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traveling, driving, or walking
Walking, driving, or any form of traveling can represent: ...

Whether it is done by conventional or extraordinary means, travel is a central feature of many dreams. When traveling in a dream, companionship, purpose, and obstacles are central interpretive questionsto ask.

To dream that you are traveling denotes your life's journey. It tells of how satisfied you are with what is currently happening in your life.
To dream of traveling to an unknown area means that your opponents are keeping a close watch over you.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of traveling, signifies profit and pleasure combined. Dreaming of traveling through rough unknown places, portends dangerous enemies, and perhaps sickness.

Simple life if traveling without reason - In the dream you are going away or traveling somewhere without any reason, this indicates that you are going with a tide during your life, without any aims or goals; ...

Deep ~ - Taking time to get to know a place
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The Athletic-Minded ~er
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I was ~ing on a big ship to somewhere. I was pregnant. We...
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Talking on Cell Phone ...

Dreams of ~ can be particularly upsetting or frustrating because so many of us love to ~. But, if you think about it, we ~ through life and these dreams are just trying to help us find our way again to a healthy and prosperous path.

If, during air ~ you meet the opposite sex - you expect a very unusual love story. If you are very afraid of the upcoming air ~ - be prepared for the fact that you lose because of its. diligence, because not risk when these things had to be.
Modern dream interpretation ...

~ing in a dream is a metaphor for your efforts to reach a meaningful goal in waking life, often related to career.

~ing on a boat can mean:
Change or progress is already happening, or it's on your mind for some reason
You're skimming along the surface of life but not participating fully, or you're feeling protected from possible threats ...

~ingtop list
The means of advancement or movement
Treasuretop list
To dream that you have found treasure, means that you will receive help in business affairs. To loose treasure means you could loose friendships or have a turn of bad luck.

~ is a dream that has several different meanings and should be used in the dream as a stand alone as meaning a wish to leave your present environment. A dream of ~ing in a car full of people usually means you will be making new friends and enjoying life more.

~ going to a new place; feelings of anticipation; a holiday; lack of commitment; a temporary stay; new horizons opening up. Where are you planning to go?

A dream about ~ling is a message about expanding your horizons. Pay close attention to whether what you are doing while ~ling is going 'right' or going 'left.

To dream of ~ing, signifies profit and pleasure combined. To dream of ~ing through rough unknown places, portends dangerous enemies, and perhaps sickness. Over bare or rocky steeps, signifies apparent gain, but loss and disappointment will swiftly follow.

To dream that you are ~ling, signifies the journey toward your life goals and a journey through life in general. That you enjoy what you do and find much pleasure in it. To dream that you are ~ling through an unknown area, denotes the lurking of your rivals.

~ / ~LING
A dream where you are ~ling represents how you go about your daily life and how you are progressing through your life. If you make a short trip in the ..Read more →

Astral ~ing symbolizes that you have a strong intellect which brings with it the gifts of absent healing, projection and hypnosis. Quite often it is a request to rise mentally above a problem. See Flying.
An attic symbolizes your mind or brain in dreams.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Many people dream of ~ing in planes, cars, trains, or motor bikes. ~ing seems to be one of the most common dream themes. It is representative of our journey through life.

~ing is very common theme for our dreams. ~ing in a car is the most common form of this type of dream. ~ling in a vehicle generally can represent our journey through life, or a portion of it. If you find yourself in a garage or car park, two different inferences can be made.

~ing over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings, which will bring little else than grief and loss of time. If the road is bordered with trees and flowers, there will be some pleasant and unexpected fortune for you.

~ is forecast in a dream featuring these guardians of nature.... Continue dream interpretation - Ranger"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Ransom ...

To ~ across the ocean represents navigating through a phase of your life that's filled with powerful uncertainty or challenges. You are getting through a problematic situation.

~ing by bus indicates that you are on the road to attaining your heart's desire.
2. Waiting for a bus indicates frustrations ahead - obstacles on your path to success, love, fame, enlightenment, or whatever it is that you want the most.

Time ~ dreams to historical events can reflect a need for discovery and exploration.

Time ~
To dream about time ~, indicates your wish to escape from your present reality. You want to go back into the past or jump forward to the future to a period where your hopes are realized. This type also represents your romantic nature or your desire to romanticize everything.
Tin ...

Twain ~led to the town where the accident took place to attend his brother's funeral. Upon his arrival, Twain was shocked to discover his brother laid out in a casket exactly as he had seen in his dream!
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Motion. ~. Vigor. Virility. Ready to be more masterful in your life.
Natural elevation of yourself. Aspiration. Success through effort.

Bus. ~ing by bus indicates progress toward your heart's desire; waiting for a bus signifies setbacks which will be very temporary. A bus accident predicts a period of frustration due to financial embarrassment.
C ...

But if we ~ the path with honorable hearts, and if we are aware of the reflective nature of our lives (our actions reflectining in our reality), we will accomplish our mission of light.
From an alchemical perspective, the diamond holds the following attributes: ...

