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Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing your ragged and soiled, denotes that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.

The image or impression you present to others as you make forays into the world, work with others, and accomplish things in the world around you. Your visibility to others as you go about your business in the world.

The new thing is you trying to find a new "Path" or a way to move in your own direction in your own way, to find your place in life and direction and how you are going to get there.

Dream Interpretation Shoes
To dream of seeing that your your shoes need cleaning could denote that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.

To dream of seeing your ragged and soiled, denotes that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.

Shoes: Shoe dreams deal with walking certain paths in our lives. If you are wearing tight Shoes, the road you are traveling is hard, and much sorrow is involved.

Wearing comfortable or that you love in your dream indicate you are becoming comfortable with all parts of your personality.

Shoes symbolize your approach to the subject matter of the dream. This is because it is best to wear the right shoes for the occasion whether it be work, jogging, dancing, etc.
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- Gospel of peace
Clothing that doesn't fit - walking in something you're not called to
Tattered Clothing - mantle or anointing that's not being taken care of ...

If you are shining your shoes you will soon hear of an exciting new business venture in which you will get involved. If you dream the shoes you are wearing is shabby and worn out you can expect success in your business through hard work.

To dream of seeing your ragged and soiled, denotes that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.

Shoes-symbolic of a servant, Ps. 108:9. Shoes can also sym­bolize a journey or a person prepared to witness the gospel of Christ, Eph. 6:15
Shopping-symbolic of choices ...

. Material, earthly interests.
shopping. Efforts to nurture.

In general, shoes represent your approach to life. It suggests that you are well-grounded or that you are down to earth. It also represents your convictions about your beliefs.

, are similar to Transportation symbols, and signify that part of you that you rely upon to move forward. It is a more grounded representation of your motivation or how you move forward.

A dream where it is highlighted that you or someone else is wearing shoes implies that you need to change your outlook on life in some way. If you fix ..Read more →

Horseshoes in a dream pertain to love affairs, and your success in romantic matters will depend on how pleasant or frustrating you found the game.

Ballet Shoes
To dream of ballet shoes represents an approach to a situation that requires staying balanced. You don't want to make any mistakes or are trying to be perfect. A sign that you are well aware of the risks involved in making a mistake.

in dreams are symbols of the "direction we are headed" in our lives. New indicate a new status; we are headed in a new direction.

For about four years now since I was in grade 8 to the present I have been having this dream ocasinally that I am at school or on the bus and I have no shoes on and I am embarresed about it and I try and find them but I never do and sometimes ...

- This may be a hint at something dealing with your foundation, or basic principles. This could also be a reference to station in life, i.e. the phrase "I'd like to be in his ."
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shoes: Indicate one's grounding and connection with the world.
skirt or pants: Might suggest the lower passions.
suit: Suggests formality and professional identity ...

see also: sock barefoot sandal heel ankle
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To see new shoes in your dream, suggests that you are overconfident in your success. Alternatively you may be on a life path that is unfamiliar to you.

Dream Symbols: no , airport, plane, panic.
Dream Symbols: being chased by killers, cars. I couldn't run, my car wouldn't start, gun can't fire." ...

For me, giving the shoes away symbolized the giving away or releasing of old wounds. I tell myself I don't need to keep hurting my spirit in the same ways that I was hurt when I was younger.

see also Dress; Pants; Hat; Clothes Shoemaker the source of assistance in formulating a foundation () for one's life Cayce (106-6). an individual's foundation Cayce (106-6). Shower 1.

Example dream : A dream about a friend who had lost her shoes was linked to that same friend having lots of bad luck recently. She was getting overwhelmed by it all.

ground plan, guidelines, gutsy, gutty, gymkhana, hachis, halt, halting, hamstrung, handball, handicapped, handicraft, hash, hearts, heroic, hide-and-seek, high old time, high time, high-spirited, hiking, hobbling, hockey, hopscotch, horseshoes, ...

They are in your soup and in your shoes. You eat them and think they are a good T-bone steak. And if a true steak was given, you would think it was an angel of light.

and in the dream she was a bright skinned little girl with darkish hair and she wore a red dress with no . she also looked as though she was bearly two years old.

If you are shining your shoes you will soon hear of an exciting new business venture in which you will get... Continue dream interpretation - Shoes"continue dream interpretation
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