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Resting or taking a break
Physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion
The action of sitting down can represent quitting or giving up.

Dreaming that you are sitting indicates your indecision and not knowing what you want to do with yourself in the near future. It may also suggest that you are just being idle and doing nothing.
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Synonyms of babysitting
verb: baby sitting; related terms: care, tending, attention, aid.
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I dreamt that a tall man in a brown suit was sitting on my sofa. He said " I'm here, I came all this way to see you. I'm your boyfriend now. Are you surprised I came all this way to see you? Didn"t you think I was coming?

To dream that you are sitting, indicates your indecision and not knowing what you want to do with yourself in the near future. It may also suggest that you are being idle.
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Sitting on the floor in a dream brings you back to your childhood as that is when you used to sit on the floor.
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If you dream that you are sitting, you may be having trouble making a decision about something, or you may feel that you are being lazy.
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Being a babysitter or taking care of kids in a dream can represent the literal responsibilities of that job or reflect feelings that current adult responsibilities feel like babysitting.

Anytime you are caring for a child in a dream it can suggest the need to care for a part of yourself that requires nurturing.

Sitting it out, or observing the action. Not participating, or waiting to participate.
see also: sitting chair seat
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Sitting on the lap of one of the opposite sex forecasts an exciting new love affair. A dream of slipping or falling off someone's lap predicts a loss of status through foolish behavior.
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Sitting in front of a fire in a dream can mean that you need to be protected and comforted
If you dream that you are building a fire, you could have a desire to protect and nourish others.

* Sitting Bull - Native American Indian Chief
* Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Poet/Author
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Babysitting dreams maybe linked to someone who is constantly asking for help and is becoming a burden.
QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you helping someone achieve their goals?

I'm sitting at a card table with people I don't know playing a game I don't understand. They are trying to teach me, but don't speak English. I get up to leave, but they take me home and treat me as their son.

I am sitting on the handlebars of a bicycle and the man sitting on the seat is pedaling as quickly as he can. He also has to speak quickly to keep me focused. Words and songs of wisdom are quickly pouring out of me.

I was sitting in a poorly lit room, sitting in a corner on a cement floor.

To be sitting in the house and see through the window a downpour of rain denotes that you will possess fortune, and passionate love will be requited.

A hawk sitting calmly symbolizes boredom. If it was flying you will have a pleasant time.
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Sitting on one: Trying to remove memory or stress from embarrassing situation.

To see one sitting on a railroad, interpret some accident or loss is about to descend upon you.

Buttocks - Sitting on valuable and unused assets. May represent your instincts and urges.

To see one sitting on a railroad, denotes some accident or loss
is about to descend upon you. To see them fly away as you approach,
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To dream of sitting on some person's lap, denotes pleasant security from vexing engagements. If a young woman dreams that she is holding a person on her lap, she will be exposed to unfavorable criticism.

To dream of sitting at the table with an epicure, denotes that you will enjoy some fine distinction, but you will... Continue dream interpretation - Epicure"continue dream interpretation
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To dream of sitting on stairs suggests that you are having trouble deciding which path you will take in reaching your opportunities and goals.
To see others going down stairs denotes that some unpleasant conditions will interfere with your pleasures.

To dream of sitting at a desk bored, or not concerned with anything serious may reflect an unpleasant situation you feel forced to think about. It may also be a sign that you need to be more serious or try harder to deal with problems.

If someone is sitting in your lap, it could indicate a desire to nurture and comfort others.
Questions to ask yourself: What memories do you associate with sitting in someone's lap?  What feelings do those memories invoke?
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Babysitting To dream of babysitting children represents your need to make stronger friendships based on real affection and values, instead of superficial things.

To see a friend sitting on a chair and remaining motionless, signifies news of his death or illness.
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If you dream of sitting on a throne, you will rapidly rise to favor and fortune.
To descend from one, there is much disappointment for you.

If you dream of sitting at a window and watching a storm with blowing rain it is a sign that you will be blessed with true love in your present relationship.

Then today, I was sitting at my dining room table and watching Dusty on the patio by my flower garden, while talking on the phone to my life long friend when I observed my cat stalking something in the flowers.

