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Dream Interpretation Shaking Hands
For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler, foretells she will be surrounded with pleasures and distinction from strangers.

To dream that you are shaking, suggests that you are getting rid of your old habits and former ways of thinking. You need to get rid of the old in order to welcome in the new and better. Shake things up a bit.

Shaking Hands
Dream interpretation - Shaking Hands
For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler, foretells she will be surrounded with pleasures...

Shaking-symbolic of fear, Isa. 7:2
Shaking hands-symbolic of agreement
Shark-a shark is a symbol of a demonic force or a person with the ability to cause you tremendous harm ...

Shaking Hands: For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler,foretells she will be surrounded with pleasures and distinctionfrom strangers.

Soul shaking. Deep levels of change. Difficulties must be overcome.
Ancient truth. Financial gains. Meditation.

This shaking occurred once again to signify something new:
Matthew 28:2 "And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it." (GMR) ...

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Total Body Water ...

earthquake: Soul-shaking insecurity. A breakdown of anything, such as relationships, attitudes, or points of view. Literally a "shake-up" of your world.

A person nodding or shaking their head might represent the idea of them being agreeable or disagreeable with you.
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considerable, constellation, cryptonym, cynosure, declare, define, delegate, demonstrate, denominate, denomination, denote, designate, designation, determine, dignitary, dignity, distinction, document, double-barreled, dub, earthshaking, eclat, elder, ...

My friend Trinity heard me and came to check on me and said I was shaking all over the place and moaning.
She said I said. "Shadow stop that hurts." Weird thing is why would I dream about that?

My bed would shake constantly as though a small dog were jumping around on it, or someone standing their shaking it.
Nowadays, it is getting more and more bizarre.

When I read the tale of the 2 dimensional goose, and Tony said - imagine losing an arm, then legs, body and head - I remembered that I have experienced this before, many years ago I felt my whole body vibrating (not shaking or shuddering, vibrating) ...

Then I could see something was pushing against the tent wall for it was shaking with a noise. Then I saw the backside of the large elephant appear from the curtain wall.

To dream that you are shaking hands with someone, symbolizes either a new beginning or an ending to a situation. You have have reached an agreement or a decision to a problem.

: shaking hands, hugging, kissing, etc.)
3 - Friendliness expressed by taking the initiative in requesting a character to share in a pleasant social activity.(ex.: visitation, asking out on a date, etc.) ...

To dream that you are shaking hands with a person who has wronged you, and he is taking his departure and looks sad, foretells you will have differences with a close friend and alienation will perhaps follow.

To dream that you are shaking with an ague, signifies that you will suffer from some physical disorder, and that fluctuating opinions of your own affairs may bring you to the borders of prostration.

quake expecting the worst; shaking with fear; living in an earthquake zone. What is shaking up your waking life world?

A sickly condition of the dreamer is sometimes implied by this dream. To dream that you are shaking with an ague, signifies that you will suffer from some physical disorder, ...

Earthquake - upheaval; change (by crisis); God's judgment, disaster; trauma, shaking; shock
Fog - clouded issues or thoughts; uncertainty; confusion; temporary
Hail - judgment; destruction; bombardment ...

The earthquake in the dream may be representing financial difficulties, health issues, or any number of other problems that could occur in daily life. An experience that is "shaking" you up, and changing your daily life, ...

i have dreamt about a dear friend of mine that i call my brother in the dream i found myself sitting on his lap he was holding me and playing with my hair i was smiling i felt wonderful in his arms until i awoke and found myself shaking and in shock ...

To dream that you are eating acorn, denotes that your hard work will pay off in the future where you will enjoy a life of ease and pleasure. To dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree, indicates that you have significant influence on others.

To dream that you are eating an acorn implies that these efforts will be rewarded somewhere down the road, and your life will seem much more enjoyable and much less complicated.
To dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree symbolizes your power ...

reported that half of her lucid dreams had sexual content and the other half ended in orgasm. LeBerge reported that , "...with a totality of self that is only sometimes felt in the waking state she found herself 'bursting into soul and body-shaking ...

Tied hands imply obstacles in attaining one's goals, while shaking hands imply either a new friend or a reunion with an old one.

Very small hands portend infidelity. Very large hands are an omen of sexual satisfaction. Children's hands are a promise of happiness. Shaking hands is a sign of reconciliation or renewed friendship.

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Dreams  Shakers  Shaking hands

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