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In general the toilet can link with problems or difficulties in you that need attention. This means it can also link with the 'stink' - the unacceptable parts of you, that you do not want others to know about or be exposed to.

Dream Symbols
Elimination (usually of ideas or emotions); Bowl: colon.

Getting rid of things, especially things that are used up, that are no longer needed, that have gone bad or are toxic. Examples might include outdated or toxic thoughts, emotions, judgments, beliefs, people or relationships.

In waking life, a toilet is a place where we expect to be left alone to take care of our personal and private business. If a toilet appears in your dream, it reflects your feelings about that personal, private business.

To see a toilet in your dream means you need to release your emotions, or get rid of something in your life that is useless.

With the image of the toilet, the dream is referring to the natural process of the discharge of the undigested remains of problems which have already been worked through spiritually.
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The clogged toilet in a dream suggests emotional feelings that are suppressed. The self expression of your needs and desires is prevented, possibly by attitudes of others.

Toilets have to do with elimination. The elimination being asked for can be a negative trait, the effects of a trauma or the negative influence of someone in your life.

To see a toilet in your dream, suggests that you need to release your emotions, or get rid of something in your life that is useless. The dream can also be brought about by your full bladder.

Seeing a toilet in your dream symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless. Seeing a clogged toilet in your dream indicates that you are holding in and keeping your feelings to yourself.

toilet flush out those toxins in your body and attitude; let go of resentments; stop having always to be in control. What is the worst that can happen if you let go of the need to be in control?

Toilet. To dream of going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation over money or property; if you dreamed of someone else going , you are likely to be surprised by a request for a loan.

Sitting on one: Trying to remove memory or stress from embarrassing situation.

toilet-Released feelings, letting go of something or flushing away some attitude or behavior or dependency. Of course, as in many of my dreams, it may just be the body saying that you need to wake up and go to the bathroom.

- Toilets should be placed in the north-east, centre or south-west.
- Make sure not to place spare parts stores in the north-west, centre & south-east.
- Rest rooms for labour should be in the northern & eastern zones.

The toilet scene can mean a few things. Getting rid of the "waste" in your life, or the dirt or cleaning up your life. But since you aren't "washing" but rather "going" it is less about cleaning up and more about getting rid of the waste.

Abort (toilet) in the dream has little to do with the stool excretion, but depending on circumstances as favorable or unfavorable symbol to interpret. The following meanings are very common: ...

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well i only can remember little parts of my dream but the parts i remember are really weird! O.K. so it starts out with me coming into a bathroom and this couple is there doing weird stuff...and I'm f...

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Dreaming of dirty toilet can represent 'filthy' or 'dirty' aspects of your personality that you do not want others to know about.  ...

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For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, foretells that she will shortly come into an inheritance which will please her exceedingly, if she is pleased in making her bridal toilet.

- You desperately wanted to go to the toilet when you woke up.
- You woke up in pain.
- There were noises distracting you during sleep. You were sexually turned on when you woke.
Distraction dreams occur when the mind is distracted.

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To see or be in a bathtub in your dream, suggests a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems.

To dream of going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation over money or property; if you dreamed of... Continue dream interpretation - Latrine"continue dream interpretation
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The same is true if you dream that you are sitting on a toilet. However, if you dream you are cleaning the toilet, your mind may be telling you that you are starting to lose some of your inhibitions.

see also: restroom stall drain bathroom sink bathtub or shower toilet soap room shower curtain
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she will shortly come into an inheritance which will please
her exceedingly, if she is pleased in making her bridal toilet.
If displeasure is felt she will suffer disappointments
in her anticipations.

Buying clothing represents strivings for acceptance and affiliation; buying shoes represents progress and advancement; buying food represents efforts to satisfy the needs of the inner self; and buying toiletries symbolizes erotic strivings.

The toilet was made out of wood. It had a new lid and when we opened the lid, there was a hole. I knew then that this was my way out, but there was a secret to open up the hole.

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