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Swan Meaning and Swan Symbolism
Our first symbolic clues from the swan can be taken from observing them in nature. They are waterfowl, closely connected with water, even nesting near the water.
Water is symbolic of: Fluidity, Intuition, Dreaming, Emotions, Creativity.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing white swans floating upon placid waters, foretells prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences.

Luck if see the swan in a pond - to dream of the swan that is swimming in the pond promises fortune in love, new relationships, richness, long life, healthy lifestyle and it is also very good sign for those who are making new deals in professional life; ...

Grace, and a connection with your own inner beauty. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

To dream of a swan suggests that there is a big focus in your life on enjoying the company of others. If the swan is floating on still waters such as a lake, this shows that you are feeling full of positive experiences, and that material attainment is not far away.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of seeing white swans floating upon placid waters, foretells prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences. To see a black ~, denotes illicit pleasure, if near clear water.

To dream of seeing white swans floating upon placid waters, foretells prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences.
To see a black ~, denotes illicit pleasure, if near clear water.

~ - See bird
Swimming pool - Spirituality is restricted (more); Diving into: get into life;
A-Z Dream Dictionary ...

To dream of seeing a ~ denotes prosperous outlook and delightful experiences.
Swimming ...

A ~ symbolizes dignity, grace and beauty.
Swans represent the soul in mythology.

To see a white ~ in your dream, symbolizes grace, purity, beauty, dignity, wealth and prestige. It foretells you will be surrounded by prosperous circumstances.
To see a black ~ in your dream signifies illicit pleasure and hypocrisy.

To see a ~ in a lake or pond, is a good omen, signalling a future of prestige and wealth. Swans are symbolic of grace, beauty, and dignity.
To see the swastika in your dream, symbolizes hatred, evil, cruelty, and destruction. It is commonly associated with the Nazis.

A dream with a ~ suggests that you are focusing on prosperity, abundance, beauty, and balance. It may also imply that someone is mistreating you or that you are focusing ..Read more →

~ - Symbol of peace and serenity. If you were or saw a black ~ or a dirty ~, your dream could be telling you that you view yourself as unattractive, that you are behind the crowd, or that you are in a period of discord.

~ : transformation, as in from "ugly duckling" into a beautiful ~. Also symbolizes loyalty and fidelity.
Turkey : Is any American unfamiliar with the symbology of "Turkey Day?" Also referred to as a metaphor often used to describe something as being silly, or an embarrassing failure or dud.

Sunrise the awakening of new forces Cayce (900-37) ~ peace and serenity Cayce (262-8). Swim 1. submerged in or attuned to universal forces Cayce (136-54, A-4). 2. making headway in some endeavor Cayce (900-79, A-9). Sword 1.

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~ - great success.
Tarot Card - mysterious occurrence awaits.
Tea - a happy older life, good fortune from afar.
Teeth - to dream of teeth falling out indicates that one is having difficulty making oneself heard, in the figurative sense.

kittiwake, kiwi, kookaburra, lammergeier, lapwing, lark, laughing jackass, linnet, loon, macaw, mallard, marabou, martin, mash, mavis, medley, melange, merganser, merl, mess, mew, mingle-mangle, miscellany, miser, mishmash, mix, mixed bag, mockingbird, moulin a paroles, mud hen, murre, mute ~, ...

Goose and ~ is often interchanged in symbolism. In the Celtic epic is a symbol of war and military attribute of gods. The Chinese wild goose - it's heavenly bird, yang, courage, light, excitement, speed, bird-messenger bringing good network, marital happiness, fall.

~: Dignity and beauty. Legend has it that the song of a pair of swans could heal the sick. There is also the metaphor, "~ song", signifying one's last act before the end of something.
Vulture: Waiting for something or someone to die.

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See also related symbols: ~, Raft, Sky, Ribbon, Spirit or Specter, Ice
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Leda in Greek mythology, wife of the King of Sparta; mother of Helen; Zeus loved her and visited her as a ~. Who's the mother of a beautiful woman and the lover of a god?
ledge out on the edge; risky business where one wrong move means you could take a tumble. Where are you on the edge?

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