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Meaning of SPADES
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Spades: Conflict and obstacles.
In addition, the King represents dominance and success, the Queen represents emotional sensitivity, and the Jack represents energy and creativity ...

To see the ace of spades in your dream, symbolizes spontaneity, mischievous, and/or heartlessness. It also represents authority and extreme competitiveness. You are afraid of losing.

Spades ( ): Ace of Spades = Mental advancement and/or Emotional development;
Hearts (♥): Ace of Hearts = Luck in Love or Happiness in Family;
Diamonds (♦): Ace of Diamonds = Possibilities of winning or Growth of profits.

In particular, diamonds indicates wealth, clubs indicated work, hearts indicate happiness in love, and spades indicate troubling times are in your near future.
To see carnations in your dream, symbolizes light-heartedness, vitality and joy. Alternatively, it may represent bachelorhood.

Traditionally, the Ace of Spades is a symbol of death. In a dream, it can represent the ending of something old and the beginning of something new. The Ace of Hearts can symbolize love or passion, and the Ace of Diamonds can symbolize wealth - material, emotional or spiritual.

If you dream of cards named spades, you will be enticed into follies which will bring you grief and misfortune. For a gambler to dream that spades are trumps, means that unfortunate deals will deplete his winnings.
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For a gambler to dream that spades are trumps, means that unfortunate deals will deplete his winnings.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project ...

Dreaming of a kind of shovel called spade, denotes that you will have work to complete, which will give you much annoyance in superintending. If you dream of cards named spades, you will be enticed into follies which will bring you grief and misfortune.

Ace of hearts symbolizes luck in love. Ace of spades symbolize sorrow. Ace of diamonds symbolize luck. Ace of clubs symbolize quarrels.
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Spades rule conflict, hearts pertain to matters of the heart, diamonds refer to money, and clubs rule difficulties - and the numerological meaning of each number combined with the nature of the suit gives a rough meaning of the card's divinatory nature.

If you see the ace of spades in your dream, then it means that you are involved in a scandal. If you see the ace of diamonds, then it symbolizes your legacy or reputation. And if you see the ace of clubs, then it indicates that you will be involved in some legal matter.

The ace of spades means that you work hard and do not get paid enough. Dreaming that you have the joker in a card game means that you will allow a business rival to defeat you. To dream of a deck of playing cards in Las Vegas can signify certainty and justice.

Play cards in your hand, and the Jack of Diamonds - the dream is coming temptation, jack of hearts portends a meeting with the beloved; Jack of Spades - early widowhood, and predicts the jack of clubs debts and jail.
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In social games, seeing diamonds indicate wealth; clubs, that your partner in life will be exacting, and that you may have trouble in explaining your absence at times; hearts denote fidelity and cosy surroundings; spades signify that you will be a widow and encumbered with a large estate.
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Financial improvement. **Clubs: success after quarrels concerning business. A legal matter. **Spades: Sadness and/or unrewarded labor. Gossip or disgrace. **Unknown: If you were not aware of the suit, you will be puzzled by a mystery you cannot solve.

To dream of playing cards is indicative that one needs to be open to the possibility of gambling or risk taking to gain wealth. Certain types of cards can have different meanings. For example, Hearts represents love and relationships; Diamonds - material wealth; Spades - conflict; ...

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