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A Sticker in a dream can represent:
Is something in your life just not 'sticking'?
Are you not letting something go?
What kind of sticker is it?
Are you 'sticking to your guns' about something?

Bumper Sticker - To see a bumper sticker in your dream, represents a message that you are trying to convey to the world. You want your opinion to be heard. Consider the exact message on the bumper sticker.
Contact ...

Seeing stickers in your dream suggests your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. Also pay attention to what is depicted on the sticker; that may offer you a clue to what particular aspect of yourself you are not letting go of.

Bumper Sticker
To see a billboard in your dream, is a strong sign or message that you need to take note of in your path toward your goals. Consider what advice the bumper sticker is trying to convey to you.
Bungee Jumping ...

Sticker-on-Rear-Window Carjacking Scheme - Urban Legends
On the Road
Freedom CAR: Goodbye Gasoline, says DOE
Decide Upon the Life You Want to Live
Nashville Parking 101 ...

Aliens, Stickers And Dragons (Family Dream)
I was at this base that was located in the middle of no where. The sky was a yellowish color. My sister and two parent figures where with me. I do not know the identity of the parents. We where being ...

A badge or sticker in a dream may be an indication of group membership or the desire for group affiliation. Others can do it for pride, but also stand for "stigmatized".
Psychologically: ...

bolo, bowie, bowie knife, cold steel, cut, cutlery, cutter, dagger, dining utensils, dirk, edge tool, edge tools, flat silver, flatware, forks, gravity knife, hollow ware, impale, knives, lance, machete, naked steel, parang, pierce, pigsticker, ...

In my dream I had a white industrial strength sticker stuck to the left side of my face and when I took it off my eye was swollen and u could see blood under my skin.

Stickers bearing the word Gouranga or stating "Call out Gouranga and be happy!" have been appearing on bridges over motorways and railways in Scotland and the north of England. It has also appeared on ...
Including: ...

STICKER warning or clear message
STICKY-TAPE linked together
STING a stinging emotional situation
STING RAY a feeling of emotional hurt that is forming and building up in your mind ...

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