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Swan Meaning and Swan Symbolism
Our first symbolic clues from the swan can be taken from observing them in nature. They are waterfowl, closely connected with water, even nesting near the water.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing white swans floating upon placid waters, foretells prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences.

Grace, and a connection with your own inner beauty. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

The swan in dreams represents beauty and goodness and suggests the dreamer is satisfied in their personal life.

To dream of seeing white swans floating upon placid waters, foretells prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences.
To see a black swan, denotes illicit pleasure, if near clear water.

Swan - See bird
Swimming pool - Spirituality is restricted (more); Diving into: get into life;
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Association: Marriage, purity, youth, love, romance. Question: Where the relationship i am in is going to? General Meanings: In General swan is related to symbolism that is related to marriage.

To dream of seeing a swan denotes prosperous outlook and delightful experiences.
Swimming ...

A swan symbolizes dignity, grace and beauty.
Swans represent the soul in mythology.

To see a white swan in your dream, symbolizes grace, purity, beauty, dignity, wealth and prestige. It foretells you will be surrounded by prosperous circumstances.
To see a black swan in your dream signifies illicit pleasure and hypocrisy.

To see a swan in a lake or pond, is a good omen, signalling a future of prestige and wealth. Swans are symbolic of grace, beauty, and dignity.

A dream with a swan suggests that you are focusing on prosperity, abundance, beauty, and balance. It may also imply that someone is mistreating you or that you are focusing ..Read more →

Swan - Symbol of peace and serenity. If you were or saw a black swan or a dirty swan, your dream could be telling you that you view yourself as unattractive, that you are behind the crowd, or that you are in a period of discord.

Swan : transformation, as in from "ugly duckling" into a beautiful swan. Also symbolizes loyalty and fidelity.

Sunrise the awakening of new forces Cayce (900-37) Swan peace and serenity Cayce (262-8). Swim 1. submerged in or attuned to universal forces Cayce (136-54, A-4). 2.

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Swan - great success.
Tarot Card - mysterious occurrence awaits.
Tea - a happy older life, good fortune from afar.

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Swan: Dignity and beauty. Legend has it that the song of a pair of swans could heal the sick. There is also the metaphor, "Swan song", signifying one's last act before the end of something.
Vulture: Waiting for something or someone to die.

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Leda in Greek mythology, wife of the King of Sparta; mother of Helen; Zeus loved her and visited her as a swan. Who's the mother of a beautiful woman and the lover of a god?

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