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suffocation someone is invading your space and not giving you enough room to breathe; you feel watched and followed around; not enough freedom. Who is smothering you in the name of love?

Suffocation. A warning to see your Doctor is contained in a dream featuring suffocation.

Suffocation & Voices (Being Suffocated Dream)
I was sleeping and I awoke to hearing voices, but I wasn't hearing them through my ears, the voices were in my head...practically a conversation. I covered my ears and told myself to wake up. I thou...

Restriction. Anxiety. Looking to grow in the right direction.
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A dream of suffocation should first of all be taken as a warning and go to see the doctor for a... Continue dream interpretation - Suffocating"continue dream interpretation
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The suffocation is either do to internal forces or an external situation. The dreamer may experience great difficulties when it comes to free self expression.

Example: I had a breach birth and arrived blue with near suffocation. When I relived this experience in therapy I felt my body trapped, and I was struggling for my life. I was imprisoned in a woman's body, and it was killing me.

My last one I felt like if I didn't wake up I would die of suffocation because it was so hot and I couldn't get any air. When I finally woke up, it was really warm in my room.

Suffocating - A dream of suffocation could indicate that you are a victim of a particular kind of love that is so protective of you that you feel suffocated. This dream may be warning you to get out of an unhealthy relationship.

The suffocation that goes with this sense is said to induce panic as the sleeper feels impending doom. This is known as the "Hag Phenomena" and was very much associated with spirits and ghosts - of the evil kind - for centuries.

To dream that you are in jail, signifies your feelings of confinement and suffocation.
To dream that others are in jail, signifies your unsettled feeling to grant privileges to an unworthy person.

repeal, repudiation, rescinding, rescindment, rescission, retractation, retraction, reversal, revocation, revoke, revokement, rooting out, separate maintenance, separation, setting aside, silencing, snuffing out, stifling, strangulation, suffocation, ...

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Dreams  Suffocating  Sugar

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