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Dreaming that you are a slave, suggests that you are not taking charge of your own life.
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Dreams of being a slave are common for a depressed person, especially one who is unhappy in her romantic relationship or friendships. It indicates the need to make a major change in one's social situation.

Slavery-a symbol of oppression, bondage, and sin, Deut. 6:12
Sleeping-sleeping during a dream may be symbolic of peace or rest from troubles in your life, Prov.19:23. Sleeping while others are working is symbolic of shame, poverty, and un­wise behavior, Prov. 10:5 ...

slavery being taken advantage of; not liking what you do for a living; being plagued inside with 'have to,' 'should,' and 'must'; living with a slave-driver. How are you bound by slavery?

38. slavery
39. disease
40. trials, fullness of testing, fasting, destroy ...

Well, The Slave Registry claims to have been in business since the year 2000. I've asked how they logically derived this symbol to mean female bondage, and have been given no answer. As far as the culture is concerned...um, well, a culture of sexual dominants and submissives?

Brick- slavery and works of men, imitation stone. (Gen 11:3)

Bridge-Support or way: Faith; trail (of faith); joined.

To dream about slavery, indicates that you re not utilizing your power. You are putting power in another's hand and allowing them to make choices and decide for you. Alternatively, you are experiencing a lack of autonomy and independence.
To see a sled in your dream, signifies childishness.

She could also symbolize power or the ruler or chief himself, because she governs her man by enticing him and arousing his passion, making him strive and toil like a slave to try to make her happy.

" (Homer: Iliad 3.108) The quality of the transformation behaves and it follows as: a man is transformed into a woman, so that bodes for a poor and a slave. One will be as a breadwinner - a woman, the others need less toiling in his slave labor; because woman job is less tiring.

He was cruel and mean and he saw me as one of his slaves. Other servant came to the queen and took her into a room. I was left alone with the pharaoh who looked down on me with anger. I was scared.

Anyone who sees in a dream that he had a lot of ears or that he cleans his ears, that this dream foretells that the servants and slaves will love him faithfully and loyally serve and obey him. To dream of his ears filled with rye means receiving an inheritance from a deceased relative.

In its psychological interpretation a snake in your dream is a phallic symbol, and to dream of one, especially if it was coiled around you, or otherwise on your body, is a warning that you may be a slave to either your sexual passions or repression.

Chains are a symbol of slavery and bondage, so if you dream that you are in chains, you may be feeling dominated or humiliated in real life. If you dream that someone else is in chains, you may want to dominate someone else, or you may be feeling frustrated because you believe that you lack power.

"I agree, Dawn. Otherwise you would remain a slave to anger..."
"Oh my God!" she shrieked. "Oh my God! It wasn't him in my dream! I mean, it was, but it was really me! I was in prison clothes and handcuffed! I was a slave! I was the prisoner! It was me who tore up the prison!" ...

together, historian, so many, invigorating, soaring, furthering, grabbed, commanding, huddled, escapee, slavery, aroused, bickering, lovely, consolation, hand-to-hand, relieved, glanced, glorious, inspiring, failure, enemies, realizing, imagination, mystery, tireless, march, wait, bickering, ...

Silver speaks of redemption in scripture. To redeem (purchase) a slave would cost 30 pieces of silver. Silver also speaks of the wealth of the world. The riches of man. It was the common currency used in the times of the New and Old Testament.

Questions to ask yourself:  How did the schedule appear in the dream?  Was there anything different or unusual about it?  How important is your schedule in your daily life?  Are you a slave to it?  How do you take time to relax?
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A stopped clock may indicate the death of something or if it is racing, a sense of urgency. It can also be about the restrictions we place on ourselves i.e. by becoming a slave to time and thus being less creative and spontaneous.

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Dreams  Slaughter-house  Slavery

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