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Sperm - the symbol of masculinity and fertility. In dreams it is not necessarily the symbol of sexuality as it might also signify the development of your resources or ideas.

To see sperm in your dream, symbolizes masculinity and/or fertility. It also indicates the potential for growth and development.
To see a sphinx in your dream, signifies fear of the unknown.

Seeing sperm can depict your life force or desire to create something lasting.
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(Sperm) In a dream, semen represents a growing and a lasting capital, whether there is little or much of it. If one sees a drop of semen coming out of his reproductive organs in a dream, it denotes money that will surface.

Tadpole Sperm, a baby, perhaps in the womb - i.e. pregnancy. Possible feelings arising from pre-natal life. See: Frog. More ...

*Please see ~.
To dream that you are attending a seminar, suggests that you are expanding your knowledge and understanding.

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Semi Truck
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point impregnated me with someone else's ~(I am
currently 24 weeks pregnant and we were told a long time ago
Bryn couldn't have children so it was a very welcomed
surprise! please don't say it's just hormones making me feel
weird though I regularly have long detailed weird dreams  ) ...

Seed, either as grains of seed or as human ~, signifies vitality. Fertilization processes in a dream, even when couched in terms of sexual union, should in no case be interpreted sexually. The seed symbolizes the origination and development of life.
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The reason why is because their small size and primitive stage of development is associated with the early growth of an embryo in the womb. Like babies, frogs also metamorphose from being small ~-like creatures (tadpoles) into their final form.

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