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Self expression; vulnerability; the link between thoughts and feelings. It is also a very special part of the body, very vulnerable for several reason, so depicts that, but it is also the area connected with speech.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing a well-developed and graceful throat, portends a rise in position. If you feel that your throat is sore, you will be deceived in your estimation of a friend, and will have anxiety over the discovery.

Throat Dreams
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The throat is one of the most vulnerable areas of your body, so if you have a dream about a throat it can mean that you are feeling vulnerable, or that you are aware of someone else's vulnerability.

A person's neck or throat can represent:
Their voice, personal expression, expression of opinions, etc.
Vulnerability, as the neck is one vulnerable area of the body
Sensuality or sensitivity ...

To see your throat in a dream represents your talents at relaying your beliefs to others.

Throats in dreams are frequent metaphors for communication. A slit throat in a dream symbolizes someone you feel has been silenced or ignored in waking life; they can't talk.

If you dreamed of the throat of someone of the opposite sex, it is a suggestion to be more meticulous about your personal grooming; if you dreamed of having a sore throat, you may want to see a doctor.

To dream that you have a sore throat, suggests that you are having problems saying what you really think. You may feel threatened when you express yourself. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you that you need to swallow your pride.

Throat Chakra Mandala Facilitates:
Higher communication, proper judgment, ideal resolutions, release of temerity, augment self-expression. See also this blogpost: Vishudha and Blue Jay Messages.

Throat - Perhaps it symbolizes some part of you that needs to be expressed.

Seeing your throat in your dream symbolizes the ability to express yourself and communicate your thoughts/ideas. Dreaming that you have a sore throat, suggests that you are having problems saying what you really think.

Throat - vulnerability, a need for self-expression
Thumb - power
Tongue - a wish to share knowledge ...

To dream of your throat in your dream represents expression or the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas openly.

It shows considerable powers of imagination and signifies a successful venture.
Tongue ...

Slit Throat (Death Dream)
So i was home with my mother and little sister . it was a normal day except i had a vision or a dream i was going to be murdered. im not sure what it was but somehow i was aware i was going to be kille...[More of this dream] ...

neck or throat: Connection between body and mind. "Up to your neck in something" means to be in trouble but still okay. The throat is quite vulnerable.
nose: Instinctive knowledge, intuition, curiosity.

Meaning: Spirituality, religion, art, culture, philosophy, attitude to life itself.
Dark blue (blue + black): Negative philosophy of life. e.g. superstition or fearful form of religion.

If focus is upon its throat: possible health related to throat problem.
God - Pay attention to details and meanings about yourself and your spiritual progress in life.

THROAT things said
THRONE extreme confidence in your own views
THROW send out some feeling or signal
THROW unsettle you
THRUST being strong and decisive
THUMB being under the thumb
THUNDER sudden change - possibly in beliefs and ideas ...

Taurus - the sign that is affected by the throat. The colors of this sign are pink and blue, the special stone is emerald. Suggestion for Taurus - do not be too greedy and be more forgiving to others.

brown, brown off, brute, bucko, budmash, buffoon, bug, bugger, bully, bullyboy, bullyrag, bum, bummer, burn up, cacodemon, caitiff, chap, chivy, coddle, compositor, con artist, con man, confidence man, confoundedly, cook, crone, curry, cutthroat, ...

The throat concerns things that you need to say to someone. The throat is where your voice box is.

And I was getting a cold and sore throat. I look up shoe and the definition 'keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground' felt right. It was clear that I needed to stay grounded that week.

Vishuddha (or Vishuddhi) is the throat chakra. Words are, literally, "shaped currents of air" (the heart element); thus, "the word become flesh" is found as the opened heart.

Riding School, Surgical Instruments, Hyacinth, Shrew, Clock, Chalice, Clarionet, Confectionary, Revolver, Waiter, December, Morgue, Riot, Ramrod, Exchange, Usurer, Snuff, Hissing, Slighted, Inscription, Mausoleum, Chilblain, Despair, Sleigh, Throat, ...

To dream that you have a sore throat or have throat problems, signifies that you will be deceived by one of your friends, and will cause you anxiety and troubles.
To see a nice and graceful throat, foretells a rise in social position.
Toes ...

Is someone trying to stuff something down your throat? You may be trying to cut off the expression of emotions, especially anger or sadness (all choked up).

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To dream that you fail to receive a dowry, signifies that you will have to work extremely hard in life and put up with the cutthroat business world or you may see yourself living in poverty.
Drafted ...

Blockage - Blockage, of any kind, within your dreams can signify repressed expressions or feelings, and exhausted energy flow. If you dream of a blockage in your throat, ...

Dreaming of a shark might represent you in life and all the same qualities that you possess with it like, vicious, attacking or a cut throat business person.

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For example a hands-on healer with a throat problem dreamed of being given a gold neck chain. In ways like this, a hands-on healer symbolically uses their gift to heal themselves in their dreams.

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It bothered me thinking about how he could breathe with the snake's tail extending down his throat into his stomach. The snake noticed me and expecting attention, came over to where I was standing.

He was not hurt. He left the room. I followed him, opened the door leading to the stairs, and found him gagging his nose ( lik e people to to their throats if they want to vomit) and bleeding all over the tan rug.

The throath chakra radiates a blue light and represents strength, balance, power and inner peace.
The brow chakra, also referred to as the third eye is represented by a green light and symbolizes psychic ability, intuition and mutual understanding.

See also: Pink, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Orange GENERAL MEANINGS OF COLORS Blue = Physical healing particularly of throat, fevers, and infections. Green = Growth, expansion and healing of those areas in association with growth, expansion, abundance.

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