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Standing up, or taking an upright position, can represent:
An intention to act or participate
A desire to be noticed, heard, or considered
An intention to leave or distance oneself from a situation ...

Dreaming that you are standing, suggests that you are asserting yourself and making your thoughts/feelings known. It also indicates that you are proud of yourself.
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Imagine you are standing on the edge of your dream, like a film set, and you are going to walk into it. Before you actually step into your dream be aware of what you are feeling in your body and emotions.

I was a kid and I woke up to see two of them standing in my doorway looking at me. Except rather than being just made up of white light like they were in my recent dream, one was a bright pink and the other was a baby blue color.

To see vessels while standing on the quay, denotes the fruition
of wishes and designs.
To dream of a queen, foretells succesful{sic} ventures.
If she looks old or haggard, there will be disappointments
connected with your pleasures.

There are theories about Sleep Paralysis that are founded on associations with narcolepsy (a condition whereby individuals take uncontrollable naps during supposed waking hours). However, there is no known understanding for the complete aetiology of ...

Standing, sitting or walking in the cemetery promise that you can expect a peaceful, quite and happy age.

Standing in line
To dream that you are standing in line, indicates your need for patience. You should be prepared to wait for something and not have it right away.
Staples ...

Dreaming that you are standing can indicate that you feel, assertive, proud and confident.
Stomach ...

To dream that you are standing, suggests that you are asserting yourself and making your thoughts/feelings known. It also indicates that you are proud of yourself.

Understanding Naked Dreams
Throughout our walking life we will experience times where people will have the upper hand on you and you feel extremely vulnerable in that situation.

Understanding Dream Characters and Dream Symbols
Since dreams originate from within YOU, you can view each dream character or dream symbol as being a part of you.  For example, you might dream about your best friend.

KEY WORDS : Understanding someone's anger, frustrations, bottling up, need to express anger, grief, unable to understand why something happened, trying to relieve anger, inappropriate to express anger, taking liberties ...

Standing up after you have been kneeling in a dream can mean that you have regained your inner strength.
A dream that someone gets down on their knees in front of you can symbolize a desire to dominate others.

Standing at a cash register and noticing the price may reflect a pivotal moment where you are noticing the personal cost of a choice you've made before going through with it.

Standing on a balcony looking out at lovely surroundings implies happiness, particularly in love. Looking out at storms or other ominous symbols indicates obstacles ahead.
2. Standing on the ground looking up at a balcony indicates aspirations.

Longstanding biblical and fairytale symbolism equates hair with masculine power or energy. The story of Samson who lost his power when Delilah cut off his hair is a well known example.

Understanding and Stopping Chase DreamsChase dreams are never pleasant to experience, but they are a good gage as to what is going on in your life and changes that need to be made.

Understanding the language of dreams can become a powerful tool to access self-knowledge, achieve health and wellness, and actualize lasting success. By working with your dreams, you can actualize speed up your growth.

Understanding the amputation of another's limbs in your dreams is very much dependent on their relationship to you. Amputation of a loved one's limbs may show an area where you feel violated by that person.

Understanding the definition of a word may provide clues to its symbolic meaning. Look it up at
hyperdictionary ...

Understanding these characters is helpful because we learn how we want others (particularly the opposite sex) to perceive us. The corollary is how we are afraid they perceive us.

I was standing across the street from a building. The building was made out of rocks and cement. It also had a flat roof with a sloping brown metal apron around it.

I was standing in a concrete house, in the kitchen washing dishes, and my husband resting on a bed behind me. The house looked to me that my dream was somewhere in Fiji.

To see one standing or sitting on a table, foretells that to obtain their desires they will be guilty of indiscretions.

To dream of standing by and seeing a loom operated by a stranger, denotes much vexation and useless irritation from the talkativeness of those about you. Some disappointment with happy expectations are coupled with this dream.

