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sick rabbit dream interpretations
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I remember feeling sick to my stomach but not being able to
do or say anything, I'm aware they know I'm there, and I
know they know I'm aware of what's going on, its like
they've done it deliberately to tell me without saying the
actual words to my face.

- See Dream Dictionary: Illness
Dreaming that you or somebody else is unwell, points to discordance and trouble in your life. It may signify that some part of you needs physical or emotional healing.
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Sick-to dream of being sick may symbolize a sinful lifestyle or an environment that is bad for you, Rev. 2:22
Sickle-harvesting, Joel 3:13
Siege works-weapons used to besiege a wall or city are sym­bolic of being involved in a spiritual battle, Deut. 20:20 ...

When you dream of being sick, you may be ‘sick and tired’ of something you are unable to process. A lack of wellness associated with a symbol can portray your desire to work through it. See Healing.
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Being ~ and in a hospital can represent feeling under the weather or not your usual self mentally or physically.
Someone else being ~ and in a hospital can indicate a feeling that they are more vulnerable than usual or need some TLC.

~. Upset. Hungry. Worried. Anxious. In bad mood. Feeling bad. Feeling weak.
Naked or Nude
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To dream that you or others are ~, denotes discordance and trouble in your life. It may also signal a part of yourself that needs to be healed, either physically or mentally. Perhaps you are wallowing in your own self-pity. You need to quit feeling sorry for yourself.

A ~ or dead turkey can mean that your pride has been wounded.
If you are American, you may associate turkey with Thanksgiving. Therefore, a turkey can represent spending time with your family.
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I was ~ recently then I dreamed that a friend came to me and told me that every time I visit her she felt better and if she is ~ she get better cause my grandmother let her, my grandmother died 1998.

To see ~ or dead turkey in your dream denotes an attack to your pride.
To see a flying turkey in your dream predicts sudden rise to success.
To dream that you hunt turkeys signify that you will gain fortune through illegal means.

To the ~, speedy recovery and continued health.
Business will gain new impetus. To see it go out in time of storm or distress, indicates reverses at the time when you thought Fortune was deciding in your favor.
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Will get ~ if buy chamomile - such dream shows that you will become ill, but will get well very soon either;
Will live long if drinking chamomile tea or picking up the blossoms of it - the dream promises long journey through life leading with decent health; ...

You feel ~ because of something. Should be easy to review all your life situations and relationships in order to understand what it is you are not able to "digest" in your life. It is also a sign that you should get rid of anything that should not come in handy in the future.

To see him ~, indicates that he will be cruel and unfaithful to you.
To dream that he is in love with another woman, foretells that he will soon seek for pleasure elsewhere.

To see them ~, or dead, foretells that stringent circumstances will cause your pride to suffer.
To dream you eat turkey, foretells some joyful occasion approaching.

~ To dream of illness suggests you may be hanging onto an old idea or relationship that is not good for you. Singing If you sing in your dream, this is a lucky omen representing happiness, harmony and joy. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition.

To dream of your ~ or deceased aunt receiving a transfusion and coming back to life, asks you to rediscover and nurture your female side.
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Being physically ~ can represent feeling under the weather or not your usual self mentally, emotionally, or physically in real life.
Someone else being ~ can mean you feel they're more vulnerable than usual or perhaps could use some TLC.

Example dream : Being chased by two people linked to the dreamer feeling trapped looking after his ~ mother. They were both getting on each others nerves. Being chased symbolised his inability to escape from this tension. ...

' It follows that an old woman represents: (1) Incapacity, especially if she appears ~. (2) Declining fortune. (3) Sorrow. (4) The Hereafter, since senility is the reverse of liveliness. (5) Wine, since in Arabic the word khamr, or wine, could refer to an old woman.

rapids, rase, raze, recorded, refinement, registered, reversal, reverse, reverse of fortune, rocky, routed, rubber, ruined, sagging, salt flat, salt marsh, salt pan, sand dune, satin, satininess, savanna, scattered, scrag, sebkha, seedy, send headlong, setback, setting, settled, severe check, ~, ...

First dream: 3 nights ago, I dreamt my sister, my cousin and I went to visit her because we already knew she was ~.

If a ~ person dreams of being in bed, new complications will arise.
To dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the open air, foretells that you may have delightful experiences, and opportunity for improving your fortune.

This is pretty ~ and has worried me a great deal....I had a dream last night that I was pregnant (which i am, about 6 weeks), but my stomach was a really odd shape, like the head of the baby was protuding through under the skin.

If you dream about stuffing yourself or feeling ~ when eating, you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation. If you dream of being chased or eaten by food items, you are trying to avoid a situation in real life that involves strong emotions.

They heal the ~ of mind, body and spirit and dream the future of, and for, the whole group. Their dreams are a central source of information for how their society should live, what is right and wrong, and how they could keep prospering and ensure adequate food supply.

If he is ~ can either a family member get ~ or he might maltreat you. If he is handsome and happy you will get happy. If you are in love with another woman's husband it is not sure your marriage is/will be happy.

For a mother to dream of seeing her child ~ from slight cause, she may see it enjoying robust health, but trifles of another nature may harass her. To see children working or studying, denotes peaceful times and general prosperity.

