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Spilling something, such as a beverage, can represent:
An accident or unanticipated mess, or the fear of one, somehow in your life
Perceived carelessness, clumsiness, or inattention somewhere in your life
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Seeing an oil spill in your dream, suggests that you are in emotional turmoil. You are experiencing problems and distress in your personal relationships.
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To dream that you spill something on someone, represents your inconsideration for the feelings of others. You may be offending and upsetting others - learn to be more careful.

spill flowing; careless; taking a fall; don't cry over spilled anything. Who spilled the beans?

Dreaming that you spill something on someone, represents your carelessness and inconsideration for the feelings of others. You may be offending and upsetting others.

Spilling My Heart (Former Lover Dream)
i had a dream that i was looking for one of my ex's and i found him in the dream i new that he was in love with me, i could feel it, there was an energy about him that i actually felt from him. but he...

To spill milk, denotes that you will experience a slight loss and suffer temporary unhappiness at the hands of friends.
To dream of impure milk, denotes that you will be tormented with petty troubles.

To spill milk in your dream, foretells you will suffer temporary sadness due to unfaithful friends.
To dream that you are bathing in milk, you are surrounded by pleasant environments and solid friendships.

To spill tea, is a sign of domestic confusion and grief.
To find your tea chest empty, unfolds much disagreeable gossip and news.
To dream that you are thirsty for tea, denotes that you will be surprised with uninvited guests.

To spill perfume, interpret that you will lose something which affords you pleasure.
To break a bottle of perfume, foretells that your most cherished wishes and desires will end disastrously, even while they promise a happy culmination.

To spill milk in your dream, symbolizes a loss of faith, opportunity, and trust. It may indicate that your friends will cause you much temporary disappointment and unhappiness..

If you spilled ink you might get sad or get a problem.
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Spilling ink in a dream is nothing to cry about, but to write with ink is a warning to go slowly in giving confidences even to your best friends.

To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spiteful meanness will be wrought you through envy.
If a young woman sees ink, she will be slandered by a rival.

Example: She began spilling tears which became a steady stream running down her cheeks. And she began to talk of the overwhelming love she was feeling, as she was sobbing.

The ashes that were spilled then seemed to take on a life of their own (or were blown by a breeze?) across the kitchen floor and went under the sink.

To see ink spilled over one's clothing, symbolizes bitterness, spite and envy. To see ink on your fingers, signifies jealous and rage toward someone.

I end up helping a woman in a walker carry her coffee, but she spills it on me. It is scalding hot, but she doesn't apologize. This makes a little girl nearby say, "people are so rude!". I walk to find a bathroom to clean up.

- Spillage of wine: you will forfeit your happiness;
- Apple wine (cider): humble pleasure;
- Dreaming that you was drinking cider (wine from apples): you'll persuade yourself to deceptive power that brings no benefit; ...

This is particularly the case if the floor is dirty or something has spilled onto it.

Absorption is usually related to items like sponges or kitchen towels, soaking up water and spills etc. Absorption is also related to education, absorbing information that we are told or taught.

To dream of seeing ink signifies creative vision and ingenuity. Spilled ink in your dream means some difficulties and setbacks in your life.

A dream of drinking cold water is a sign of good luck, but throwing or spilling it on anyone indicates a need to control your temper.

In all respects an excellent omen, for even if you spilled the salt in your dream, the predicted difficulty will be of short duration.
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To see a cask of sugar burst and the sugar spilling out, foretells a slight loss.
To hear a negro singing while unloading sugar, some seemingly insignificant affair will bring you great benefit, either in business or social states.
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Rather, let the potential of these basic shapes spill out into your awareness. Playing with these shapes (just as our children do in elementary learning) will cause multi-dimensional understanding.

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  Dreaming of spilled ink represents failing permanency - what you once thought was permanent or a universal truth, no longer holds up against the evidence, or your beliefs have changed in some way.

If you are drinking champagne, clinking glasses and laughing and talking with other people, great good fortune lies ahead. If a champagne glass is spilled, however, or a bottle broken, ...

For you to perfume your garments and person, denotes that you will seek and obtain adulation.
Being oppressed by it to intoxication, denotes that excesses in joy will impair your mental qualities.
To spill perfume, ...

A dream of flooding can also serve as a warning that personal matters are spilling over into other areas of your life. Alternately, a flood can relate to a release of sexual desires or a need to do so.

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