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Sweet Taste
Dream Dictionary
To dream of any kind of a sweet taste in your mouth, denotes you will be praised for your pleasing conversation and calm demeanor in a time of commotion and distress.

Childhood pleasures, rewards or punishments. So sweets may relate to something you want desperately or hunger for in a childlike way. They often hold a lot of memories of the past.

Sweets in a dream can represent:
'Sweetness of life'
Honoring oneself ...

Dream Interpretation/sweet dreams
Can a dream tell me if somebody I know will contact me or that I'll see him again? What are the signs to look for in the dream?

In general: Candy is promised by the information in the old dream books love happiness, a box of chocolates professional reputation and success.

Related to earth & water, it mitigates pitta and vata, producing greater strength in the tissues and of value to the aged, wounded, emaciated and children.

To see or eat sweets in you dream, represents forbidden pleasure. Alternatively, it may symbolize your rewards.
Tea ...

Seeing or eat sweets in you dream represents indulgence, sensuality, and some forbidden pleasure. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure. Alternatively, it may symbolize your rewards.

To dream that your sweetheart is affable and of pleasing physique, foretells that you will woo a woman who will prove a joy to your pride and will bring you a good inheritance.

Ex-lovers, ex-fiancÚs, ex-spouses, ex-crushes and ex-sweethearts often appear in dreams if a relationship ended abruptly, without emotional closure. Do you still wonder if it could have worked out differently?

SweetsSweets represent just that - the sweet. They can represent affection or experiences that we find precious and valued.

Sweet Love Or Tempatation (Relationships Dream)
I am riding bikes on a Highway in Paris with my ex-boyfriend, we approached a hill and I struggled to get up it, but made it. When we got to the top, we walked our bikes through a tunnel and he kissed...

Sweetness. Pleasure. Indulgence. Happy future.
End. Self-destruction. A need to let some things go.

Sweets can represent sensual or sexual pleasure. Joys or special treats in life and sometimes a lover. They can represent indulgence, or forbidden pleasure; Goals or ambitions of various kinds.

Sweet dreams!
I dreamt that some guys came in our house. There was only me my mom and my little sister. They got us and I got the cell phone and ran to the back of the house.

Sweet experiences and good health are in your subconscious and most likely in your life.
Horse ...

A sweet nature, unassuming. Messy. Gluttony Stinky or undesirable. Think about what usually comes to mind when you think of pigs. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

For sweethearts to dream of oaks, interpret that they will soon begin life together under favorable circumstances.
Oar ...

These sweet potatoes in your dream can be a health warning; you may want to watch your diet and get a medical checkup.
Dream Decoding 101 ...

Full, sweet, cherry lips, indicates harmony and affluence.
To a lover, it augurs reciprocation in love, and fidelity.
Thin lips, signifies mastery of the most intricate subjects.
Sore, or swollen lips, denotes privations and unhealthful desires.

To hear sweet and voluptuous harmony from a piano, signals success and health. If discordant music is being played, you will have many exasperating matters to consider. Sad and plaintive music, foretells sorrowful tidings.

date sweet and foreign; a special time for you; out-of-date; up-to-date. What else happened on this date?
daughter waking life daughter; offspring; caring; female line; the younger feminine part of yourself. How is your daughter like you?

To dream of sweet cakes, is gain for the laboring and a favorable opportunity for the enterprising. Those in love will prosper.

Tasting the "sweet nectar" or the good things in life. Endurance. Also, based on the way that hummingbirds can hover in one place, hummingbird can mean you're actually making progress even when it seems you're stuck, ...

To hear the sad sweet strains of a harp, denotes the sad ending to what seems a pleasing and profitable enterprise. To see a broken harp, betokens illness, or broken troth between lovers.

You will meet a sweet, motherly woman to whom you may go for comfort and advice if you dream of putting... Continue dream interpretation - Sachet"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Saddle ...

Honey - The sweet taste of honey is like the sweet taste of success. As a symbol, honey also means too much sweetness. A dreamer who experiences this symbol might need to be less vulnerable and more hones in communication with others.

Honeytop list
Sweet experiences and good health are in your subconscious and most likely in your life.

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To smell sweet aromas in your dream, foretells that you will have joyous pleasure or will soon receive a gift.

