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Singing can represent self-expression, the essence of yourself or your soul, having a voice in the world, creativity, communication, freedom, or inhibition.
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If you sing in your dream, this is a lucky omen which represents happiness, harmony and joy. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition.

singing. Happiness and fulfillment, spontaneity, genuineness, friendliness, or future gain.
skeleton. Impoverishment of personal resources; loss of power, reputation, or status.

To sing in your dream represents happiness, harmony and joy. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. Singing is a way to celebrate, communicate and express your feelings.

singing happiness and joy; wanting to tell the world about your success; feeling one's soul lift; spilling the beans. Who is singing their little heart out?

To hear singing in your dreams, betokens a cheerful spirit and happy companions. You are soon to have promising news from the absent.

Hypocrite To dream that anyone has acted the hypocrite with you, you will be turned over to your enemies by false friends. To dream that you are a hypocrite, denotes that you will prove yourself a deceiver and be false to friends.

Singing On Fire (Singing Dream)
I had a very strong dream last night. Once again, I did pray for one. I usually don't get any dreams or can't remember them, except a few, one being this one. I can't remember all of it, I know I can'...

Happiness. Communication of feeling. Ready to celebrate.
Sinking ...

To sing in your dream, represents happiness, harmony and joy in some situation or relationship. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition.

Dream Singing - Experiential Dream Exploration Through Song
This looks interesting.

To hear singing in your dreams, betokens a cheerful spirit and happy companions. You are soon to have promising news from... Continue dream interpretation - Singing"continue dream interpretation
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They are: 1) singing, 2) instrumental music, 3) dancing, 4) painting, 5) forehead adornments, 6) making decorative floral and grain designs on the floor, 7) home and temple flower arranging, 8) personal grooming, 9) mosaic tiling, 10) bedroom ...

You'll soon be singing for joy if you dreamed of this warbler.
This symbol also appears in the definitions for:
Birds, and Colors.

Nightingale (Singing)top list
Messenger of joy, success, faithfulness.

To hear someone singing duet symbolize that something unpleasant will be replaced by something pleasant.
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To hear a negro singing while unloading sugar, some seemingly insignificant affair will bring you great benefit, either in business or social states.

To hear doleful singing and organ accompaniment, denotes you are nearing
a wearisome task, and probable loss of friends or position.

Artemidoros: The singing birds, chirping, the bodily, as the wren and the like describe, writers, musicians and people with a sonorous voice. Traditionally: European - To see wren in dream means, that you will meet only with insignificant people.

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of magic, as in the singing sword.A sword may also symbolize
the cutting or "severing" something from something else or
from your self.

to go take a shower and i remeber being worried about being ready on time for the party and i was struggling not to fall asleep and to hurry and get ready in time for the party,my friend ashleys boyfriend had brought his guitar and started singing ...

If singing, success.
Boat - a fortunate journey.
Book - sought-after wisdom is within reach.
Bread - material well-being.
Bridge - if crossed, a happy solution to a problem.
Cabin - Comfortable retirement.

To hear them singing as they fly, you will be very happy in a new change of abode, and business will flourish. To see them fall to the earth and singing as they fall, despairing gloom will overtake you in pleasure's bewildering delights.

Songbirds are a universal symbol for happy news, especially if they are brightly colored and/or singing. If they are flying, then your life is going to definitely take a turn for the better.

Advancing, fluttering, and singing canaries, in luxurious apartments, denotes feasting and a life of exquisite refinement, wealth, and satisfying friendships.

he's just singing. After the song of you say amen! Why?! The preacher got up from his keyboard and looked around at everyone then stared at me. After he was done looking at me, he disappeared.

Birds are generally considered a most fortunate dream omen, especially so if they are brightly coloured, singing, and/or flying.

Birds are usually considered a very good omen for the dreamer to receive and this is doubly true if the birds are brightly colored, singing, and flying about.

Choir - To dream that you are singing in a choir, symbolizes spiritual harmony and balance. It also refers to your ability to work and cooperate with others.

Singing birds are harbingers of good luck.
What type of bird is it?
Robin - spring, rebirth, renewal
Blue Jay - Curiosity, communication, intelligence
Owl - wisdom, mysticism
Peacock - royalty, awakening, pride/self-assurance ...

Example: I'm watching a film or tape taken from a helicopter, I suppose, of a city skyscraper all the way up to the roof where a singer - maybe an opera singer - is performing, singing to the sky in an evening dress.

To hear yourself singing in a dream is a prophecy of your inner desire to be understood without outwardly revealing the true you inside.

Quartet - If you dream that you are playing or singing in a quartet then you will find many happy companions and an enjoyable life. To see a quartet that you cannot join is an omen that you will attempt a job that is too big for you.

Example: A young man dreamed of singing karaoke. In waking life he was spending a lot of time daydreaming about being an actor and all the things he could do if he was famous. TOP
Kazakhstan ...

``A lady in her own house hears a voice singing. It is the voice of a friend now in a convent, and she faints, because she is sure it is the voice of the dead. At the same moment that friend does really die, twenty miles away from her.

   If the canary is singing in the dream it could indicate that you are true to yourself and follow your own unique spirit, essence, and inner wisdom as in you 'sing your own song.

To dream of a quartette, and you are playing or singing, denotes favorable affairs, jolly companions, and good times. To see or hear a quartette, foretells that you will aspire to something beyond you.

Hearing larks singing in your dream, foretells of success in business. You will find happiness in a change of environment. Seeing a wounded or dead lark in your dream indicates sadness and gloom.

There's a reason we "start singing that old sweet song when that red robin comes bob bob bobbing along." ...

To dream of a bunch of daisies, implies sadness, but if you dream of being in a field where these lovely flowers are in bloom, with the sun shining and birds singing, happiness, ...

Even if you can't be on stage touring with a band, you can still be on a platform of your own making in real life, doing great things for people, more than just singing a bunch of songs for them.

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