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Dreaming about a surprise can mean you're preparing yourself for something you imagine might happen, or you're creating a "what if" situation just to try it out and see what it's like.
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Dreaming that you are pleasantly surprised indicates that you are opened in acknowledging and confronting your unconscious feelings. Dreaming that you are unpleasantly surprised, suggests fear of the unexpected and unknown. You are not wanting to face your feelings.
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surprise; a strange turn in affairs, independent of sleep; it's your time.
Combined Dream Book
That is ringing alarm clock - symbolizes that in the near future you will take part in fun events and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Surprised. Content. Amazed. In pain. Upset. Insecure.
Naked or Nude
Hen or Chicken ...

The excitement merely symbolised this surprise event the day before.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was very excited linked to her getting back together with her ex even though they had unresolved difficulties.

Weddings if Dreaming - To see bridegroom in a dream: shows early weddings in the circle of friends or relatives;
Dispute if Kissing - To dream about kissing bridegroom: means a little quarrel with partner;
Surprise if Arguing - To argue with bridegroom in a dream: you will be ...

Receiving happy surprises, means a multitude of high accomplishments. Working people will advance in their trades. Giving birthday presents, denotes small deferences, if given at a fe^te or reception..
Indian (Hindu), Hinduism Sivananda Saraswati ...

Receiving happy surprises, means a multitude of high accomplishments.
Working people will advance in their trades.
Giving birthday presents, denotes small deferences, if given at a fe^te or reception.

To hear a cry of surprise, you will receive aid from unexpected sources.
To hear the cries of wild beasts, denotes an accident of a serious nature.
To hear a cry for help from relatives, or friends, denotes that they are sick or in distress.

To hear a cry of surprise, you will receive aid from unexpected sources.
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Quick Decode: Surprises; consolidation; completion
Popular Expressions: Wrap things up; Part and parcel; Good things come in small packages
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"Why did her reply surprise you?"
"I don't know. I was annoyed at first but when I stopped and thought about it she was right. I do quit when it gets tough."
Tentatively I asked, "Did you quit when your son died?" ...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this tension is not at least a partial cause of all your bickering. I just got through telling another dreamer that only the people that we truly love can hurt us emotionally - if we didn't love them, we wouldn't care what they think! ...

He then told me that he had arranged for a surprise, that the biggest tallest billboard in all of New York I was going to be able to climb to the top of, and see the city from above. The guy I'm talking to in England was also flying in to meet us there as part of the surprise.

Don't be surprised if your unconscious comes up with god images from a more ancient tradition than the ones you were brought up with: the unconscious seems to have a memory that reaches back to humankind's remotest past, ...

Dreaming of ripe, juicy berries is a good omen, representing good luck, pleasant surprises, abundance, prosperity and new beginnings. If you dream that a person brings you berries, that person loves you and wants you to do well in life.

At first I was startled and shocked, surprised that there were more. Then I wondered where they could have come from. As I pondered this I abruptly realized that I must be dreaming! "Of course!" I said. That explains this. I jumped up and looked around. There were other people in this dream with me.

To dream of accomplishing any design by magic, indicates pleasant surprises. To see others practising this art, denotes profitable changes to all who have this dream.

Dreams of abandoning (surprise!) relate to feelings of related to responsibility, ranging from guilt to concern to disregard. A common dream for first time mothers, abanding their baby, reflects their motherly concerns for the safety of their child.

I was surprised at how it left me feeling perfectly energised and healthy, not at all draining or tiring. So I had another go with the woman. It was so good and easy. Again I felt completely at ease, no anxiety, no tiredness. So for the third time I held the woman and made love.

To dream that you are eating jam, signifies pleasant surprises and new discoveries. Consider also the pun, "caught in a jam" which mean that you may find yourself in a little problem. To dream that you are making jam, foretells of a happy home life.

I fee led that I was surprised. After that me and my mummy was sleeping the snake came and he was in standing pose at bottamside of my mummy watching me and he was laughing.Then, A lizard came I ran out it and it went in the garbage in which my mummy was preparing a green vegetable.

To dream of receiving birthday presents may mean happy surprises are coming, or advancement is in order. If you are in your childhood home in the dream, you may be receiving messages about events from your past at a particular age in your childhood that are causing you distress in your adult life.

Given that we are prepared to change, it is often we ourselves who are most surprised by the shift in awareness. We may become better able to deal with issues which have previously proved difficult, or find that inner conflict is more easily and efficiently handled.

If the dreamer is witnessing the landslide as it happens, then sudden and unexpected events, which he really should be prepared for, will take him totally by surprise. The dream is warning him to be prepared.

Someone throwing you a surprise birthday party may mean that you could use a little more positive attention or recognition from those around you, or that you've receive this recently.
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To see a fan in your dreams, denotes pleasant news and surprises are awaiting you in the near future.

To dream of eating jam, if pure, could denote pleasant surprises and journeys.
To dream of making jam, foretells to a woman a happy home and appreciative friends.
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To see or lick a lollipop in your dream, indicates surprises, new experiences and adventures. It also represents indulgence, sensuality and the pleasant aspects of life.

To dream of a committee, foretells that you will be surprised into doing some distasteful work. For one to wait on you, foretells some unfruitful labor will be assigned you.
To dream of seeing a wife or husband, signifies small anxieties and probable sickness.

