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To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses.

Sand in your shoe could represent a small nuisance that's wearing on you.
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Time, the incessant wearing away of things, the multitudinous aspects of life governed by time. Small irritations or abrasiveness. Difficult progress. See: Desert.
Satan > ...

Sand Storm
To dream about a sand storm represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc. It is possible that you feel the "sands of time" are passing you by, and you are being left behind.

To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses.
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Nothing around but sand and night. The sky is clear and the full moon is high until suddenly a sandstorm rises and rushes over the area.

Nature - Dream Dictionary
Infinity; the passing of life, sands of time, shiftlessness or instability or unreliability; avoiding or ignoring an issue bury your head in the sand.
See beach, desert.

Sand dunes - While sand itself can be an adverse dream, sand dunes are a different matter altogether.

Seeing sand in your dream indicates a shift in perspective or a change in your attitude. Consider also the familiar phrase, "the sands of time" in which it may be suggesting that you are wasting your time or letting time pass you by.

Whether the sand you dreamed of was on a beach, in your food or in your shoes, it is warning you to be wary of a new acquaintance who will try to exploit you.
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Sand - Approach to life / spirituality; Sandcastle: be more creative in your approach to life / spirituality; ...

sand not on firm ground; time is quickly running; relax and play with your kids in a sandbox; needing more sleep; making things smooth; rubbing off the rough edges; a visit to the desert. What are you trying to bury?

Sand: To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses.
Sanskrit: To dream of Sanskrit, denotes that you will estrange yourself from friendsin order to investigate hidden subjects, ...

Sand To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses.
Sanskrit To dream of Sanskrit, denotes that you will estrange yourself from friends in order to investigate hidden subjects, ...

Dream dictionary definition for sandDreaming of sand on the beach could indicate a desire to take a vacation or a break from your everyday activities.  You may be feeling tired or overworked.

To dream of sand represents nothingness or total worthlessness. A situation in your life that doesn't care about anything at all. It may also reflect your own total uncaring attitude towards others.

Sand - Constant changes; limitless aspects of personality.
Santa Claus - Rewarding oneself.
Satellite - Communication with higher self; spiritual awareness.

Sand Men
This dream has been with me most of my life. I am in the middle of a desert,I build a sand hut with gauze on the window and doors. By the way i am alone. I hear a sound fron somewhere and I go outside...[More of this dream] ...

Sand is often a principal component of the aggregate used in the preparation of concrete. Sand manufactured at rock crusher plants for use as an aggregate is called mansand.

sand: Insecurity or barrenness.
sandpaper: Abrasive or something you might to rub away.
satan: Things in the inner and outer world that you may fear ...

see also: sand suntan
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SAND barren useless land
SANDWICH a temporary make do option - it will do for now! - temporarily satisfy some desire
SANDWICH feel caught in the middle - something in between
SANTA your wishes are met ...

register, register office, registry, reliquary, reposit, request, requisition, reservoir, reset, reticulation, roll, rose, rotation, rottenstone, rouge, round, routine, row, rub away, rub off, rub out, run, sable, salt away, salt down, saltire, sand, ...

The sand represents your rational brain, while the water symbolizes your irrational and emotional aspects. To dream that you are on the beach and looking out toward the ocean indicates unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life.

The sand is symbolic of the rational and mental processes while the water signifies the irrational, unsteady, and emotional aspects of your self. It is a place of transition between the physical/material and the spiritual.

A ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind.
Complete definition
In physical geography, a dune is a hill of sand built either by wind or water flow. Dunes occur in different forms and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water.

'Making the best of a situation' (the oyster makes a pearl out of a grain of sand that is irritating to it)
Is there something in your life or an area of your life that is becoming an irritation?

OstrichJust as we make fun of a real ostrich sticking its head in sand, an ostrich in a dream represents the same thing - that you are trying to hide from something. Is there a situation in your life you are trying to ignore?

There is a reason air balloons have sand bags. Be lifted, be inspired, climb ever higher on your path to spiritual awareness - but the grounded pheasant reminds you to keep your feet on the ground too.
Animal symbolism of the pheasant includes: ...

I tried to push water at it, and throw sand, but it did nothing to effect the snakes determined course straight for me. And I couldn't get away either. It ended up biting me on my left hand and then just swam away.

A beach itself contains neither pure water nor solid ground. It is made up of sand and mud, products that come from the interaction of land and water. Therefore, a beach represents the integration of practical knowledge and intuition.

The beach in your dream, symbolizes the meeting between your two states of mind. The sand represents your rational brain, while the water symbolizes your irrational and emotional aspects.

Wayne nodded before continuing, "The blindfold was about what I do when problems come up. I'm like an ostrich - I stick my head in the sand and think I can't be seen. But in the dream I took it off because I knew it was pointless to do that." ...

If you relaxed on a beach does this show what your family mean to you. If you were sitting and letting sand run through your fingers you can get too little time to finish something important. A beach can also symbolize spirituality.

If you are just relaxing on a beach this shows that you value the calm feelings that family get togethers lend to you, and if you see yourself sitting on a beach and letting the sand run through your fingers that shows that you are running out of ...

seeing out of my eyes only to look towards where the blood had been coming from which was a dead clown in between a fence and rock his hand up in the air and pointing to a rock where i look to see some words and as i walked over to wipe off the sand ...

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