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To dream of seeing squirrels, denotes that pleasant friends will soon visit you. You will see advancement in your business also.

Activity (or overactivity) or preparedness. Gathering or collecting. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Squirrel Meaning and Symbolic Thoughts about Squirrels
When the squirrel comes into our lives it is often a message for us to have more fun, and take life a little less seriously.

To dream of seeing squirrels, could denote that pleasant friends will soon visit you. You will see advancement in your business also.
To kill a squirrel, could denote that you may be unfriendly and disliked.
To pet one, signifies family joy.

To see squirrels running around signifies that you are involved in a loveless or pointless relationship.
Stab ...

To dream of seeing squirrels, interpret that pleasant friends will soon visit you. You will see advancement in your business also.
To kill a squirrel, interpret that you will be unfriendly and disliked.

To dream of squirrels denotes that pleasant friends will soon visit you.
Staircase ...

To see squirrels in your dream, symbolizes agile, curious and full of energy. Seeing squirrels in a tree foretells of unfortunate occurrence.

Squirrel - hoarding.
Tiger - royalty, dignity, power; is both a creator and destroyer.
Toad - represents whatever the dreamer may perceive as ugly in life.

squirrel running madly around; storing up for the winter; a fertility symbol in Japan; able to leap fearlessly, trusting that support will be there. Who is going a little 'squirrelly'?

Squirrel Chase, Something Fishy (Being Chased Dream)
I was visiting my aunt then when i was leaving there was lots of squirrels they were attacking me i had to go back into my aunts, ...

To see squirrels in your dream foretell you will acquire a few new friends and there is happiness in the home.
Swan ...

Squirrel - What is it that you have stored away that needs recognizing about yourself? Squirrels are doers, they plan ahead.

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and all the squirrels died when the tide came in and buried the floor in an endless river
and were replaced by dolphins who swam amidst the leaves and trees where birds and butterflies flew
and will fly again someday ...

Squirrel - in dreams has a negative meaning. If the dreamer sees the squirrel in his dream, then it shows that the relationships he is in are useless, or the love life is going not according to plan, ...

ermine, erotic, eroticomaniacal, erotomaniacal, eryopsid, eurypterid, eyra, fallen, fallow deer, fell, feral, ferine, ferocious, ferret, field mouse, fiendish, fiendlike, fierce, fisher, fitch, fleshly, flying phalanger, foumart, fox, fox squirrel, ...

Specimen Speech Speed Spelling Sphinx Spice Spider Spider's web Spin Spiral Spire Spirit Spit Spitting Spittoon Spleen Splinters Sponge Spool Spoon Sport Spots Sprain Spring Springs Spruce Spurs Spy Squash Squint Squirrel Stable Stage Stagger Stairs ...

In a like manner, the pet squirrel is a better barometer of the local weather than the Weather Bureau.

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Purchases, Agate, Cocoa, Castor Oil, Cavalry, Oculist, Shop, Cane, Legislature, Cornmeal, Mechanic, Cotton Gin, Bridle Bits, Chameleon, Loadstone, Bar, Thorns, Strawberries, Influence, Publican, Crutches, Shoemaker, Criminal, Cunning, Squirrel, ...

There were different holes, kind of like a ground squirrel would have. Then I asked the woman in the white dress, "What do I do and how do I get out of here?" She said, "Just take one of the other holes". I thought to myself, "O.k.

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