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Separation can relate to abandonment, marriage, friendship, career, or geographic upheaval. Many times, the subconscious impulses of personality are less mature in their problem-solving than the conscious, waking self.

Or this may represent some separation anxiety over your most recent change, because it certainly is painful to say goodbye to everything and everyone you knew. However, I'm leaning toward the idea that it is an anticipated event in the future.

To dream of a separation, represents a waking situation or relationship that is breaking apart. You may be experiencing separation anxiety. Alternatively, it indicates that you are feeling torn apart and divided.

Separation, isolation, or independence. An island can have many meanings depending on its context and characteristics.

Separation of lovers or friends may also be implied.
To dream that you are in the bonds of an unwelcome wedlock, denotes you will be unfortunately implicated in a disagreeable affair.

saw: Separation.
scar: A healed wound.
school: What do you need to learn? Discipline and ...

Boundary. Separation. Where differences meet.
Potential. Conceived but not yet brought to birth. Wishing to produce something.

Faith and Separation - Typically, an altar represents religious beliefs and ideals that you want to defend. Often this icon is also an indication of the separation between material and spiritual spheres.

Dreaming of separation can relate to feelings of abandonment in significant relationships. It generally indicates anxiety and fear that your partner will leave you.
Sex ...

hedge a separation or dividing of something; trying to get out of being responsible; being hemmed in; watch out for the hedgehogs; evading something. Who is 'hedging their bets'?

Separated / Separation
To dream of a separation, or being separated (or kept apart) from somebody, symbolizes a real-life situation or relationship that is breaking apart.

Separation.Viewing an Aisle tells of an upcoming discrepancy between two people or groups you are involved in. Standing to one side of an aisle shows you are one side of an issue.

Hyacinth symbolizes separation from a friend, something that will be good for you.
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Sky-symbolic of separation, Gen 1:6. A dark sky means trouble. A clear sky means peace. A red sky means judgment or war. A purple sky can symbolize the second coming of Christ. The sky can also symbolize witness and faithfulness, Ps. 89:37 ...

ferryboat separating from a pier - a voyage into the afterlife, the separation into a new realm Cayce (900-370). Book 1. knowledge Cayce (900-196, A-5; 900-156, A-15) 2. lessons gained Cayce (900-217, A-1). Box 1.

Crab - separation.
Desk - if one is working at a desk, it means one should spend more time outdoors. If the desk is empty, it means a change in jobs.
Dog - calm times ahead.
Duck - someone acting anonymously.
Eggs - abundance.

To dream that you fall off or are thrown from a donkey, indicates disharmony in love which will lead to a separation.

Death in dreams is a cConsistent symbol for change and separation that should not be interpreted literally. Dreams of a child, sibling, or parent dying reflect change in our perception of that relationship.

monitor, Water monkey, Water motor, Water mouse, Water murrain, Water newt, water nymph, water oak, Water oat, water of crystallisation, water of crystallization, water of hydration, Water of jealousy, Water of purification, Water of separation, ...

To dream of a knife is bad for the dreamer, as it indicates separation and quarrels, and losses in affairs of a business character.
To see rusty knives, means dissatisfaction, and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers.

Dreams of death of a friend or family member usually symbolize change in the relationship or a fear of separation. Death can be literal when we dream of relatives who have passed on.

Broken keys, portends separation either through death or jealousy.
For a young woman to dream of losing the key to any personal ornament, denotes she will have quarrels with her lover, and will suffer much disquiet therefrom.

Many adults will feel this way after a relationship separation or divorce. When such things occur the feelings may manifest themselves in our dreams in the form of that first day at school, or being left alone in the cot or crib.

To see lilies growing with their rich foliage, denotes early marriage to the young and subsequent separation through death. To see little children among the flowers, indicates sickness and fragile constitutions to these little ones.

Waving hands indicate separation. Caressing hands are a sign of sincere love. Bloody hands are an omen of family quarrels. Washing your hands suggests you should make an effort to rectify some past injustice. Swollen hands predict an unexpected gain.

Fences - May be symbols of personal separation in a negative sense, or protection in a positive one. These meanings are often derived from specifically who the fence is separating us from.

To see an X in your dream represents the separation of negativity from positivity. It's powerful symbol for self-reflection and confrontation with the self. X may also reflect isolation of problems that can't be avoided. A problem is "coming out.

A broken one, indicates sad bereavement and separation.
To dream of a viper, foretells that calamities are threatening you.
To dream that a many-hued viper, and capable of throwing itself into ...

Man of war: To dream of a man-of-war, denotes long journeys and separation from countryand friends, dissension in political affairs is portended.
If she is crippled, foreign elements will work damage to home interests.

To dream that you are undressing yourself signifies a possible separation from someone you love or a shameful activity.
To see someone other than you undress represents a loss of wealth and adoration and gaining some bad luck.

Text To dream of hearing a minister reading his text, denotes that quarrels will lead to separation with some friend. To dream that you are in a dispute about a text, foretells unfortunate adventures for you.

To throw a veil aside, indicates separation or disgrace.
To see mourning veils in your dreams, signifies distress and trouble, and embarrassment in business.
Vaccinate - Veil
Vein - Victim
Victory - Violin
Viper - Vultures ...

I long for love, for community, for connectedness, for a partner, for someone to share my bed or my neighbourhood or my mind, for anything that will heal the elemental feelings of loneliness and separation, anything that will bring me into myself, ...

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