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we were in my neighborhood, and he was playing soccer with all his friends
which is wierd because he hasn't gone there in a long time. then i had to get
through them in order to get to my house through a door, but he was ...

That ball you're kicking around symbolizes your financial well-being. The more colorful the pattern, the brighter your prospects. Handle it well and you'll be fine.

To dream that you are playing soccer, is a representation of how you react and run your life when confronted with challenges. How well you play the game in your dream is symbolic of your competency, integrity, strengths and weaknesses.

soccer part of the team; not allowed to touch. Who do you feel like socking?
sock protection; hitting someone; warmth and safety indicated. Who do you know who has a wind sock?

To dream that you are playing soccer, suggests that you are suppressing your sexuality and/or aggression and expressing it in a more socially acceptable manner.

A soccer game symbolizes how you pursue your goals in life. In dreams anything circular or spherical symbolizes a goal. A circle, like God, has no beginning and no end. The soccer game is about achieving goals.
Socks ...

Soccer balls symbolize a conflict over competing methods. You and someone else that are at odds over which way to do something.

I was playing soccer in an indoor clay field as a forward, allmy life I have always played goalkeeper. Anyway, I have many opportunities to score but the ball either gets blocked or hits the post, I g...[More of this dream] ...

A fool can shoot a soccer ball with a chance to be interpreted as an indication that you should not miss, because it hits the bull's-eye.
- If you are hit by a ball, meet a perhaps soon the caprices of fate, usually this is an unfavorable sign.

It depends on if you reached the goal or not. If you reached goal you will also reach your goals in real life. See possibly soccer.
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The group events studied included intense psychotherapy sessions, captivating theater presentations, religious rituals, popular sports competitions like World Cup Soccer, and high interest television broadcasts like the Academy Awards 1.

gridiron, gym, gymnasium, ice rink, infield, links, obovate, obovoid, outfield, ovate, oviform, ovoid, ovule, playground, playing field, playroom, polo ground, pool hall, poolroom, putting green, racecourse, racket court, rink, skating rink, soccer ...

SOCCER great skill and team work / fun
SOCK a direction that is comfortable
SOCK carefully thought out ideas within your own mind about your identity
SOCK mean attitude - sock it to em look
SODA quick refreshment ...

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