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SMOKING dream interpretations
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Dreaming that you are smoking indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.
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Dream Dictionary and Dream Symbol Interpretations for Smoking Dream Meaning or Dreams with Smoking.
To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.

bobo wrote at 2009-01-28 04:01:39
Smoking weed before you go to bed.. THC prevents you from having dreams. You wont have a dream if you smoke weed its a fact
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To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.

~- pride.
*~ cigarettes- bitter memories, unforgiving, jealousy, self-righteousness.
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~ a cigarette in your dream is a lucky omen, as well as, giving, or offering them to another. This dream... Continue dream interpretation - Cigarettes"continue dream interpretation
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~ in a dream could portend success and complaisance. This dream can refer to your discontent with yourself or the world you live in. if you smoke in a place where ~ is not allowed, this means that you want something impossible to get, or something that does not belong to you.

~ or Smoke
Restricted vision. Cloud. Screen. Looking to hide certain feelings.
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dream interpretation
meaning of dream
It is very common for ex-smokers to dream about ~. This type of a dream could be called wish fulfillment or a compensatory dream. The smoker misses ~. He can not smoke during the day, and therefore he smokes in his dreams.

grass ~ 'pot'; wasting time by letting the grass grow under your feet. Whose 'grass' is greener than yours, and is it really?
grasshopper playing in the grass; a 'hop-head'. Who are you trying to 'get the jump on'?

To dream about ~ a cigar signifies grandeur and a calm state of mind. You have power over your feelings and your fervor. Freud considered the cigar a metaphor for a phallus and indicates masculinity and pure energy. This dream may also indicate someone whom you are aware that smokes cigars.

A volcano symbolizes your lungs as it is a great cavity in the earth. A ~ volcano can indicate damage to your lungs due to ~ or being in a smoky environment.
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Example dream : Hiding in a dream linked to the dreamer trying to help her boyfriend quit ~. However, now he was trying to pressure her to quite ~ herself. Hiding symbolised this pressure that she was under.

Maybe if you quit drinking or ~, you essentially correct their health and will show to everyone around his strength of will. Women that dream warns that they too much money and time is spent on cosmetics.

To see or dream that you are ~ a cigar, represents luxury and a relaxed state of mind. You are in control of your own emotions and passions. According to Freud, a cigar is a phallic symbol and is representative of masculinity and raw energy.

Ask yourself; do you think the person ~ the marijuana is a dope, or that you are? To dream of marijuana may also suggest a desire to escape or step away from the world around you. Is this your way of reminding yourself to practice detachment?

People who also quite alcohol and ~ they experience heavier dreams and nightmares
You can lucid dream up to 30 minutes if trained properly.
Its impossible to dream when your snoring.
Babies don't dream of themselves until they reach the age of 3.

- The disadvantage is the smoldering fire of ~ or who can raise awareness among other problems due to internal insecurity and false goals, against which one struggles in vain.
- Bright flames on the other hand signaling events joyous.

To dream that you are ~ or offering a cigarette indicates that you require some down time or time for yourself. It may imply that you are too reliant on someone or something. In the room I find little cigarette buts from ROLLED cigarettes.

We were talking about ventilation to the back bedrooms and ~ cigarettes. Wondering if the smell would get into them (weird I know.) then this white and black snake pops out of nowhere. The friends tell me it's theirs but they don't keep it locked up. It looks at me and hisses and goes on.

It depends on what feelings you have about ~. If you are against ~ you must try to find out what you are doing that destroy your health. If you are not against ~ will a dream about this mean that you are pleased with yourself, and that you will have a pleasant time.

Pot (Marijuana) dreaming about ~ pot can be an effect of having a current or former drug addiction. Being around people who smoke pot even if you do not can also stir your subconscious to dream about the event
Pothole-symbolic of a rough path or trouble in life, Prov. 10:9 NLT ...

Dreams of Mexicans may occur when you are having difficulty quitting ~ or getting off drugs. In this case the Mexicans reflect the addictive substance that you can no longer trust yourself with.

If you ever watched the old Kung Fu TV series, you may remember the powerful beginning sequence: Grasshopper (David Carradine) is in a cave. He seizes the ~ cauldron and burns the tiger and dragon images onto his skin as he carries the cauldron out into the sun.

Ham. No matter what the action was, ham in a dream is a good omen. ~ it signifies a prosperous year ahead; baking it indicates that your current difficulties will result in ultimate good fortune; and eating it in any form predicts business luck.

As people say about ~ 'I'm good at giving it up. I've done it so many times.' Here and now, I acknowledge publicly that the love and wholeness and connectedness that I long for must already be there for me to imagine and know it. And I can create it in an instant.

It can also denote the fact of not being able to think clearly if you dream that you are ~ it, and this could cause you much trouble and stress.

The symbolism of a zoo is a sign that the dreamer may be engaging in old, outdated, and unproductive acts to eliminate stress (e.g. financial problems may be the catalyst for someone who gave up ~ to return to that habit).

If you are a nonsmoker, dreaming of cigarettes could indicate you feel the words you are speaking could be harmful to yourself or others. If another person is ~ in the dream, the same may be true of someone you know.

She reminded the Lakota of the gravity of being human, and how our presence impacts and influences everything else. With this kind of power, comes great responsibility, and she gave the people the Sacred Pipe, that, upon ~, revealed the truth of her words.

you want to develop a better understanding of, and a better relationship with, your own body. You may have been thinking about changing your habits in order to become physically healthier. For example, you may have been considering changing your diet, getting more exercising, or quitting ~.

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