To fall from one, you will be unexpectedly surprised while engaged
in deceiving and working injury to others.
To see any one with a scaldhead in your dreams, there will be uneasiness
felt over the sickness or absence of some one near to you.

If you dream of kindling a fire, you may expect many pleasant surprises. You will have distant friends to visit.
To see a large conflagration, interpret to sailors a profitable and safe voyage. To men of literary affairs, advancement and honors; to business people, unlimited success.
Firebrand ...

news receiving important information; a surprise bit of gossip; north, east, west, south; look in all directions; waiting for news from someone; believing what you read in the newspaper, or on the TV news. What news do you have to break to someone?

Alternatively, magic may represent manipulation or control of other people that defies belief. Power or influence that surprises you.
Magic may also reflect a big change in your bad fortune. You are surprised how wonderful or perfect something is after having a lot of bad luck.

To dream of seeing a newly born infant, denotes pleasant surprises are nearing you.
For a young woman to dream she has an infant, foretells she will be accused of indulgence in immoral pastime.
To see an infant swimming, portends a fortunate escape from some entanglement.

A feast symbolizes a pleasant surprise or sensuality. If you arrive too late you can be irritated.
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To dream of a feast, foretells that pleasant surprises are being planned for you. To see disorder or misconduct at a... Continue dream interpretation - Feast"continue dream interpretation
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To see or eat berries in your dream represents good luck, pleasant surprises, abundance and prosperity. Berries are also symbolic of sexual desires.
To see or eat unripe berries indicates that you have goal that will take a lot of hard work to accomplish.
Birthday Cake ...

Parcel: To dream of a parcel being delivered to you, denotes that youwill be pleasantly surprised by the return of some absent one,or be cared for in a worldly way.
If you carry a parcel, you will have some unpleasant task to perform.

Tray To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly wasted, and surprises of unpleasant nature will shock you. If the trays seem to be filled with valuables, surprises will come in the shape of good fortune.

Unexpected blow. Great surprise and agitation. Need for awareness and awakening.
Destroying aspects of self. There is a deep wound within yourself.

Freud was a great advocate of the bisexuality of all persons. It was no surprise to him when he studied dreams in which romantic content existed that was contrary to the dreamer's usual sexual preference. Many times, this romance is a form of "mirroring." ...

Although all passengers were taken by surprise, and even though I changed seats just then, I felt secure because of the seat belt I was wearing. It felt like the pilot was in control of the flight anyway, and that the plane was meant to fly upside down on the way to the country of its destination.

You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by a long overdue payment or repayment if you dreamed of finding a purse, but if you lost one, it signifies disillusionment with a friend or lover.
Puzzle. An obstacle dream, and its meaning will relate to whether (or how easily) you solved it.

When I opened the door, I stood there ready for them. They were surprised that I would dare to open the door for up until that point, they were trying to break the door down to get me. With knives in their hands to kill me, for the coins that I possessed, but I would face them.

Gathering olives with friends foretells favorable results in business and delightful surprises.
Seeing quantities of onions in your dreams, represents the amount of spite and envy that you will meet, by being successful.

To see a vault for valuables, signifies your fortune will surprise many, as your circumstances will appear to be meagre. To see the doors of a vault open, implies loss and treachery of people whom you trust.
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The symbolic meaning of seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises.
The seahorse is quite a unique creature, and thought to have mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European (alchemists) and Asians.

Dreams can often help us cope with fears and worries. It is no surprise then that many of our dreams are about accidents, injuries or loss. Here are what those dreams mean.

Christmas-Gift: Season of rejoicing; spiritual gifts; a surprise; good will; benevolence; commercialism.
(Luke 11:13, 1 Corinthians 14:1, John 4:24, Mark 7:7)

Psalms 35:8 "Let destruction come upon him by surprise; and let his net that he has hidden catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall." (GMR) ...

To dream that you are in a village, denotes that you will enjoy good health and find yourself fortunately provided for.
To revisit the village home of your youth, denotes that you will have pleasant surprises in store and favorable news from absent friends.

To dream that you are in a labyrinth of green vines and timber implies that you will receive a pleasurable surprise when you were expecting to experience obstacles.
To dream that you are in a labyrinth of night or darkness indicates upcoming illnesses and problems.

If you dream of a gold cross, you may believe that people are gossiping about you. If you dream about a wooden cross, you may have been surprised about something.
Crossing ...

Being naked in a dream could indicate feelings of emotional vulnerability or fears of exposure. A clue to the meaning of nudity in your dream is any emotion attached to it. Did you feel excited, embarrassed, surprised, carefree, or some other emotion?

Babytop list
Birth (If Married) Predicts happiness and good fortune. Birth (If Single) Trouble in a relationship. Crying; Disappointment. Happy baby; Happiness in relationships. Carriage; Pleasant surprises forthcoming ...

You should immediately ask of yourself, what traits do I like, and what traits do I dislike in the characters I dream about? Then look for those traits in yourself. You may be very surprised to find a match up! ...

The character presenting the gift should also be considered as to how their characteristics pertain to you. Unwrapping a package is a message about opening to the surprise element of life, or exploring your untapped potential.

Purse If you dreamed of finding a purse, you will be pleasantly surprised when someone repays a debt to you. If you lost a purse in your dream, this signifies disappointment with a friend or lover.

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