A dream about babysitting implies that part of your character or personality needs further maturity or nurturing. It can also symbolize your perception of responsibility in some aspect of your ..Read more →

I look over to my right and sitting on a couch is my younger sister with a very large heavy man that looks like your typical overweight online gamer. Hes wearing a grey sweat and bloodstained t-shirt and black basketball shorts.

- The 'psychic' dream of Sitting Bull of the Little Bighorn
- Nightmares prior to 9-11 terror attacks
- Family members killed off - premonition dream
- Nan disappears in tsunami - dream symbolism
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Example: My father is sitting across the table from me, but a little way down the table to my left. There are some pieces of bread covered with grated cheese on the table for me to eat.

I was sitting on a couch I think I may have been knitting or watching TV and an earthy green snake with a brown head slithered over the arm rest of the couch. It was a baby snake and small.

The next day I remember that I was just sitting on this fence. I was like thinking and talking to God saying, "so I guess there really is a God out there, you are real, Jesus is real.

For a young woman to dream that the proprietor of the store in which she works is a corpse, and she sees while sitting up with him that his face is clean shaven, ...

I also had a dream that i was in the livingroom, i had this dream four years ago almost, but i remember it clearly, i was sitting in my livingroom, with my cousin, it was after i was told my dad died, i was sitting with my cousin on the couch, ...

See The Meaning In Action: "Restroom Maze" , "Sitting On The Toilet", " Filthy Stalls" & "Dogs In The Bathroom"
To see or be in a bathtub in your dream, suggests a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems.

To dream of seeing an adder strike, and a friend, who is dead but seems to be lying down and breathing, rises partly to a sitting position when the adder strikes at him, and then both disappearing into some bushes nearby, ...

In the dream I was sitting gazing into our fish aquarium. I peered in closely, examining our spotted suckerfish. I often gaze at him or her because he never moves much in the daytime. I watch him to see if he is O.K.

Flying in/on a Vehicle: Were you floating away in a hot air balloon, grabbing onto a kite string, sitting inside an airplane, or being carried in the arms of Superman?

To dream that you are sitting at your desk indicates that you are considering situations and dilemmas that you are facing. This dream represents the sense of self-realization and recognition.

Throne: If you dream of sitting on a throne, you will rapidly riseto favor and fortune.
To descend from one, there is much disappointment for you.
To see others on a throne, you will succeed to wealth throughthe favor of others.

To dream that you are sitting on a throne, signifies a rapid rise to fame and fortune. To see others on a throne in your dream, denotes that you will succeed to wealth through the assistance of others.

He was sitting in a wheelchair and had had his one leg amputated from an injury. what does that mean? Also in my dream I was being flown to Haiti to meet with someone for work, I was living the dream pretty much.

Some people dream of being on a plane and sitting next to a deceased loved one. A dream such as this may be letting us explore spirituality and the afterlife.

If, however, you are one of the spectators, then your dream might be telling you that you need to be more involved in life instead of just sitting back watching the action unfold.

Table-symbolic of people with shared beliefs or similar interests, 1 Cor. 10:21. Sitting at a dark table is symbolic of ungodly activities in your life
Tablet-symbolic of your heart, Prov. 7:3 ...

Porch. To dream of sitting on a porch forecasts personal contentment, but a dream of sleeping on one portends social embarrassment.

If just one student is sitting in an empty classroom, the student feels out of place. Where are the other students? Should the student really be elsewhere?

Chair To see a chair in your dream, denotes failure to meet some obligation. If you are not careful you will also vacate your most profitable places. To see a friend sitting on a chair and remaining motionless, ...

Watching a game hints at feelings of being on the outside looking in - or possibly feelings that you're sitting on the sidelines while life passes you by. If you're playing and enjoying a game, then life will be good to you.

Mourning Dove : commonly thought of as a potential symbol of upcoming death to someone you know, but only if it is seen in unusual circumstances and not just eating at the bird feeder or sitting on a telephone line.

Plants that are significant are those that have historic importance in literature or your personal experience. For example, you may dream of visiting a friend who is sitting in a thicket of hemlock.

Superstition based dream interpretation books tell us that sitting on ice in your dreams is a dream of the contrary.

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