CHEESE sweet dreams? / corny
CHEETAH always being the same deep down - never changing its spots
CHEETAH cheating at something
CHELSEA I am better than you!
CHELSEA newly found wealth
CHEMICAL thinking over how someone has reacted to you ...

To see brood mares, could denote congeniality and absence of jealousy between the married and sweethearts.
To ride a horse to ford a stream, you will soon experience some good fortune and will enjoy rich pleasures.

wall, stop, stop up, stoppage, stopper, stopple, strait, straits, strangle, strangulate, strangulation, stress, strike root, stuff, stuff up, suffocate, supercharge, supersaturate, surcharge, surfeit, suspension, swamp, swarm, swarm with, sweet, ...

His sweetheart will covet other gifts than his own. To dream of an anonymous letter, denotes that you will receive injury from an unsuspected source. To write one, foretells that you will be jealous of a rival, whom you admit to be your superior.

Consider how it my be a metaphor for your sweetheart or loved one.
To see a peacock in your dream, represents spring, birth, and new growth. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, much success and contentment with your career.

Negro: To dream of seeing a negro standing on your green lawn, is a signthat while your immediate future seems filled with prosperityand sweetest joys, there will creep into it unavoidable discord, ...

I dreamed of hunks of cheesecake and mountains of cookies and slabs of bittersweet chocolate. But the worst time, the time I dreamed about food every night for a year and a half, was when I was anorexic, eighteen years ago.

Meadowseet Flower: Among other floral essences, Meadowsweet was used to create the beautiful Blodeuwedd. A good look at this flower, and it's a no-brainer to see why.

Orchard Dreaming of passing through leaving and blossoming orchards with your sweetheart, omens a delightful consummation of a long courtship.

To dream of this sweet songster, denotes unexpected pleasures. For the young to dream of possessing a beautiful canary, denotes high class honors and a successful passage through the literary world, or a happy termination of love's young dream.

Dream dictionary definition for hummingbird: Dreaming of a hummingbird can represent the sweet pleasures of life, or the nectar of life.

A sweet, clean baby, predicts a satisfied love and a host of good friends. To see a baby walking alone, foretells independence, and the will to rise above smaller spirits.

If you dream of tasting something sweet, then you can take heart - life will be sweet.

If the cake is very sweet, you may be coming into some money. If you dream of sharing the cheesecake with someone else, you might feel that person is getting attention or even material things that you deserve.

Roses are associated with affection and the expression of love; pansies, temporary but intense relationship; sweet pea, children or the desire to have children; carnation, a pensive, reflective state of mind; chrysanthemum, a gala affair; orchid, ...

To dream that you have wings, indicates your sweet, angelic quality. You may be in need of some protection from life's stresses and problems. Or you may be trying to escape from a difficult situation.

Cherry - To see cherries in your dream, symbolize honesty and truthfulness or sweetness and good fortune. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that "life is like a bowl of cherries".

As with most natural products this popular fruit is generally a good omen, but the interpretation depends greatly on details. If the apples were ripe and sweet (or cooked and sweet), they are a promise of well-earned rewards.

To be called a Yankee in your dreams mean your sweetheart could be less then true. To call someone else a Yankee portends that your plans will go forward as you wished. To see Yankees visiting your city shows much happiness and possible gains.

Honey represents pleasure and sweetness.
To dream of eating honey can be to recognize that we need to give ourselves pleasure.
Equally, dreaming of honey can indicate the very essence of our feelings.

I had a dream last night where I am sitting in a first class with one of my best friends and the flight attendant brings us things to eat, like chocolates and other sweets..

Honey can mean good deeds. If you think honey is too sweet it is someone who does not show you how he/she really are.
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dream interpretation
meaning of dream
It may symbolize the sweet and pleasurable parts of life. The dream may be interpreted according to your interaction with the cake in the dream.

To dream of fragrant and blossoming roses denotes that joyful occasions are very near and you will get to your sweetheart.
To dream that you are in a rowboat denotes that you will derive pleasure from the company of social friends.

Aroma - Recalling joyous memories and pleasant experiences. Sweet smell of success.
Arrested - loss of freedom, stagnacted.
Artic - frozen emotions. Inflexable in your attitudes.

For specific tastes lookup Sour, Sweet, Salty, or Spicy. TOP
Tattoos ...

" Otherwise, it is a sweet and comforting dream symbol. Hunger To dream about being hungry means you feel unappreciated for something. It can also mean you're not getting what you need from an important real life relationship.

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