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To see a sink in your dream. represents your feelings and how you control your emotions. You may need to cleanse yourself of past feelings and start fresh.

A sink represents your elimination system. The taps symbolize your kidneys and the basin and drain symbolize your liver and bladder.
Sitting on the floor ...

kitchen sink dream symbol
kitchen sink
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kitchen sink
If a kitchen sink is where you clean up after nourishing yourself or your family, in a dream it might represent "cleaning up after" yourself or family—especially taking responsibility for its past decisions, direction, ...

I remember I was at my bathroom sink and she was getting into the shower as she was on the phone with me. I could literally see her in my head showering at her house with the water running still talking to me on speaker.

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - There isn't any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) - The dream about sinking: The accident is approaching to you, so be aware.

Kitchen Sink
Dream dictionary definition for kitchen sink:  The kitchen sink is where you generally clean up after cooking.

Sink Hole Nd A Giant Cat
ok... so I am driving in my car with my family to y home town when we wind the corner we notice this sink hole ingulfing everything around it. We panic I get out and say stay high away from the hole. ...[More of this dream] ...

Sink - A cleansing may be necessary.
Sinking - May be a symbol of depression or dispair. May symbolize being swallowed by your mother (mother attachment). If a ship is sinking it may represent the end of something in your life.

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*Please See Sink. TOP
To dream of a kite represents an area of your life where you are taking charge of circumstances or persistently trying to stay on top of something. Doing everything you can to stay positive, successful, or in control.

SINK fear of failure
SINK sinking feeling
SIP occasional quick conversations
SIREN alerting you to a problem
SIREN sexually attractive
SISTER A relationship where a man does not feel attracted sexually to a woman ...

to dust, revert, revert to, rise, ruin, run down, run low, running dive, sabotage, sag, sault, say uncle, Scotch mist, seizure, set about, set upon, settle, shatter, shave, sheet of rain, shelve, shower, shower down, shrink, sidle, sin of Adam, sink, ...

When death occurs, the mortal and material portions sink into oblivion; while the reincarnating ego carries the best and noblest parts of the spiritual memory of the man that was into the devachan or heaven world of postmortem rest and recuperation, ...

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If you dream that you are standing at the sink of the kitchen, you may be struggling to control your emotions. It may mean you want to cleanse yourself of the past and move forward. Take note of how the kitchen appears in your dream.

I go to poke the welts and they sink in. Soft and living welts. The welts turn out to be snakes as one of the welts broke open and a snake head popped out and hissed at me. I had a pot in hand so i hit it on the head but it retreated.

To see a shark pursuing and attacking you, could denote that unavoidable reverses will sink you into despondent foreboding.

To dream of sharks denotes formidable enemies. Some troubles shall try to sink you more into depression.
In a dream, the ship symbolizes the unconscious process of life's journey.

clay stand on solid ground and you won't sink; look closely at your idols; someone with 'feet of clay'... Who is being used as a 'clay pigeon'?

I went to the sink and debated with my friend whether hot or cold water would be best to run it under. She said cold but I went with hot and proceeded to put my hand under it. I watched the bloody water for awhile, the drank the blood from my wound.

The first thing you should do through out you day is keep asking yourself "Am I Dreaming" a couple times an hour to sink in the fact your not dreaming.

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