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A surgical procedure can represent:
The idea of someone crossing your personal boundaries, with or without your permission (consider whether the surgery in the dream was with or without your permission).

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Dreaming of going through surgery suggests that you feel as if a few parts of your individuality, whether it is your lifestyle or ideals, are causing problems. If you are due for surgery, this dream may be an anxiety dream that reflects your concerns about the procedure.

Dreaming that you or someone else is undergoing surgery means the opening of the Self and/or the need for emotional healing. You need to "cut out" or eliminate something from your life. Alternatively, you are feeling the influence of some authority figure.

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Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
.Surgery in a dream represents the real limb which is operated on in one's dream.

Doctor's ~
Dreams of a doctor's ~ are about your state of mind and how it influences your health or healing.
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Quick Decode: Two faced; new outlooks; being stretched
Popular Expressions: Mutton dressed as lamb ...

Dream Interpretation/~ Dream
A month or so ago I had a dream that I was in some sort of contest or group activity. I can remember at the end of my dream my mom told me, "You are going to have open-heart ~.

~-symbolic of stripping your life of unwanted things
Surrounded-if you dream of being surrounded it can sym­bolize being hated and slandered by other people, Ps. 109:3
Swallow (bird) symbolic of blessing, peace, or finding the right place to live, Ps. 84:3 ...

~ cutting away a part of yourself; rejecting your faults and mistakes; remember that no one is perfect; those parts you are rejecting have positive and helpful characteristics too; health issues may be indicated; changing your body or face to suit another; fear of an operation; ...

Dreaming of ~ often coincides with periods of making tough changes to how you feel about yourself. You may know that you need to let go of something - although the process can be difficult for you.

A dream featuring ~ suggests that there is someone or something in your life that you can do without, or that you are overcoming emotional setbacks. The dream may also ..Read more →

~ - Cutting away unwanted or unhealthy aspects of your life.
Swan - Symbol of peace and serenity. If you were or saw a black swan or a dirty swan, your dream could be telling you that you view yourself as unattractive, that you are behind the crowd, or that you are in a period of discord.

Cosmetic ~
To dream that you are having cosmetic ~, suggests that you are rebuilding your self-esteem and trying to improve your self-image.

Undergoing ~ leaves one extremely vulnerable. To dream of being operated on signifies that the dreamer has a fear of being out of control and left unguarded. If the dreamer is doing the operating, it suggests he or she does not trust the process of life and has a need to be in control.

To get heart ~ represents a big change in the way you feel or care. A situation in your life that is making you more sympathetic, caring, or open to being loved. It may also reflect a permanent change in how you love someone.

~ To dream that you or someone else is undergoing ~ represents the opening of the self and the need for emotional healing. You need to eliminate something from your life that is not positive. This is also a very common dream for those who are facing ~ in real life.

*Please see also ~.
To dream of opium, foretells that strangers will obstruct your chances of improving your fortunes, by sly and seductive means.

Dream Symbols: son, ~, blood, cutting, beating up nurse.
Dream Symbols: dream is in black & white, hallway, shadows, skyscraper, door, shooting, dead, window, running, hospital, enemies, frozen, doctors, alley, car, death scream, red.

Example dream : A hospital ~ dream linked to the dreamer needing to get a job. She had an interview lined up but knew that they would ask personal questions.

Many people reported having dreams about hospitals and ~. This appears to be a relatively common dream setting. Most of us are in some need of healing. The healing may be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

If admitted to a hospital in a dream and you are not scheduled for ~ any time soon, identify where you are hurting. If a friend or a loved one died in waking life, a hospital may appear in your dream to reflect how 'sick' you feel.

If you are considering or awaiting transsexual ~, then the dream may represent your anxieties and fears about the ~, recovery, and life after ~. To see a transsexual in your dream, indicates that the masculine and feminine aspects of your Self have been damaged.

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To dream that you or someone else is undergoing ~, signifies the opening of the Self and/or the need for emotional... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Surgical Instruments
Dream interpretation - Surgical Instruments ...

Waterfall - a good dream; for patients awaiting ~ - ~ is successful.
Dream for bitches
Waterfall - restraint and prudence will help you in the implementation of the most ambitious plans.

To dream of having a face ~, represents the change in a social position or a certain situation.
To see a fleck or tumor on face, signifies that people are gossiping about you. You may suffer material losses.

see also: bright light ~ scissors shooting
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I had a weird reaccuring dream when I was little it was about this person in the ER having ~ and then this black shadow would appear and the person would die and I had this dream over and over again for weeks. I'm still trying to figure out what that dream meant. I don't have it anymore though.

If you have a dream about a surgeon or about ~, it can mean that you need to cut a negative influence out of your life.

Idioms: Get one's knife into someone; on a knife edge; under the knife ~; cut it out; cut the air with a knife. See: Arms; weapons.

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* Please, see meaning of scar, wound, body, doctor, ~.
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