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Meaning of SHOULDERS
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Shoulder, shoulder bag, shoulder blade, shoulder board, shoulder bone, shoulder dystocia, shoulder flash, shoulder girdle, shoulder hand syndrome, shoulder holster, shoulder in, shoulder joint, shoulder mark, ...

To see your shoulders in your dream indicates you feel that you have too much responsibility to bear. You are overburdened by circumstances in your walking life. Alternatively, shoulders represent your ability to nurture others.

Shoulders-strength, Eccl. 12:3, or government, Isa. 9:6. A dislocated shoulder is symbolic of calamity, Job 31:22-23
Shove-to push someone in a dream is symbolic of aggression and anger, Ps. 118:13
Shovel-symbolic of doing hard work ...

To see your shoulders in your dream, symbolizes strength, responsibility and burdens. It indicates that you feel that you have had too much responsibility to bear and is overburdened by circumstances in your life.

A dream featuring your shoulders or where focus is brought to your shoulders represents strength and responsibility. The dream may suggest that you are experiencing burden in some part of ..Read more →

Shoulders represent strength, responsibility and support. Dreaming of shoulders can be a sign that you are overwhelmed with responsibility. A dream about shoulders may also mean that you have the ability to support and comfort others.
Shrinking ...

Shoulders represent carrying some sort of burden, while dreaming of your back may imply a concern that others are plotting against you.

Shoulders These often link to themes of strength or contact with another person in the dream. They express the ability to bear or to carry whatever life brings. Again and again the words 'head on my […] More ...

Strength or burdens. Although you may be cheerful at the moment, there are problems and worries around the corner. Fortunately they will resolve themselves.
Skeleton ...

Shoulders - May represent unconscious emotions. May symbolize carrying a burden i life.
Shower - May symbolize refreshment, new joy in life, personal growth. Also getting rid of old ideas, attitudes, emotions.

shoulders: Burden, how strong you are to carry what life presents.
teeth: Power, independence; to lose teeth is to be weakened as in to lose power.

To see your shoulders in your dream, symbolizes your feeling that you have had too much responsibility to bear. You are overburdened by circumstances in your life. Alternatively, shoulders can represent support and your ability to nurture others.

To see your own shoulders appearing thin, denotes that you will depend upon the caprices of others for entertainment and pleasure.
Shovel ...

Twins - the sign that is affected by arms, hands and shoulders. The color of this sign is yellow and gemstones are beryl and agate. Suggestion for Twins - use your creativity to impress others and push yourself to the limits.

" i replied " my shoulders, the ghost picked me up by my shoulders and flung me into the ceiling". then she said " are you sure? are you sure you didnt feel yourself get picked up right here?".

To dream of seeing naked shoulders, foretells that happy changes will make you look upon the world in a different light than formerly.

Where the arms show how you give and take what you need, and the shoulders and neck relate to responsibilities, the legs root you to your foundation and carry you forward in life.

To dream of being bound in chains, denotes that unjust burdens are about to be thrown upon your shoulders; but if you succeed in breaking them you will free yourself from some unpleasant business or social engagement.

Dream dictionary definition for heavy: Dreaming that something is heavy could indicate a burden that you carry as in 'a heavy burden,' or a 'weight on your shoulders.

Manu Tuli @ 2012-11-03 12:19:26
I had a dream that a brown coloured dog is sitting on my shoulders and i am feeling afraid but i am behaving very politely with it because i know that otherwise the dog will bite me...

If you have been feeling a weight on your shoulders due to the lack of confronting this issue, seek out qualified help for your problem. Listen to the part of you that is telling you through these dreams that you need help.

Deucalion in Greek mythology, son of Prometheus; when Zeus flooded the Earth, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha took refuge on top of Mount Parnassus; to repopulate the world they threw stones over their shoulders; ...

was walking in the woods with my cat and she chased a red snake up a tree.The red snake fell out of the tree on my shoulders and I felt it

This is an interesting zodiac sign as it represents twins, often shown as two halves of the same thing, or the male and female aspects. As well as representing two aspects, it is also connected with pairs of things on the body: hands, shoulders and ...

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A burden has been lifted off your shoulders. If you get too skinny in your dream, though, it can mean you feel out of your league in a real life situation.

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