaching end of your fertile period for having children.

A ~ dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you succeed in ~ away from, or elude a pursuer, then you will be able to change those things in your life that has you 'on the run'.

~-if you are ~ a race it symbolizes doing well in life, Phil. 2:16
Rust-symbolic of earthly riches, Matt. 6:19. Rust is a symbol of all things temporal ...

~ (away from something)
Something in the dreamer's life is difficult to face, and the dreamer would rather run away from it than face it. If such a situation is not readily recognized by the dreamer, looking to the other symbols in the dream should give the answer.

~: Swiftness; striving; working out one's salvation; faith; haste; trial. (1 Cor. 9: 24; Jer. 12: 5; Prov. 1: 6; Rev. 9: 9; 1 Cor. 9: 24; Is. 40: 31)

S ...

~ away from unknown attackers suggests how you can feel ‘pursued’ by non-integrated aspects as you grow and evolve.

If we find we are ~ backwards or away in a dream we need take notice of what in our waking lives is causing us fear and/or doubt. If we are ~ forwards it can be a sign of freedom and/or progress.
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To dream that you are ~ away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions.

To dream of ~ in company with others, is a sign that you will participate in some festivity, and you will find that your affairs are growing towards fortune. If you stumble or fall, you will lose property and reputation.

RUN / ~
A dream where you are ~ can indicate that you are focused on a goal, are motivated or ambitious. If you are ~ away from something or someone then this suggests ..Read more →
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~ in race suggests daily or business life. Depending on how you are doing in the race, consider whether the future looks good or bleak. The dream may refer to issues concerned with ambition; career; competition; skills or abilities; prowess; winning or losing.

~ a foot race in your dreams show that you have an enemy who is a threat to your possessions and... Continue dream interpretation - Race"continue dream interpretation
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~ through a field, especially of flowers, signifies happiness and good friendships. A barren field is a powerful sign that you are not fulfilled emotionally. To see a field of wheat in your dream, signifies success in your goals.
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~ out of time. Important business news.
Identity. Self image. Exploration of new roles or rejection of old.

~ out of ammunition in a dream may represent feelings of hopelessness, a loss of will power, or feeling unable to defend yourself. TOP
Amnesia ...

~: Rapid movement. Trying to get somewhere fast;
rusty: Deterioration or negligence. Aging. My uncle used to call ...

To hear ~ water in your dream, denotes meditation, reflection and pondering of your thoughts and emotions.

If you are ~ through a field in your dream, you could desire more freedom in your life.
A dream that you are in a field can be a message that you need to get in touch with your natural, instinctive side.
If you dream that you are in a barren field, you could be feeling depressed.

gallop ~ away from something; in a hurry; flying through the air. What's the big hurry?
gallows feeling hung over; afraid of losing your neck; just hanging around. What are you feeling guilty about?
gamble taking a risk. What are you afraid of losing or gaining?

To see one ~ away from you, is a sign that you will overcome opposition, and rise to high positions.
To see them in cages, foretells that you will foil your adversaries.
To see rugs of tiger skins, interpret that you are in the way to enjoy luxurious ease and pleasure.

To dream of ~ in the grass quail means that in reality will be in time trouble when the time to think about the situation you will not, but you make the right decision.
Sleeping with flying quail portends greater profits and joy in the family.

To dream of ~ for office means you'd like to have more authority and power in your interactions with others. It can also mean you don't feel you've been rewarded enough for your efforts. If you win an election in your dream, it symbolizes wonderful new changes are on their way.
electricity ...

What am I ~ away from? You may feel that circumstances are closing in on you and feel a need to escape. Perhaps you are being emotionally victimised and you feel vulnerable as you did as a child?

To see a horse ~ away with others, denotes that you will hear of the illness of friends.
To see fine stallions, is a sign of success and high living, and undue passion will master you.
To see brood mares, denotes congeniality and absence of jealousy between the married and sweethearts.

To see a horse ~ away with others, denotes that you will hear of the illness of friends.
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~ Suggests that you are feeling trapped or pressured in a real life relationship. It can also mean you feel stressed by school or work. ~ Away If you dream of ~ away from home, you are trying to avoid an issue in your real life.

Example dream : ~ into the forest was symbolic of the dreamers wish to be away from the world after her grandmother died.

To dream of a boil ~ pus and blood, you will have unpleasant things to meet in your immediate future. May be that the insincerity of friends will cause you great inconvenience.
To dream of boils on your forehead, is significant of the sickness of some one near you.
Bolts ...

