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A penalty ticket, such as a parking or traffic ticket, might represent a fear or feeling of being penalized somehow in your life.
See also: getting caught by the police
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Ticket is a symbol of traveling, a gateway to new places and adventures. We develop and urge to travel upon the sight if a ticket and we make new plans. Thus when we dream of tickets it shows our strength and energy we have used to come to such a point in life and also the achievements we have had.

A dream that involves a ticket may indicate that the dreamer is about to embark on a new enterprise. Your buying of the ticket signifies your committing to following a dream or working toward a goal.

i had threw a party and i lost the ticket!! i searched the house up and down and inside and out for it with no success..i remember hiding it in a hockey stick..*shakes head* lol but when i went back to it, it was gone..it felt so real.. i was so upset..and then i woke up after kicking everyone out .

Popular Expressions: Just the ticket; That’s the ticket; to have tickets on yourself
Possible Meanings: ...

~-if you dream of being written a ~ by a police of­ficer it is symbolic of a godly warning before you suffer further consequences for your behavior
Tidal wave-symbolic of impending disaster, 2 Sam. 22:5
Tie-a neck-tie symbolizes keeping a neat and professional appearance ...

~ permission to enter; a way to get in; overstaying your time; be sure you have your ~ with you. What is 'just the ~' for you?

To see a ~ in your dream, signifies the start of a new endeavour. You have decided on your path and goals in life. To dream that you lose a ~, denotes confusion and ambiguity in the direction of your life.

To see a ~ in your dream represents a means of admission to a new experience or goal. An opportunity to experience something or the start of a new endeavor. A ~ may also reflect the price you need to pay to attain your goals.

A dream with a ~ represents the monetary value of something such as your efforts. The dream may suggest that you are setting yourself goals, you are looking for new experiences or ..Read more →
TIME ...

A ~ indicates a karmic debt to be paid. If the ~ is already paid for in your dream you are being asked to realise that your karma is paid already.

Passport- ~ to freedom.
Pastries - Too much of a good thing. Over-indulgence.
Path- Your direction in life; are you taking a path created by someone else or taking a path never taking before, your true path?

Entrance ~
Association: Granted access. Question: What new experience or new target do I strive for?
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angle, straight arch, straight arrow, straight chain, straight chair, straight face, straight flush, straight flute, straight leg raise, straight line, straight man, straight off, straight person, straight pin, straight poker, straight razor, straight shooter, straight sinus, straight ~, ...

Example dream : A dream where a train driver says that the dreamer has bought a ~ by mistake was linked to her diet. She had just employed a dietician to keep her on tracks with her diet because she knew she wouldn't stay on tracks by herself.

In the dream I booked and bought two airplane ~s one to Cape Town in South Africa and another to a town in Zimbabwe. I live in Zambia. Both ~s were for the same day of travel. Then I found myself at the airport waiting to check in for the plane to Zimbabwe.

Vouchers are essentially ~s that offer surface level bargains but are actually marketing strategies that lead to greater sales for businesses. As such, to dream of being given a voucher means the dreamer should be wary of being duped in a scam.

Idioms: Be hot on; hot and bothered; hot blooded; hot headed; hot stuff; in hot water; in the hot seat; make it hot for someone; hot air; a hot hand; a hot number; a hot ~; a hot topic; drop him like a hot potato; got the hots for; hot and bothered; hot goods; hot off the press; ...

Within 71 days you'll be lucky in game and financial transactions can make big bets in the casino and buy lottery ~s. If you want to buy an apartment or a car, then priurochte purchase by this time to have not lost.

Throw Thrush Thumb Thump Thunder Tiara ~ Tickle Tide Tie Tied Tiger Tiles Till Timber Time Timetable Tin Tins Tire chains Tired Tires Toad Tobacco Tocsin Toddy Toilet Toll money Tomato Tomb Tombstone ...

When traveling is not easy in the dream (you are running late, you miss a plane, you forget your ~), it reflects your concern that you may never achieve your goal (reach that destination) in waking life.

Virtually everyone has days when selling your possessions and buying a one-way plane ~ somewhere sounds mighty good. However, quitting is rarely about quitting altogether, but rather not wanting to continue under the current circumstances. Quitting is often elective as well.

If you dream of winning the lottery, you may be feeling very optimistic about something in your waking life. If you have a lottery ~ but don't win, you may have unrealistic hopes or you may be worried that some of your friends may be false.
Luggage ...

If you are walking down the street in your dream and everyone is smiling at you, and you see the number 1 on signs and in windows, it's a sign that you feel like #1. If you get a ~ at a deli counter and it's #1, you're next! It's a sign of doing well, of success.

Lottery. Family troubles are forecast in any dream concerning a lottery or lottery ~s.

that i would have to take a number and wait i run to see how my son was doing and he was fine but i was still freaking out so i run back to the nurse and started yelling for a doctor but then the looked at me and nurse told me that my number had been called and that i would have to get a new ~ ...

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