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we were in my neighborhood, and he was playing soccer with all his friends
which is wierd because he hasn't gone there in a long time. then i had to get
through them in order to get to my house through a door, but he was
blocking it, and out of nowhere he says "what?" not annoyed but curiously, ...

Soccer-the game of life or a contest of wills against another group of people
Soft drink-refreshing
Soil-symbolic of the condition of a person’s heart, Matt. 13:23. Stones in the soil are symbolic of things that need to be removed from a person's life.

soccer part of the team; not allowed to touch. Who do you feel like socking?
sock protection; hitting someone; warmth and safety indicated. Who do you know who has a wind sock?
soda bubbly and happy; drinking too much sugar; someone is 'crackers' over soda. Who's the soda jerk?

To dream that you are playing soccer, suggests that you are suppressing your sexuality and/or aggression and expressing it in a more socially acceptable manner. From a Freudian perspective, sports, in general, serve as a disguise for attitudes about sex as a aggressive act.

A ~ game symbolizes how you pursue your goals in life. In dreams anything circular or spherical symbolizes a goal. A circle, like God, has no beginning and no end. The ~ game is about achieving goals.
Socks often indicate the intestines and colon in particular.

~ balls symbolize a conflict over competing methods. You and someone else that are at odds over which way to do something.

Example dream : A dream on the cliff tops with a ~ player who was going through a bad patch linked to the dreamer experiencing hard times. He had not been very well recently and felt especially disenchanted and lacking confidence in his own abilities. ...

In outdoor games (~, tennis) - will be disputes over property, money, dividends. In dolls - you supervise that causes your internal resistance, it is time for freedom! Role on stage - will have to pretend and "dug salvation".

However, if it is a ~ ball, it may mean there is an issue in your life. The checkered pattern of a ~ ball symbolizes the good and the bad. It may entail that you have been struggling to overcome this issue, and are failing. A ball that is a party has a different interpretation.

i dreamt i was in an island sorrounded by water. My ex husband playing ~. My enermy cousin hiding n coming. Some plp living on tht island. Clear water sorrounding it. Children swimming in it playing happy. I ws afraid of slipping in that water. What does it mean?
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It depends on if you reached the goal or not. If you reached goal you will also reach your goals in real life. See possibly ~.
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field, glaciarium, golf course, golf links, gridiron, gym, gymnasium, ice rink, infield, links, obovate, obovoid, outfield, ovate, oviform, ovoid, ovule, playground, playing field, playroom, polo ground, pool hall, poolroom, putting green, racecourse, racket court, rink, skating rink, ~ field, ...

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