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Relationships and feelings concerning a sister. She may represent qualities in yourself, but which ones depends upon how you feel about her, what age she is in relationship to yourself, and whether you are her brother or sister.

Your actual sister, or perhaps a person who feels like a sister to you.
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Sisters in a dream can represent:
Religious aspects of self - Sisterhood - Nun
Aspects of self
Relatedness ...

Seeing your sister-in-law in your dream, represents characteristics in her that you find within your own self. Consider also your waking relationship with her.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of a step-sister, denotes you will have unavoidable care and annoyance upon you.

My sister in law had this dream. She was so worried about it. She had a dream that all of the kids were playing outside, when my niece (no relation to her) started running toward the road and couldn't stop.

To dream of a step-sister, could denote you will have unavoidable care and annoyance upon you.
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To see your sister in your dream, symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her. If you two have different relationships with your parents, your dream may be calling attention to your feelings about that.

The meaning varies according to context and sex of the dreamer. For a man, it signifies emotional security, but for a woman, it portends domestic disagreements.

If a woman's sister appears in her dream, she represents the dreamer's unconscious shadow. In a man's dream, his sister is a symbol of female aspects.
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sister soul self; supporting; a woman close to you; perhaps your 'twin' in similarities, or your opposite; a woman for whom you have sisterly feelings; competition; affection; closeness; a part of yourself that you see in your sister; ...

Step Sister
To dream of a step-sister, interpret you will have unavoidable care and annoyance upon you.
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Seven Sisters
Constallation of Pleiades in Taurus; seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione
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Sisterly Plunderings (Storms Dream)
I show my two sisters a page in a book with drawings of various ships - one is in tumultous water being thrashed around. "How'd you like to be in that one!" I ask. All of a sudden we are and get knock...

Family. Fellowship. Fortune .You are aware of your surroundings.
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Her sister had been stabbed to death by her (the sister's) partner two years prior. Old wounds were being opened as a result of the ongoing Court trial.

"my sister in law has been asking for money. Its poisoned our relationship"[Dream symbol - sister puts poison pill in my mouth]
"There has been a poisonous atmosphere at work recently"[Dream dictionary - a mother poisoned] ...

My mom and sister were in my bathroom and my mom was doing my sisters hair, i walked in my moms bedroom and saw a snake. i wasnt very alarmed and i asked my mom why there was a snake i our house and she said dont worry about it.

There was a sister in the lord mocking me the saying with a loud voice, "Nakia you are just all full of fear, you are full of fear". She was floating around as she kept repeating this. I was very troubled inside and felt afraid.

I dreamt my sister had a baby less than a year.We were from church,I was holding the baby and I suddenly realised that the babies head was covered with brown worms which my sis said they were harmless but I was scared of them! ...

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I had a dream my sister and her husband were out here on the west coast visiting me and my mom and daughter. We went to a later movie than expected (because I was running late), and they ended up missing their flight.

- Helping babysit sister.
- Military officer orders me to watch Queens baby
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For the past few weeks I have been having very disturbing dreams, all of which are about my mother and younger sister. In every dream one or both of them end up dying.

In a man's dream involving his sister, the sister may represaent the anima figure representing the feminine side of his nature.
In a man's dream with his mother, the mother may express the desire he felt for her as a boy.

To kiss a brother or sister, denotes much pleasure and good in your association. To kiss your sweetheart in the dark, denotes dangers and immoral engagements.

Fictitious CharactersThis type of dream may include a kindly neighbour that does not exist, a dear sister you do not really have, or a fictitious character from movies or television such as Peter Pan. This dream can mean one of two things.

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( I think it was) my sister who took out a cobra snake, so it could watch him and protect us. I remember feeling that I didn't want the snake to hurt the boy-man, but it was an unruly creature, and I didn't want to get hurt by it either.

i had a dream that i was chasing my girlfriends sister through a old abandoned house it was more like i was following her. we are on bikes and she makes a turn but i always go the wrong way.

Example: A man dreamed of being at a dining table with a brother and sister he didn't know. In waking life she was regularly speaking to a woman he had just met that he thought she might be his long lost sister.

Foot, right: brother or sister. Foot, left: servant or distant relative. Hand, right: Mother Hand, left: Children Something unplanned. Any sort of accident - car, household, job related; is indicative of self-criticism.

If you have brothers and/or sisters in waking life, it would be expected that in dreams of your family, they would be present.

The Raven symbolizes wisdom, hope, brother/sister gratitude and affection, longevity, fertility, and death. It is still used as a symbol in modern magic, witchcraft, and mystery.

Navajo Twins: Usually described as Mother Earth and Sky Father twins, or Brother Sister twins, the Navajo Twins are powerful Native American symbols for creation and the evolution of creation itself. They also represent perfect balance.

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A brother learns the death of his young sister by a terrible nightmare.
A young girl sees beforehand, in a dream, the man whom she will marry.
A mother sees her child lying in a road, covered with blood.

For a male, to see a princess in your dream, represents his sister or an important female figure in your life. It also suggests your desires for the ideal woman.

In one episode, one of the characters had a dream about this strange new toy his sister had recently acquired that resembled a purple goo-man with a leather jacket and pants. It looked like this weird biker guy.

Familyimportant informarion
@elder brotherbold behavior
@Fatherauthority, your superiors
@Husbandcause trouble
@Motheracknowledge, human relations
@Sisterfor man generousity, for woman arguments
@youger brotherfamily discord ...

I will be able to credit you in the book. It is being published by the University Press of Florida and due January 30 - my own little redhead and full-time job have me totally pressed for deadline. Any help, sisters, is very appreciated!! ...

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