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Scratch Head
Dream Dictionary
To dream that you scratch your head, denotes strangers will annoy you by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are only shown to win favors from you.

Dreaming that you are scratching yourself, symbolizes a minor irritation or frustration. Perhaps something that began as minor may have the potential to become worse. Or that somebody may have hit a sore spot in you.

To scratch others in your dream, could denote that you may be ill-tempered and fault-finding in your dealings with others.
If you are scratched, you might be injured by the enmity of some deceitful person.

scratch just below the surface; someone has their claws into you; doing something from scratch; pulling out of a race; having trouble getting it together. What do you need to do to get 'up to scratch'?

To scratch others in your dream, denotes that you will be ill-tempered and fault-finding in your dealings with others.
If you are scratched, you will be injured by the enmity of some deceitful person.

~ Head
American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming that you ~ your head, denotes strangers will annoy you by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are only shown to win favors from you..

~ing your head - to the emergence of intractable questions of life. Pat on the back of the head of her lover? So you do not have enough of his attention. You see in front of someone's nasty thick neck?

Being ~ed by gravel in a dream can mean that you may be causing yourself harm by neglecting something that you believe to be unimportant.

I heard ~ing in the walls, on the windows and on my door. Thinking it was just the Rats back again after a long winter, I just grumbled and flipped over. I felt something ~ my foot. I sat up and saw this girl sitting on the end of my bed.

To see a ~ in your dream, suggests that you are feeling anxiety about having to start over or begin something "from ~".
To dream that you are screaming, symbolizes anger and fear. It is an expression of your powerful emotions which you have kept pent up inside.

If you are ~ed or bitten by a kitten, this can mean that you are going to encounter a difficult situation with a female. If you chase the kitten, this shows that obstacles are currently in your way.

To dream that you ~ your head, denotes strangers will annoy you by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are... Continue dream interpretation - ~ Head"continue dream interpretation
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To dream that a cat ~es you, an enemy will succeed in wrenching from you the profits of a deal that you have spent many days making.
If a young woman dreams that she is holding a cat, or kitten, she will be influenced into some impropriety through the treachery of others.

Will get the damage from those you love if the cat bites or ~es - to dream of the cat that ~ed or bitten you, symbolizes the loss of something, which will be done by someone that is very close to you (family, friends); ...

He really needed to sweep his past away and try to start from ~. However helping in the dream showed how he was allowing himself to slip into some bad old habits.

She also loves her armpits ~ed. :-)
How do I know she appreciates these things? Because her demeanor instantly changes when Johnny croons, and that itch is satisfied. Her color becomes more bright, her eyes twinkle, and I swear the corners of her mouth upturn in a smile.

Fingers To dream of seeing your fingers soiled or ~ed, with the blood exuding, denotes much trouble and suffering. You will despair of making your way through life.

If you itched in a dream you must start to think more positively. If you ~ed yourself you will earn more money. If you itched on the head will a person you do not know annoy you.
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For a woman to dream that a lizard crawls up her skirt, or ~es her, she will have much misfortune and sorrow. Her husband will be a victim to invalidism and she will be left a widow, and little sustenance will be eked out by her own labors.
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Example 2: A man dreamed of ~ing a pearl. In waking life he thought he had a perfect idea and suddenly realized that a mistake he made gave it a flaw. TOP
To dream of a pear represents responsibility or responsible ideas.

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Finding a pile of bones in a dream means you are about to start a project from ~. For other meanings, see "Broken Limb" and "Skeleton."
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A cat in the bedroom or ~ing a bed post would indicate guilt with regard to sexual activity.

Major Sharpe, was a fictional character who took many risks and always came out without a ~. This was fictional drama on TV. It was all just a little too unrealistic - in fact its almost unbelievable. Indeed that's where the dreams meaning is revealed.

He rested with his nose nuzzled in my neck under my chin, my leg swung comfortably over his body, we slept as I gently ~ed his soft head then rested my head on his shoulder.

Also, in the Old Testament the prophets used to wear camels hair as clothing as mentioned here in Mark. Camel's hair was very uncomfortable and ~y. Wearing such a piece of clothing spoke of humility.

To dream that you have an itch, refers to sexual urges. Alternatively, you may have been anticipating doing something for a long time. *Please see also ~.
To see ivory in your dream, symbolizes fortune and success.

(Cats are holy animals in Egyptian, Persian, Scandinavian, Greek, and Japanese cultures.) Cats may also represent the anima or feminine aspects of either a man or a woman's personality. They can also be associated with a woman's sexuality. For example, if a cat is aggressive, ~es you, ...

You here a faint ~ing sound and to your horror you see a mouse chewing on the corner of a magnificent painting. You realise if you do nothing at all, the work will be rendered worthless and ugly.

It’s going to get ~ed or stolen? Obviously one would get more enjoyment out of a reasonably priced family sedan that can be parked anywhere and only needs a simple car alarm for protection. We all want to get from A to B, even in our dreams. Are you in the driver’s seat?

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