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Dream Dictionary
To dream of shirt-studs, foretells you will struggle to humor your pride, and will usually be successful. If they are diamonds, and the center one is larger than the others, you will enjoy wealth, or have an easy time, surrounded by congenial friends.

A shirt, blouse, or top can represent the dreamer's point of view about: ...

A shirt is associated with your emotionality and the feelings that are not adequate to express. The shirt symbolizes possible disappointments and failures ahead.

Seeing or wearing a T-shirt in your dream, suggests that you need to take it easy and relax.
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To dream that you are wearing a T-shirt, or see a T-shirt, is a reminder that life is about more than just work. Slow down a little and relax.
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Dream " A " A clean ~
The interpretation of the dream "A clean ~"
Dream Interpretation Miss Hasse ...

The guy looks kinda scruffy, shaggy blond hair about to his chin, wearing a tee-~ with a flannel ~ and blue jeans. I see no weapons but I feel danger, and he tells my husband to leave and I'm thinking "no! he's going to hurt me! ...

Dream Interpretation ~
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
(Blouse) One's ~ in a dream represents his piety, godliness, livelihood, knowledge, or it could mean glad tidings. Putting on a new ~ in a dream means marriage to a woman who has no relatives or kin.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Any type of clothing, especially ~s, generally represent our worldly appearance or status. At times, they may represent our attitudes toward ourselves and others. Mostly, they represent the way that we appear to the world.

~-Waist To dream of a round full waist, denotes that you will be favored by an agreeable dispensation of fortune. A small, unnatural waist, foretells displeasing success and recriminating disputes.

To dream of putting on your ~, is a sign that you will estrange yourself from your sweetheart by your faithless conduct.
To lose your ~, augurs disgrace in business or love.

To dream of a ~, refers to your emotions or some emotional situation. The ~ you wear reveals your attitudes and level of consciousness about a particular situation.

The ~ is an aspect of the Persona and symbolizes the role we have adopted in expressing who we are. It has associations with responsibilities and can sometimes appear in a dream when we are learning to let go of obligations or issues that are no longer serving us.

To dream of a t-~ represents the current state of your personality or characteristics that define who you are. You may be noticing yourself or someone being a certain way.

T ~ youthful appearance; feeling free, unencumbered; liberated; casual; getting a message across. What do you do in your daily life when you are wearing a T ~ and how does this connect with your dream message?

A T-~ indicates that you have a somewhat difficult choice to make that you are already most likely aware of. It means a hard choice in the same way a T-Junction does (see T-Junction) and the fact that you wear a t-~ means you are carrying the decision around rather than making the choice.

T-~ Usually shows a casual and relaxed attitude or feelings. It can occasionally suggest the desire to show of ones male or female sexual characteristics - pecs/breasts. As with most clothes, the colour is important and […] More ...

To see or wear a T-~ in your dream, suggests that you need to take it easy and relax.
Tsunami ...

blouse or ~: May be about the upper versus. the lower body.
boots: Might indicate a power statement.
cloak: Might be magical protection.

Waist and ~-Waist
To dream that her ~-waist is torn, she will be censured for her illicit engagements.

To dream of ~-studs, foretells you will struggle to humor your pride, and will usually be successful. If they are diamonds,... Continue dream interpretation - ~-studs"continue dream interpretation
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Coat-Covering: Anointing; authority; protection; grief; shame; confusion. ~=Covering as pertaining o the heart: i.e., righteousness or sin. Without a ~ (male or female)=self-righteousness (self-justification); legalism; shame, temptation.

~ 1. the thought or intent taken toward others Cayce (195-60). 2. the attitudes and understandings of life that one "wears" Cayce (900-160, A-15).

Example dream : A ~ with poor materials symbolised the dreamers need to accept criticism as someone was criticising her
2. Ancient times ...

I dreamt a cloud of wasps entered my ~ and all settled at my back. They didn't sting but I was afraid they would if moved my ~. I asked someone to ring the doctor to ask what to do. This person was rather anxious. It was at an office.

Often we wear that favourite t-~ to death but there comes a time where we must part company and look for the next favourite t-~.

I feel a faint paint in my abdomen, and lift up my ~ a bit.
That is when i see a flap of skin on my abdomen "peeled back". I freak out. I notice no one is around, and i reach for masking tape, and tape it shut. No pain. Then i realize it has slipped off again. The wound looks worse after this.

Is your ~ on backwards? Are your pants stained? Are you under dressed? Dreams of being inappropriately attired reflect feelings of unpreparedness in waking life. Clothing worn backwards suggests role-reversal.

in my dream i was somewhere feeling something heavy & busy pulling & strechting in my hair,i said to myself this might be snake playing & pulling my hair,within the dream i make my mind to remove my T ~ through my head, ...

see also: hat shoes sock pants shorts ~ costume sandal underwear hole nightclothes scarf belt apron gloves necktie fashionable jewelry
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One of the most popular New Year's images is a child holding a large goldfish and a lotus flower (see Chinese Flower Symbols) which brings both wealth and harmony. A Goldfish embroidered on a bag or ~ is a sure-fire way to bring the energy of abundance into your life.

Peace!" . Then a young man in red T-~ came and said "the library is closed now as you can see, please come back in the morning". Then he laughed at me and I strangely threatened him "don't laugh at me or you may become blind".

of water on my face the smells it was as if it happened i didnt think i was in a dream wen i woke up ive never had a dream like this in my 21 years and ive had bad dreams but this one caught my attention its the only dream that i was able to remeber every detail down to the colors of peoples ~s ...

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