To see them looking scraggy and ~, you will be thrown into despair by the miscarriage of some plan, which promised rich returns.
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For a mother to dream that her child wets a bed, foretells she will have unusual anxiety, and persons ~, will not reach recovery as early as may be expected. For persons to dream that they wet the bed, denotes ~ness, or a tragedy will interfere with their daily routine of business.
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To see any of your family pale and ~, foretells that some event will break unexpectedly upon your harmonious hearthstone. ~ness is usually attendant upon this dream.
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is sacrificing her beauty in engaging in frivolous pastimes.
If she is ~ and thus dreams, she will have ~ness or worry,
but will soon overcome them, unless the physician appears very anxious,
and then her trials may increase, ending in loss and sorrow.

Physician: For a young woman to dream of a physician, denotes that sheis sacrificing her beauty in engaging in frivolous pastimes.
If she is ~ and thus dreams, she will have ~ness or worry,but will soon overcome them, unless the physician appears very anxious, ...

If you dream of your stomach be cautious of trading confidences and doubly so if you dream you are ~ to your stomach. A distended stomach is an indication of unhealthy eating habits and impending illness if there is not a quick change in dietary practices.

If you have not been feeling well lately, but do not seem genuinely ~, you may dream of X-rays in a desire to resolve uneasiness about your health. Many times, our minds will go searching for solutions to waking problems through dreams.

She was often very tired and would get ~ a lot. At work(which was always VERY important to her), she was taking time off. She knew she would be fired(which she was). The lost purse perhaps symbolises the disruption which she was anticipating to her life as her illness got steadily worse.

In other instances the flu can cause dreams to become fragmented visions caused from a ~ body trying to heal itself. Although these pictures mean nothing to us logically, there is likely some pattern there that is applicable to the body.

If a friend or a loved one died in waking life, a hospital may appear in your dream to reflect how '~' you feel. If you just ended a romantic relationship in your waking life, a hospital may communicate that your heart is 'broken.

This is a dream of plenty, denoting health and prosperity. For the ~ to dream of serving cucumbers, denotes their speedy recovery. For... Continue dream interpretation - Cucumber"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Cultivate ...

Juniper To dream of seeing a juniper tree, portends happiness and wealth out of sorrow and depressed conditions. For a young woman, this dreams omens a bright future after disappointing love affairs. To the ~, this is an augury of speedy recovery.

If you dream about a ~ or dying fish, it can mean that you are feeling emotionally neglected.
A fish can be a symbol of Christianity.

To dream of hearing katydids, is a prognostic of misfortune and unusual dependence on others. If any ~ person ask you what they are, foretells there will be surprising events in your present and future.
For a woman to see them, signifies she will have a quarrelsome husband or lover.
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The people involved in your dream will give you some help in unravelling the issue. If it's your boyfriend that is very ~, it's time to work on your relationship with him. If it's your mom that is coming down with something, it's time to spend more time with her.
Dream Symbol Dictionary ...

Example: A man dreamed of being offered a chicken gizzard to eat. In waking life he was ~ of doing a task his boss wanted that made his boss's life easier, but was afraid to speak up. He was considering finally speaking up for himself. TOP
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Anoint: Set apart divine appointment in service; prayer for the ~; sanctification. (James 5: 14; 2 Chron. 22: 7; 1 John 2: 20, 27; 2 Cor. 1: 21; Ex. 28: 41) ...

Helpless or ~ babies are generally a warning of difficulties ahead, so be cautious in your business and/or love affairs. A walking baby indicates sudden independence, and if you dreamed of many babies, great satisfaction and happiness are coming your way.

Alternatively, it may represent Thanksgiving and thus, a time of togetherness and family, To see ~ or dead turkeys in your dream, denotes an attack to your pride. To see a flying turkey in your dream, foretells of a rapid rise from obscurity to a position of prominence.

Popular Expressions: Green about the gills; eyes bigger that your stomach; ~ to the stomach
Possible Meanings: ...

If in the dream you're feeling ~ at your stomach, look to other symbols in the dream to see what is going on in your life that you "can't stomach.

Some of the strongest doctrines of devils' today are against the spirit of faith. Moving in the gifts of faith are like praying for the ~ and seeing real results.

To see a yellow bird in your dream, foretells good luck in financial affairs, but not so good in affairs of the heart. To see a yellow bird land on your hand , denotes misfortune. To see a dead or ~ yellow bird, foretells disaster in your affairs.
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Walking with my boyfriend when i see a green snake,firt it jumps toward us ang goes overour heads, the. I see it again and this time it jumps at my face i hit it with a ~ to leep it offy face.
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To dream that you are in Paradise, means loyal friends, who are willing to aid you. This dream holds out bright hopes to sailors or those about to make a long voyage. To mothers, this means fair and obedient children. If you are ~ and unfortunate, you will have a speedy recovery [.] ...

If you see a kindergarten in your dream, it may mean you're ~ of people's childish behavior. If you have children, dreaming of kinder-garten often indicates you want the best education for your own children. To dream of being in kindergarten suggests you long for simpler times.
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In Greek culture when you have a dream about teeth or loosing your teeth it means that somebody in your family will be ~ or somebody close to you. The Chinese say that when your teeth fall out means your telling lies and being deceitful.

dreams may be caused by anxiety or stress in your life related to certain situations or relationships with others. If you have any concerns about your physical health, you should seek out the advice of a health care professional. Remember - your mind is an incredible thing and may know you are ~ ...

Swan: Dignity and beauty. Legend has it that the song of a pair of swans could heal the ~. There is also the metaphor, "Swan song", signifying one's last act before the end of something.
Vulture: Waiting for something or someone to die.

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