A crowd standing in line or queuing symbolizes a slow moving colon.
An overcrowded room signifies your lungs as it is hard to breathe in such locations.
Placating a hostile crowd indicates you have spiritual leadership abilities.

To dream of standing over a yawning precipice, portends the threatenings of misfortunes and calamities. To fall over a precipice, denotes that... Continue dream interpretation - Precipice"continue dream interpretation ...

defiant standing up for what is right; taking a challenge; refusing to obey. Who is protesting too much?

Clearer understanding of our subconscious thoughts and dreams
Ability to mold our thoughts more constructively to suit our needs
Determination to follow our dreams
Diligence to keep and reach our goals ...

I dream I am standing in a group of people who are talking about their status when I see an old man outside in the sloping dirt motioning for me to come over. There are two horses kicking up a fuss with two girls on their backs.

science: Understanding, creative and rational. Perhaps looking
at yourself analytically.
screwdriver: Working on a connection.

I found myself standing on a beach, looking towards the sea. Then I felt someone coming up behind me so I turned to see who it was. It was the Lord Jesus the Christ.

To see yourself standing on the gallows, signifies that you will suffer from the maliciousness of a false friend and will be betrayed by them.
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Intellect. Understanding. It denotes threatened misery and loss that will be avoided by wise action.
Love and security. Happy love affairs and successful future. Dignity and distinction.

Information, understanding, or solutions
Expression or communication (as the book is an expression of the author)
The topic of the book, or class or area of study that it represents
Reading or studying in real life
Entertainment or relaxation ...

To have a misunderstanding with your uncle, interpret that your family relations will be unpleasant, and illness will be continually present.
Underground ...

Standing on the edge of a cliff could be a frightening, but at the same time an exhilarating experience. Dreaming about cliffs generally indicates that the dreamer has come to a point of heightened understanding and awareness.

Trapdoor. An outstanding revelation is likely to follow a dream featuring a trapdoor. Don't get panicked into a hasty decision you may later regret. Play it cool.

Anchor staying in one spot in understanding (i.e., "taking up anchor" means starting to learn) Cayce (900-158, A-2).

extraterrestrial - A sense of being beyond the possibility of understanding. Can be a threat or a sustaining feeling.
face - A person's face may not be that person, but the feelings and emotions associated with it.

If the baby you are taking care of is crying, you are lacking understanding from others. If you dream that someone is babysitting you, you are frustrated that others try to manage your life for you. In other words, you want more freedom.

Were i was standing in pain and bleeding a river the was a giant no less the 7 foot wolfen best standing there it had all the looks of a wolf but it stood on to legs and had almost like a humans but they had long sharp claws.

Negro: To dream of seeing a negro standing on your green lawn, is a signthat while your immediate future seems filled with prosperityand sweetest joys, there will creep into it unavoidable discord, ...

If standing in a field, wisdom and common sense mingle.
House - home life, often future home life. If one dreams of a home with a light inside or smoke rising from a chimney, it means one is unlikely to live alone.

When I stood back up, he was standing there to my left and his ex girlfriend was standing there to my right, she had come from the side of the house.

Understanding the symbol of alcohol in your dreams depends on the relationship you have with it in daily life. If you drink regularly, you need to look at the other details of your dream more carefully.

To dream of various landscapes in your dream symbolizes your current standing in terms of your life or your relationships. This provides an assessment on appreciating and recognizing the vital role you play in the community.

Dreaming of standing in front of the fridge means you are looking for more than just something to your solve your immediate hunger, but something more chronic.

For our understanding here though, we will refer to universal symbols of the collective unconscious as archetypes, and reserve the term symbols to represent images that are very personal to the dreamer.

Symbol of access and understanding. Keys may represent a solution to a problem or a new approach in a dreamer's life that will lead to a desired destination or accomplishment of goals.

To shave yourself, foretells that you will govern your own business and dictate to your household, notwithstanding that the presence of a shrew may cause you quarrels.

