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Time Riddles
Timing and time riddles can be a difficult element of dream interpretation. Since dreams occur in a fantasy-like mindset, there are few controls on how time is perceived.

time passing
The passage of time, or a series of events, can represent time passing or a series of events in real life.

A dream about time reflects concerns about dealing with anxiety and apprehension.
To dream that there isn't enough time symbolizes worry and concern. It could literally mean that you are facing a deadline to get something completed.

This time round, it's really strange. It's as if the paralysed self is separated from the false awakening self which consciousness is attached.

Time Travel
Dreaming of time travel is representative of our journey through life. If you traveled back into the past, you need to heal old wounds or get yourself together before you can achieve what you want in your current life.

Time of Day
The passage of time in our life; our age; our sense of ease or pressure. There are certain times of day that we have deeply ingrained habitual responses to - such as morning coffee is […]...More
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This is another one of those words that you must consider with the entire dream in mind. If time is of the essence and you are rushed or late this could be a warning not to be caught late for an important appointment.

Time - If time is going by quickly in your dream, it may be paralleling your feelings in waking life of being rushed or not having enough time. Your dream setting may be historical, and if so, maybe it represents your attitudes toward something.

The setting and hour of a dream provides details about how you are currently feeling and interacting in life. Something occurring in daytime suggests ideas already in consciousness.

To dream about time, indicates your fears of not being able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. To dream that you do not have enough time, signifies stress, anxiety and fear.

A dream featuring the time going by could suggest that you need to be more resourceful or you are facing time constraint in some part of your waking life. If you are ..Read more →

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The end result is a striking and remarkable marriage of symbolism and beauty.

Time is a human concept used to compartmentalize the rational world. However, our subconscious needs no such boundaries and can play with time in all kinds of creative ways.

Time. Limitation. Ready to discover what emotional field surrounds you.
Cleansing. Life. Emotions. Ask yourself about your current feelings.

Time travel dreams to historical events can reflect a need for discovery and exploration.

Time Travel
To dream about time travel, indicates your wish to escape from your present reality. You want to go back into the past or jump forward to the future to a period where your hopes are realized.

Time and time again we will be called to stand in the fire so that we might be purified and made as gold for the Lord. Often the Lord has said to me personally, 'Do you want all I have for you?

Was time important yesterday? Did you need to do something? In what ways did you think it was the 'right time' yesterday? Is it 'time for a change?' Is something scheduled to happen tomorrow?

The time period an individual is asleep. This period is controlled by the circadian clock and by the homeostatic sleep propensity.
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Make Time to RelaxIf you have too many things to do during the day and simply cannot reduce your schedule, but cannot shake the dreams of falling, consider spreading your workload.

It's time to look through what is going on in your life and make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to live.
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after time, ahead of time, anachronistic, ancient, antedated, arrested, asleep, asleep in Jesus, at rest, back, backward, beforehand, behind, behind time, behindhand, belated, belatedly, bereft of life, blocked, breathless, bygone, called home, ...

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At any time of year, but especially in springtime, a dream of daffodils is an augury of hope, no matter what... Continue dream interpretation - Daffodil"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Dagger ...

Easter time or some aspect of Easter or spring
Anticipating or remembering an Easter-related occasion
Dying or decorating Easter eggs can represent embellishment, self-expression, or preparing for a celebration or special occasion.

By the time I returned with the flight attendant we were running desperately late and would have to dash to catch the airplane. "Where's Mom?" I asked. "I don't know," replied Jane. "She's gone shopping but I have no idea where she is now.

dad time to phone him; a message from him; someone reminds you of him, but you hadn't noticed before. How are you similar to your dad, or your boss?

At this time, I do not know what the good or positive meaning of pink would be. I hope you will remember that I am also a student of the faith and yet have much to learn from the good Father, who is God.
Meaning of the Color Red in Dreams ...

At that time the pastor who showed the film opened the front door to the building and an elephant came inside. The elephant had about half of it's skin missing. The rest of it's body was pink and covered with yellow blisters.

Make time to work on your dreams. Dream interpretation takes time and effort—and none of your investment is wasted.

The next time you dream remember a dream symbol feel free to apply it to our dream dictionary above. Pay attention to the colours, animals, emotions, and people in your dreams.

Autumn-time to work, Prov. 20:4
Avatar-symbolic of being controlled by someone or attempting to use other people ...

For a long time, people believed that comets foretold bad luck.
If you dream that you are a member of a committee, you could be making plans for your future in waking life.

At another time he hears in his dream a familiar voice cry out in agony. Soon he hears of a shocking accident or distressing illness befalling the one whose voice he recognized in the dream.[2] ...

A symbol for time passing. If you dream of watching a clock ticking, with the hands moving steadily, this is a warning that you need to stop wasting time. Winding a clock or watch indicates that you are taking control of the situation.

Judge. A time of trials, troubles, and thankless tasks is forecast in a dream which features a judge, being a judge, or being judged. However, you can console yourself with the assurance that the troubles will be temporary.

Transition; a time in your life when things are moving or changing; a temporary situation; a feeling of not belonging, possibly of being uprooted, diminished feelings of security.

a time in life of especially needing guidance Cayce (900-232, A-1). Stripes something subject to change (i.e., as opposed to solid color that shows a consistency) Cayce (137-61). Suitcase 1.

fork in the road
Time to make a decision about life direction or other choice.
A situation or personality that requires caution because of possible trickery, deceit.

