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Meaning of SOCKS
Matching Terms:
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Socks often indicate the intestines and colon in particular.
Since socks cover your feet they can also indicate your ability to move forward with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

To dream that you are only wearing socks (no shoes) indicates your warmth and your flexibility of understanding.
Soda ...

Dreaming that you are only wearing socks, demonstrates your warmth and your flexibility of understanding. You tend to yield to other's wishes. Seeing a single sock in your dream may be a pun for hitting someone or being hit.

black socks symbol in dream
Dreamed about black socks. What does it mean?
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Socks also can represent particular roles, such as a footballers socks, or special quality socks for business or social ritual.

Socks in your dreams can represent:
Protection and warmth
We often have one sock 'mysteriously' go missing in the laundry.
Miss-matched socks - are you looking for a matching pair of something? A match for yourself in a partner perhaps?

They grow as tussocks or more isolated stalks, bearing inflorescences near the tip. Many species are exceptionally hardy and some are considered weeds in gardening; a few are invasive weeds of significance.

Holes in socks, clothing, furniture, etc., may represent feelings of faultiness or depravation. You may be bringing your attention to the fact that there is something missing or in need of repair in your life.

I took off my socks and he just went after my toes. I was laughing but I was scared of being bit (no clue why I was laughing) he kept going for them. Finial we went up stair in the bathroom and he followed still after me toes.

Moses said he felt incredibly relaxed before the 400m event, as was evident in the fact that he forgot to take his socks to the track, he also accidently left his wristwatch on.

To dream of being a member of a gang suggests a tendency to drift with the tide; to be the leader of a gang indicates stagnation through lack of initiative; to be frightened or threatened by a gang signifies a period of depression--pull up your socks ...

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Dreams  Sock  Soda fountain

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