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Trains are the cross-country transport of antiquity and therefore are often perceived as romantic. Dreams of this nature often reflect a hope for liaison on the part of the dreamer. The dream may unfold with the object of romance as a companion.

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observation car
Renting a Car Or Using Public Transport - Renting Cars in Europe - Train Travel in Europe - Ground Transportation in Europe
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Train as a travel vehicle it symbolizes the present state of your life's journey or your approach to life.

Trainstop list
Transportation guided by a rail, predestined movement, a chain of events and change
Transcendencetop list
Achieving full realization of the individual self.

Trains - The powerful nature of the locomotive symbolizes life and spirit, while the solid track implies the single-minded pursuit of ambition.

Trains in dreams, much like airplanes, signify attempts to reach significant destinations in our lives-such as career or romantic goals, along a predictable track.

TrainsTo dream of a train is often associated with your train of thought. Because trains are one mode of transportation that runs along the ground, when you dream of a train, you are probably using a more logical approach to things.

Trains And Ghost (Train Dream)
after my dream of the angel wings the same day i went back to sleep and i had another disturbing dream
i was homeless and i was sleeping in front of a mcdonalds in my old city where i ...[More of this dream] ...

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To dream of a desert represents a situation that is totally uncaring or unconcerned about your feelings, or happiness. It reflects something in your life that are cold, meaningless, unenjoyable, or lack respect.

To see freight trains in your dreams, is an omen of changes which will tend to your elevation.

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Many people dream of traveling in planes, cars, trains, or motor bikes. Traveling seems to be one of the most common dream themes. It is representative of our journey through life.

The aspect of our journey through life that has connections with other people and has a predetermined end unless you change trains. It is therefore limiting your individual will, and passing through certain stages.

Regulation creates, limits, or constrains a right, creates or limits a duty, or allocates a responsibility.

To dream that you are riding in a vehicle (car, boat, trains, etc.), denotes that you are in control of your life or that others are exerting power over you depending on who is in the driver's seat.

The initial question to ask about the subway station is: Do you have the means to ride any train, only some of the trains, or none of the trains?

(4) Fourth I've been having this reoccuring dream since I was 7 about me in the middle of something. I'm not sure what it is I think it's trains going past me very fast and I can't move and I'm very scared in the dream.

Stay away from planes, trains, buses, boats, or dangerous walking, such as hiking in the mountains, for at least a day after you have the dream, and preferably for a week.

Shun airplanes, trains or horse-drawn vehicles if
the dream accident pertains to them. Avoid sharp
knives or pointed instruments if you dream of cutting
yourself, and if you dream of falling, watch your step.

Collective and individual journey through stages and events in your life.
'Horse power' - energy
'Running out of steam' - Physical strength
'Full steam ahead!'
Trains are one of the most loved children's toys/interests and they love waving/running ...

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