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To dream of seeing sores, denotes that illness will cause you loss and mental distress.

To dream of seeing sores, could denote that illness will cause you loss and mental distress.
To dress a sore, foretells that your personal wishes and desires will give place to the pleasure of others.

What does having head sores mean? dream interpretations
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To dream of seeing sores, denotes that illness will cause you loss and mental distress.
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To dream that you have sores on your body, suggests that you are keeping in some negative emotions and attitudes that need to be released and expressed. Consider the symbolism of the body area where the sores are located.

~ on the body - a shame, contempt.
Dream for bitches
Ulcer - sadness, grief, loneliness and grief. To dream of an ulcer on the body - cheating, lying and hypocritical friends. See the scar, a scar from an ulcer - you can achieve great success in a managerial position or in the works, art.

Rash, ~ or eczema are unpleasant, but usually not too serious diseases. What is so unpleasant for one? Why you feel embarrassed or irritated? Has its own I get ~ due to poor treatment? If you behave yourself ruthlessly?
Traditionally: ...

*Please see ~.
For a man to dream of absconding, indicates fraud and possible deceit from co-workers.

*Please see ~. Abscond
To dream that you have absconded with something indicates your failed accomplishments. You may also be feeling insecure about your achievements. You feel that you are never good enough. Consider the significance or value of what you have absconded.

Blisters, pains, ~ or any discomfort of the heels is a warning that you are in danger of being exploited by... Continue dream interpretation - Heels"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Heir ...

If the body is covered in ~, this indicates your own fears about health. A sick body of a man tells you that the real-world character in your dream is a thief or sometimes raises suspicions. Ants on a human body are the sign of a serious incident and illness from your past that is on your mind.

Sore-a symbol of unconfessed sin in a person’s life, Ps. 38:5, Jer. 30:13. ~ can be emotional injuries or pain caused by another person that hasn’t healed
Sour-a sour fruit or taste is symbolic of sin or doing wrong things, Jer. 31:30 ...

poultice salve; something that can heal outer ~; health issue related to skin or lung congestion may be indicated. What ingredients in your dream poultice might help with a body problem you are having?

It's possible you need to speak up about some feelings of resentment you have in a relationship. If someone else had the cold ~ be careful about who you trust - there may be someone in your midst who doesn't have the best intentions about you.

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