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Challenges, rough times, or turbulence in life or in relationships
Rage, anger, frustration, or other upset feelings
See also: tornado flood wind weather wave disaster thunder lightning landslide storm clouds hurricane hail sandstorm chaos ...

The storm approaching represents your feeling of anxiety. Your future seems vague to you right now, and all you know is that things are going to change - this is the storm. It throws things into disarray and chaos.

Symbol of emotional turbulence. A storm on the horizon represents a dreamer's awarenesses of an approaching conflict or challenge.

Storms - disturbance; change; spiritual warfare; judgment; sudden calamity or destruction; turbulent times; trial; opposition
White Storm - God's power; revival, outpouring of the Holy Spirit ...

In general: A dream is of a storm, this is an indication of an outburst. The dreamer may have the impression to be bombarded with events or emotions. The dream symbol can also stand for suppressed anger.

Dream interpretation - Storm
To see and hear a storm approaching, foretells continued sickness, unfavorable business, and separation from friends, which will cause added distress....

Storms in dreams represent issues that are worrying you in real life, and can be interpreted by how you react to them in the dream. If you take shelter from the storm, the problems in real life will soon pass.

Nature - Dream Dictionary
Negatively, a storm can represent unexpressed fears or seething emotions, especially anger or rage. Depression or turmoil or attack (take them by storm).

Storms and
Temptation To dream that you are surrounded by temptations, denotes that you will be involved in some trouble with an envious person who is trying to displace you in the confidence of friends.

Storm-representative of distresses in life, Ps. 107:28-29
Straight path-symbolic of ease in life, being led by God, Jer. 31:9 ...

storm difficulties ahead; feeling in a muddle with a group of people; strong emotions raging out of control; needing a trusted friend to help talk these feelings through; pay attention to this dream, ...

To see and hear a storm approaching, foretells continued sickness, unfavorable business, and separation from friends, which will cause added distress. If the storm passes, your affliction will not be so heavy.
See Hurricane and Rain.

To see a storm in your dream, signifies overwhelming struggle, shock, devastating loss and catastrophe in your personal affairs. The storm also represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc.

Dream dictionary definition for sandstormDreaming of a sandstorm indicates emotional turmoil.   You may be feeling trapped, chaotic or confused.  ...

rainstorm. Unrequited love, unfilled desires, striving for excitement.
road. Journey, new discoveries, or an important transition.
rocket. Male sexuality, ambition, aggression, or virility concerns.

Water Storms - Storms in dreams can represent a deterioration of the past experiences or relationships. Storms represent a bad situation that we are in emotionally.

Storms, or any interfering elements at a picnic, implies the temporary displacement of assured profit and pleasure in love or business.
See Kindred Words.
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Air indicates your state of mind so a storm indicates depression or conflict.
Sun ...

Stormy rains are always unfortunate.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
Dream Symbols ...

Disturbance. Sudden attack. Rage. There are some forces struggling within you.
Stranger ...

Stormy rains are always unfortunate.
To see a rainbow in a dream is prognostic of unusual happenings. Affairs will assume a more promising countenance, and crops will give promise of a plentiful yield.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Everything in our life is a reflection on us and this hold true in our dreams. The storm in your dreams may be a reflection of some difficulty in your life.

Storm - May represent conflict, either in a relationship or within yourself. Emotional downpour, letting out suppressed emotions, release of flustrations.

Stormy or windy weather implies conflict, aggression, or severe upsets. Rain and hail represents depression, sadness, or disappointments. Rainbows represent harmonization of some area of your life. Sunsine reflects optimism or mental clarity.

storm: Some difficulty in your life. (The ferocity will give a
clue to how much difficulty) Did it pass? Did it cause damage
or portend damage? How did you weather it?

A stormy lake predicts a failure which, if you refuse to let it depress you, will lead to an important benefit. To dream of a calm lake in good weather signifies smooth sailing on the sea of life. A moonlit lake augurs a happy love life.

*See Storm or Cyclones.
To see a temple in your dream, represents your spiritual thinking, meditation and growth. It is also symbolic of your physical body and the attention you give it.

To see a storm-swept orchard, brings an unwelcome guest, or duties.
Belonging to an orchestra and playing, foretells pleasant entertainments,
and your sweetheart will be faithful and cultivated.

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Kidnap Kidnapped
If the dreamer is the victim of kidnappers: The forces of our own fears and negative feelings are often presented as an external force or organised gang who victimise us.

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Stormy: Conflicting issues not resolved yet. Can also be signal that emotions are not balanced.
bomb - Unexploded: A fear of a negative future event. Exploded: Recognition that things or a situation has fallen apart.

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