Flight (Fleeing) - ~ away from something in your life; stand and face up to it.
Floating - liberation; letting go.

Dream Meaning #2: ~ away from an unsettling situation or part of your personality
A dream of being chased by a snake reveals the fear to confront one's own feeling or personal drive that may be seen as unacceptable or undesired.

A dream of ~ suggests that you are involved in a situation (or obligation) from which you would like to escape; talk it over with a competent adviser of friend before the resentment has serious repercussions. To dream of being unable to run indicates a lack of self-confidence.

More often than not, the dreamer is ~ from something they do not wish to face. In your dream, are you ~ from an aspect of yourself, something that you are afraid of becoming, or something that you used to be that you no longer want to be?

To dream of a locomotive ~ with great speed, could denote a rapid rise in fortune, and foreign travel. If it is disabled, then many worries will interfere with business affairs, and anticipated journeys will be laid aside through the want of means.

Always there is fluid ~ out. What's this all about? The fluid is symbolic of the life force - the flow of energy - chi, prana - whatever you want to call it. It's the stream of consciousness - sentient energy. The pitcher is the containment system of this energy. The pitcher is a parable.

To see large clear grains of wheat ~ through the thresher,foretells that prosperity has opened her portals to the fullest for you.
To see it in sacks or barrels, your determination to reach the apexof success is soon to be crowned with victory and your love matterswill be firmly grounded.

I see the main message of your dream is stated in the words 'clear, wide dirt road ~ through and the trees.' Also 'doing what snakes do, enjoying the beautiful environment.' But you meet fears that you are infringing on their territory.

~ away: Loss or defeat because of inability to cope or manage. Coming at you benignly: you recognize a challenge that can overwhelm you. Charging at you: you are beginning to panic because of unprepared ness. If focus is upon its throat: possible health related to throat problem. ...

it's driven for awhile and we give it gas/nourishment & repairs as needed until it stops ~, and then we go back home. Pay attention to your car, which symbolizes your VESSEL/physical body. Are you behind the wheel, or is someone else in control?

We see if the relationship is ~ smoothly. Relationship dreams are often difficult to understand accurately. Often the same themes emerge time after time. Its difficult to tell which way a dream points.

To dream that the clock is ~ backwards runs concurrent with the way you feel your life is moving. You feel as though you haven't done anything important with your life or that you are currently stuck in the same place.

Dreaming is not the stuff of long-haired hippies wistfully ~ along a beach. No! Dreaming is a sophisticated tool used by the elite of our society to make themselves and this world a better place. People like Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, Warren Buffet, Col.

To dream that you are ~ about wild, foretells that you will sustain a serious fall or accident. To see others doing so, denotes unfavorable prospects will cause you worry and excitement.
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You may spend time analysing conversations trying to decipher moods, and ~ various scenarios through your head during the day. So it only makes sense that our subconscious would also try to evaluate our relationships during our sleeping hours.

If you are being chased, maybe you are ~ away from or trying to escape those things that are frightening and unpleasant (possibly your own habits and negative behaviors).

I was taken to the most beautiful valley with a stream ~ through it and mountains were in the background. There were approximately 5 angels that sat on the ground beside me. Then one of the angels who had taken a seat on the ground beside me to my left, began to speak to me peaceably.

Afraid of facing your issues?
~ away from problems that need to be solved?
I could be the attacker/villain?
Who in my life is causing me distress?
What is the distance between me and the attacker?
Did I get away?
Fear of getting caught?

Encountering hurdles while ~ in a dream is a sign that you are thinking about obstacles to your progress. How well you navigate the hurdles is a sign of how confident you feel about overcoming these obstacles.
Hyena ...

For instance, if you repeatedly dream of cars, ~ away, or flying, you can attach each of these triggers to a reality check. Anytime you experience or think of the stimulus during the waking day, do a reality check.

Pythagoras, Plato and Christ created angles by ~ vertical lines through the ecclesiastical and hypocritical conventionalities of their day.

If you were eating hare you will do well. If you killed a hare you can get a period of problems. If you saw a ~ hare you might change work or place of residence. A hare can also symbolize luck or in determinability.

When we got there most of the wood had been cleared away, that is in the center of it. There were lots of BEARS in the woods. We got closer to the animals to make sure that it was true. Then they looked up and started ~ to us, then we started to run away from them and we got away.

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