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sinking feeling, sinking fund, sinking spell
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Sinking in a dream is a symbol for lack of support in waking life.

sinking a common sensation that sometimes jerks people awake in the middle of their sleep; this reaction could be related to physical changes such as growing, hormone shifts, digestion, or a change in consciousness and therefore natural, ...

To dream that you or something is sinking, suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and that someone or something is pulling your down. You may be experiencing lowered self-esteem and confidence.

Sense of losing the battle to provoke one to fight on.
Exaggerated sizes of things are to get your attention. Examine them in detail.

Sinking House Joined With A Dead Wife
i have an ex-boyfriend who lives in pennsylvania in a coal mine town i dreamed his house was being sucked down under ground the a few seconds later i saw him and his deceased wife walking holding hand...

Beneath the surface. You want to get to the bottom of things.
Sister ...

Sinking boats can reveal a fear of water, drowning, or incompetence. More often, they are a metaphor for feelings about a particular aspect of life. To determine this, look at who is on the boat or conspicuously absent from it.

Sinking ship/boat: Fear of relationship ending; difficult events or circumstances; could be children leaving mother, so the collective 'boat journey' has finished; illness; death.
Small Boat with one other person: One's relationship with that person.

Sinking - May be a symbol of depression or dispair. May symbolize being swallowed by your mother (mother attachment). If a ship is sinking it may represent the end of something in your life.

Sinking into unconscious, helplessness, lack of planning in your life. Being washed away by the flow of emotiones. Fear of being swallowed up by the unconscious.

sinking: Despair.
skeleton: Something not fully developed, in the planning stage (at the barebones stage). It can also mean death, transformation, or change. They can also represent"skeletons in your closet", are you hiding something?

Sadness if sinking - The dream denotes that you will experience disappointment;
Bad luck if fall of - In the dream you fall off a boat into the water announces distress and danger and misfortune; ...

To see a life-boat sinking, friends will contribute to your distress.
To be lost in a life-boat, you will be overcome with trouble, in which your friends will be included to some extent. If you are saved, you will escape a great calamity.

SINK sinking feeling
SIP occasional quick conversations
SIREN alerting you to a problem
SIREN sexually attractive
SISTER A relationship where a man does not feel attracted sexually to a woman ...

If you dreamed of a ship sinking, you will soon encounter a situation in which you will have to defend your reputation.

These stories refer in part to an actual great deluge in the world's history, mainly to the sinking of the great and smaller islands of the Atlantean continental stretches.

I got on my belly and was able to save a few things but the rest were sinking fast. The bottom was visible, maybe 20 feet down at most. I dropped into the water and began collecting my stuff and I saw an enormous shark swimming toward me mouth open.

- Reading of tragedy of ship sinking - precognitive dream
- Psychic dream - Afghanistan helicopter went down
- Adolf Hitlers psychic dream
- Premonition dream - intruder in the house
- Psychic dream of Japanese earthquake ...

To dream that you are sinking in quicksand, signifies that your assumption that you are on solid ground will prove misleading and you will slowly find yourself in an expected situation.

A dream of sinking in quicksand is a sharp warning against prying into the affairs of other people. To help another out of quicksand foretells an increasing income.

In addition, as you were sinking in the quicksand, try to recall what you were most worried about.

To dream of being in a life-boat, denotes escape from threatened evil. To see a life-boat sinking, friends will contribute to your... Continue dream interpretation - Life-boat"continue dream interpretation ...

Pulling someone or something out of quicksand in your dream predicts a steadily increasing income; a dream of sinking in quicksand is a strong warning against mixing or prying into the personal affairs of others.
Dream Decoding 101 ...

Escape - To escape something in your dream can suggest that you may have an issue or condition that you are refusing to face in your waking life. However, a dream of escape, such as from a sinking ship, ...

If you dream of being on a ship, you should listen to your instincts in waking life - they are powerful allies for helping you deal with everyday problems. If you dreamed of a ship sinking, ...

To dream that you are in a cemetery indicates that your life is filled with sorrow and anguish. There is an issue that is causing you great dispair. This must be absolved or you could find yourself sinking into a deep depression.

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