12 - represents time and may mark the most important cycles in life
Also see:
Bible number meanings.

Time element. Allotted time.Check conditions surrounding the clock and the appearance of the clock.It is talking to you about time, a cycle, age or duration of something. Carl Jung called all circular images a "mandala.

The unconscious.
A time of transformation or transition.
The Freudian interpretation says it's a phallic symbol that represents how you experience your. >> Read more
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To dream of harvest time, is a forerunner of prosperity and pleasure. If the harvest yields are abundant, the indications are good for country and state, as political machinery will grind to advance all conditions.

Time to put ideas into action.
alcohol - others drinking, they are out of control, it is an excuse for their behavior, they are not in condition to help you by their own fault, You: possibly drinking too much, ...

If you see yourself writing or making marks on a calendar, it symbolizes that you are marking time until a certain event comes to pass. If someone in your dream gives you a calendar as a gift, you will have much disappointment in the week ahead.

The past few nights I've had multiple dreams around the same time and waking up at 4:03 in the morning with cold sweats and an unease of feelings and discomfort.

A brother, or other relatives or friends, denotes that youmay be called on for charity or aid within a short time.

If you do not know the child from your waking life, he or she may be a reflection of yourself at a particular time in your past. The main puzzle piece to discern is the nature of your activity and relationship with the child.

A dream of combing (or brushing) your hair signifies a solution to an annoying situation that has been plaguing you for some time. To dream of combing (or brushing) someone else's hair predicts a request for help from a friend.

Often, we notice changes in attitude fairly quickly, but they do not become habit until about six weeks later, since it takes time for them to become fixed in our minds.

To dream that you are abandoned suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. Let go of your old attitudes.

To see him pale and careworn, sickness will tax you heavily, as some of the family will linger in bed for a time.
To see him jolly and handsome, your home will be filled with happiness and bright prospects will be yours.

It is an extension of your inner child during a time of innocence, purity, simplicity, and a carefree attitude. You may be longing for the past and the chance to satisfy repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes.

Most all the time this change is very dramatic and major. It can be change in your life attitude or emotional balance. These types of dreams can also symbolize confronting fear, usually fear of death or change.

For a young woman to dream that she lives in fairy like opulence, interpret that she will be deceived, and will live for a time in luxurious ease and splendor, to find later that she is mated with shame and poverty.

denotes that she will be deceived, and will live for a time in luxurious
ease and splendor, to find later that she is mated with shame and poverty.
When young women dream that they are enjoying solid and real wealth ...

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To see fighting, denotes that you are squandering your time and money. For women, this dream is a warning against slander and gossip. For a young woman to see her lover fighting, is a sign of his unworthiness.

Have you ever had a dream during a time of upheaval or crisis that was different from your normal type of dream? Some theorists identify this type of dream as a level 3 dream, which is often accompanied by dream symbols or archetypes.

The puppy can then jump into your arms and you can hug it or you can use the same imagery of your dream and create another bowl of fruit, this time with fresh, lovely, clean fruit which you can then eat and become the most powerful person on Earth.

This quote reminds me of a time when just after sunset I left work and headed down the hill to the parking lot.

Dream dictionary definition for afternoon:  Often in dreams, the time of day signifies the period of your life, where morning is the beginning stages of your life, afternoon is the mid-stage, and evening is the near the end.

Is it time to 'face your fears?' Ex-spouses or lovers also may appear as stalkers in dreams; a person who 'won't leave you alone.'

Related Dream Symbols
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When dark refers to night time, darkness or being in the dark, the dream is about your feeling of not knowing where you are going, or how to get to where you want to go with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

If you dreamed of the devil surrounded by instruments of punishment, or actually punishing you, then the dream is telling you that the time has come to clear your mind and your conscious of the guilty secret you are holding onto.

To dream that you see a very large spider and a small one coming towards you, denotes that you will be prosperous, and that you will feel for a time that you are immensely successful; but if the large one bites you, ...

A time in which you are establishing your identity and making choices that will effect your sense of self. Being in mall symbolizes decisions, or preferences that make you who you are.

To dream of eating them at any time, forebodes grief.
To dream of seeing a crowd of merry children dancing, signifies to the married, loving, obedient and intelligent children and a cheerful and comfortable home.

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An examination in a dream symbolizes a time for reflection and evaluation. The subject of the test will give further insight into the theme for reflection.

You are trying to isolate yourself from the world. You feel emotionally distant or detached. Alternatively, you are presently going through a hard time and experiencing some great stress in your waking life. You need to take some time to relax.

Pumpkin -Positive: change of the seasons; harvest time; symbol of affection (as in 'You are my little pumpkin'); Negative: witchcraft; deception; snare; witch; trick (as in Halloween 'trick or treat') ...

Things of this nature are to be regarded as danger signals. They can conjure up past war-time experiences. They can indicate events which have caused shock.
Dreaming of studying books indicates pleasant pursuits, honors and riches.

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Roads, aside from being literal manifestations, convey your direction in life. This may be time to question your current "life path".

Air. Dreaming about the open sky or air is an indication that all is "clear" and agreeable in your life at the time.

carnation, a pensive, reflective state of mind; chrysanthemum, a gala affair; orchid, permanence and commitment; petunia, rugged endurance; daffodil, warmth or the restoration of a relationship; tulip, productivity; hyacinth, reflection and a time to ...

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