To dream you see a friend standing like a statue on a hill, denotes you will advance beyond present pursuits, but will retain former impressions of justice and knowledge, seeking these through every change.

if you dream in Technicolor, the one outstanding thing that this presages is that you will have increasing security and prosperity in your business affairs, if the rest of the symbols point to a bad time for you and your affairs, ...

While dream interpretation itself does not necessarily require an understanding of the ‘hypno'states or vice versa, we can often use dream images and the hypno states to enhance our spiritual workings.

I saw them standing proud. Then by the floor, I saw this small door that led to their promotion. The message was very clear - before they could enter into the next phase of their ministry, they would be humbled first.

Gypsy If you dream of visiting a gypsy camp, you will have an offer of importance and will investigate the standing of the parties to your disadvantage. For a woman to have a gypsy tell her fortune, is an omen of a speedy and unwise marriage.

The wife of a captain who has gone out to the Indian mutiny sees one night her husband standing before her with his hands pressed to his breast, and a look of suffering on his face.

In your dreams, are you finally standing up for yourself and saying what you really feel? This is a sign that you should find ways to make sure your needs are being heard. Remember, they can't always be MET. That is what compromise is about.

Death in a dream is frightening to most dreamers because they lack understanding of the nature of physical life and death. For the aware thinker, the physical life is known as a temporary existence for the soul.

Something beyond your grasp or understanding. Running away: Loss or defeat because of inability to cope or manage. Coming at you benignly: you recognize a challenge that can overwhelm you.

Carl Jung cautioned against ascribing meaning to dream symbols without a clear understanding of the client's personal situation. He described two approaches to dream symbols: the causal approach and the final approach.

Joe Ibojie, 'Understanding Dreams & Visions Course 201' By John Paul Jackson, 'Dream Language' by James W. & Michal Ann Goll, 'Seers Handbook' by Sharnael Wolverton, & 'Understanding the Dreams you Dream' by Ira Milligan.

True story: my mother & I visited my grandmother's grave one afternoon to find a living, breathing peacock standing there staring at us. When I found out that it symbolized "joy in the afterlife," you can imagine how special that was.

If you make something blow up, either you have an unstable understanding of the object, or the child in you simply enjoys explosions. If a laser blocks you from entering a place, the clear truth is actually standing between you and a discovery.

To see another, with the assassin standing over him with blood stains, portends that misfortune will come to the dreamer.
To see an assassin under any condition is a warning that losses may befall you through secret enemies.
Assistance ...

A dream where you are standing on a balcony implies that you desire recognition in some way or in some part of your life. If you are underneath a balcony ..Read more →

Friend-symbolic of help and understanding, Prov. 7:4
Frogs-symbolic of demons or unclean spirits, Rev. 16:13-14
Frontline-symbolic of being at the point of attack in spir­itual warfare, 2 Sam. 11:15 ...

To dream that you are standing at the edge of a cliff, denotes that you have achieved a fresh point of view. You also have reached the height of your desires and ambition.

If you were drawing a person but did not see who it was, you have problems understanding someone. If you are bad at drawing in real life, and you were a good drawer in your dream you must get higher ambitions.

As a dream symbol, the queen in your dream represents your ability for independence, self-understanding and self-determination. It also represents inner wealth that will enable you to be your best and help you to achieve your goals.
Quicksand ...

Choose peace. When we shut the chaos of the world out, we are more apt to gain spiritual understanding.
Discern the purpose for every dream. Listen to Spirit for why the dream is given, in order to more fully understand your dream messages.

light. A bright light signifies enlightenment and understanding. A flash of light symbolizes sudden insight.

To see young eagles in their eyrie, signifies your association with people of high standing, and that you will profit from wise counsel from them. You will in time come into a rich legacy.

Things of value would be a new talent you weren't aware you had, a new quality or gift within you. It could also represent a new vision or new understanding of something.

your way about in a dark room or building this is an omen that you do not have enough information about a person, place, or thing to make a clear decision. If you find the light switch, you will meet with success after acquiring understanding.

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