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To dream of stealing, or of seeing others commit this act, foretells bad luck and loss of character.

You stealing from someone else can mean you either feel that they genuinely "owe you" somehow, or that you have an important need that you feel requires their attention.
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Dreaming that you are stealing indicates that you are deprived and where the stealing takes place (at home, the office, at school....) is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, it may signify unrealized and unfulfilled goals.

To dream of stealing, or of seeing others commit this act, foretells bad luck and loss of character.

To be accused of stealing, denotes that you will be misunderstood in some affair, and suffer therefrom, but you will eventually find that this will bring you favor.
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Stealing a Boyfriend
To dream that you steal somebody's boyfriend is a representation of sexual urges or self-betrayal from your subconscious. It also indicates that you will be entangled in a situation that is not in your best interests.

To dream of stealing, or of seeing others commit this act, foretells bad luck and loss of character.

stealing but not wanting to
John Vercelletto
Q: My mother had a dream that she went to a liquor store to buy alcohol for my 1st birthday party that ...

1. If the dreamer is the one doing the stealing, this is a warning of financial troubles ahead and a need to be frugal, no matter how well you seem to be doing now.

Thigh To dream of seeing your thigh smooth and white, denotes unusual good luck and pleasure. To see wounded thighs, foretells illness and treachery.

stealing wanting something that belongs to someone else; feeling sneaky; selfishness; lack of caring for others; stealing away; a really good bargain; stealing someone's heart.

Someone stealing your briefcase could represent a real or imagined threat to your ability to fulfill your work-related responsibilities.
see also: bag carrying
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People steal for two reasons. If they are poor and feel like they have no other alternative or if they are greedy and do not want to put the time and the effort into earning what they need.

Stealing Water - Water is often a symbol for those unconscious aspects. Stealing water may symbolize you have certain needs that are not being met. May indicate an area in which there is a lack of fulfillment.

stealing: Taking something under false pretenses. Cheating
yourself or others. Look to see why the thief is stealing is there
something in you that is cutting corners because of some unmet ...

Steal/Stealing If someone steals something from you in your dream, you are feeling a lack of emotional understanding or appreciation in your life.

Danger If Stealing - When you are stealing money in your dream this can mean that you are in danger and should act with more caution; ...

Example dream : Stealing a dollar represented the dreamers resentments about his college tutors who never fully recognised his ability. The money symbolised the value which he thought he was worth yet was recognised.

Also purses are constantly opened to accept money and again to give money. This symbolizes sharing of feelings in your heart. To dream of someone stealing your purse indicates an inability to share.

If you dream of stealing, you might consider the symbolism of what is being stolen as a way of recognizing its importance or how it is neglected in your life.

If money is a pressing issue in our waking life (debt, unemployment, bad job) dreams of stealing or hoarding money can represent our literal anxiety. Dreams of insufficient money commonly reflect feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness.

28 Let him stole stop stealing: but rather let him be working hard, earning through working with [his] hands good things, that he may have something to give to those who lack.

A dream of stealing jewelry is a signal that extra caution is needed in regard to business affairs; to lose jewelry is an obstacle dream and the meaning depends on whether or not you recovered it.

Are you receiving them as a gift, finding them, or stealing them?
Saints or Sacred Figures - Saints and other sacred human figures in our dreams often appear as heralds of benevolence or as the morality police.

If you are bleeding is this a warning against confrontations with family and friends, or that someone is stealing your energy. If someone else is bleeding they can need help. To see bloodstains mean you can get problems with an enemy.

However, dreaming of stealing from people you know may reflect a perception that you feel their lives are better than yours, even though you do not perceive them as better people.

  Usually this means stealing someone's energy, putting someone down, or shaming them.  Although this behavior creates a temporary good or high feeling, it's not lasting and it's not authentic.

Lying, cheating, stealing, or intimidating others to get something done for good. It may also reflect priorities that are out of balance as you make a permanent choice.

To dream that you are a witness to a theft, indicates that others are wasting and stealing your time, energy, and ideas.
To see your thigh in your dream, symbolizes stamina and endurance. It refers to your ability to perform and do things.

Kissing is the start of passion for just about any age group. Whether it's young lovers stealing a kiss at the end of a date, or a married couple kissing tenderly on their 10th anniversary, a kiss is about love and passion and tenderness.

To dream that you are eating, giving, receiving, or stealing cookies signifies that you will let trivial problems and minor disputes annoy you. To dream that you are baking cookies, signifies feelings of optimism or an increase in productivity.

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Burglar-a sign of demonic activity surrounding your house and family intent on stealing your peace, Jn. 10:10
Burglarized-to have your property stolen or broken into during a dream is symbolic of a spiritual thief, Prov. 23:28 ...

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Suspicion - Do you fear someone stealing your heart?
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A vessel that holds lots of emotions and intuition ...

To see an attorney at the bar, denotes that disputes of a serious nature will arise between parties interested in worldly things. Enemies are stealing upon you with false claims.

Steal. A dream of stealing is a warning to be extra cautious in money or investment matters for the next few months, unless you were caught, which is a dream of contrary and signifies good luck.

Consider what thethief is attempting to take. It can symbolize development of a new stage of consciousness (stealing of the fruit from the Garden of Eden).
Freudian dream interpretation considered [.] ...

She's a glittery, non-caring woman, selfish. I come back. It's hard because I'm gliding against the wind. I finally make it work. She's stealing jewelry from my house. I want to kill her and prepare to do so.

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