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Dreaming that you are being splashed by water, represents your need to be revitalized and more expressive.
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Splashed by Water - You need to be more rejuvenated and outgoing
Water is Boiling/Hot - Means your emotions are running high and you need to let of some steam. You might have reached your boiling point in a situation.

To dream that you are being splashed by water, represents your need to be revitalized and more expressive.

Benefit if smell urine - In the dream you smell the urine, then this dream denotes that everything what you have lost you will get suddenly by a surprising profit;
New period if splash with urine - You are splashed with the urine, ...

Even if this dream will leave in your heart is very bad feeling, do not splash out their doubts out. Own a romantic date with her lover or beloved - good sleep, if you see it on the night before the day Lenten.

I dreamed that I was at Magic Kindom and I was looking up at rise called splash mountain - I saw my friends going up this wood stairs to go on the ride. I try to follow them but turn out I ended it up following someone else.

Suddenly, and behind me I heard a fish splash. I did not think much of it until I realized the fish was making an inordinate amount of commotion.

Hit a hitchhiker.
Been splashed with water while hitchhiking.
Passed by a hitchhiker without stopping
Needing a ride somewhere
Wanting to get away
Backpacking across the land
Seen someone you know hitchhiking
Were attacked by a hitchhiker ...

fender protection; guarding you from harm; having to fend for yourself; resisting someone. Who is splashing mud at you?
fern soft; gentle; a need to be taken care of; a reminder of Victorian times. Who has ferns in their house?

Black Gold won nine races in 18 starts as a two-year-old and then six races in a row as a three-year-old before moving up to compete in the Louisiana Derby. He led at once, splashing through mud to win by six lengths.

Perfume can also signify desire and attraction. If you’re splashing it on yourself in a dream, it may mean that you want your reputation to precede you and leave a mark. What fragrance do you use? If it’s one you don’t use, perhaps you should try it.

If the victim's blood splashes and stains one's clothes in the dream, it means that he will receive suspicious or unlawful money from his victim. If one's scourge is bent in the dream, it means a mental disorder, or that one's assistant is a reckless or an impatient person..

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