Seeing or ~ on a macadamized road in your dream indicates a pleasant journey that will prove beneficial and profitable.
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Train as a ~ vehicle it symbolizes the present state of your life's journey or your approach to life. The train station may reflect an attitude about your position in life, tracks reflect a rigid or unchanging pathway through your life.

Dreams use ~ and other places in a similar way to help you escape the trials of everyday life. In addition, they use settings as symbols to describe feelings and thereby give insight into problems.

To dream of ~ing in Europe, foretells that you will soon go on a long journey, which will avail you in the knowledge you gain of the manners and customs of foreign people. You will also be enabled to forward your financial standing.

To dream of ~ing through a dense fog, could denote much trouble and business worries. To emerge from it, foretells a weary journey, but profitable.

To dream of ~ing alone, with a dog following you, foretells stanch friends and successful undertakings.
To dream of dogs swimming, indicates for you an easy stretch to happiness and fortune.

To dream of ~ing with a dog, represents faithful companions and successful business.
To dream of dogs swimming, suggests that happiness and fortune are within your reach.
To dream that dogs are fighting forewarns an argument.

Suitcase- ~, move, temporary, personal, heart. (Galatians 6:5)
Summer- opportunity, harvest time, trail, affliction. (Proverbs 10:5)
Sun- goodness, affliction, light, God, god of this world. (Mark 4:6, 17) ...

Example dream : ~ling far away from home linked to the dreamers new mood. He was willing to explore new ideas and meet new people. He was thinking in new ways when before he had been stuck in his ways.

~ 1. changes that will come Cayce (136-41). 2. actual trip to be taken soon Cayce (341-18). 3. mental changes happening (i.e., in attitudes) Cayce (341-26, A-1). Trip 1. changes that will come Cayce (136-41). 2.

Quick Decode: ~; success; put down
Popular Expressions: Left holding the bag; In the bag; Let the cat out of the bag
Possible Meanings: ...

To dream of seeing many of the old patriarchs ~ing on donkeys, shows that the influence of Christians will be thrown against you in your selfish wantonness, causing you to ponder over the rights and duties of man to man.

To get on one shows that ~ which you held in contemplation will be madeunder different auspices than had been calculated upon.
To miss one, foretells that you will be foiled in an attemptto forward your prospects.

Milk To dream of drinking milk, denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a ~er, it foretells a fortunate voyage. This is a very propitious dream for women. To see milk in large quantities, signifies riches and health.

Is the road the car is ~ing on straight or winding? Is the car going too slow or too fast? Is the car broken down or unable to get going? These questions will give you clues as to how you feel about your capability to get where you want to go in life.

Edgar Cayce thought that Astral ~ or "soul ~" might be a precursor to becoming lucid in a dream. Carl Jung's idea was that in a flying dream we are expressing our desire to break free of restrictions and limitations. We have a desire to be free and above all difficulties! ...

Cicero relates the story of two ~ing Arcadians who went to different lodgings--one to an inn, and the other to a private house. During the night the latter dreamed that his friend was begging for help. The dreamer awoke; but, thinking the matter unworthy of notice, went to sleep again.

But I also ~led with other people as an ordinary person, not a therapist, sharing their experience of fear and wonder as they unveiled and set loose their fountain of perception.

To dream of a locomotive running with great speed, denotes a rapid rise in fortune, and foreign ~. If it is disabled, then many vexations will interfere with business affairs, and anticipated journeys will be laid aside through the want of means.

In my dream, we were ~ing with a couple of friends in a bus, when our bus stop beside the highway near a big, tall tree..

If a maid wishes to know whom she is to marry, if a man of wealth, tradesman, or ~er, let her, on All-Hallow-e'en, take a walnut, hazelnut, and nutmeg; grate and mix them with butter and sugar into pills, and take when she goes to bed; and then, if her fortune be to marry a rich man, ...

To dream of distance, signifies ~ and a long journey. To see men plowing with oxen at a distance, across broad fields, denotes advancing prosperity and honor.

(the thing you ~ or "ride" through life in) Unusually over exposure to a specific vehicle type may easily change the meaning. The condition of the vehicle might give you an idea of your health.

Dreaming of an iPod foretells ~ at home and abroad. It may also suggest that you are expanding your social circle. But if you dream of seeing static or "snow" on your iPod screen, this could represent your refusal to see the truth in a situation.

If you bid adieu to home and country, you will ~ in the nature of an exile from fortune and love.
To throw kisses of adieu to loved ones, or children, foretells that you will soon have a journey to make, but there will be no unpleasant accidents or happenings attending your trip.
Admire ...

train. Spiritual growth, ~, or change.
tree. As a phallic symbol, virility, but when barren, sexual deficiency. A fallen tree can represent defeat, whereas a towering tree can signify aspiration.
uniform. Conformity, authority, or power.

Luggage-symbolic of ~ or carrying around things from your past, Matt. 11:28
Lukewarm water-symbolic of spiritual apathy, Rev. 3:15
Lurking-a person lurking in your dream is symbolic of ene­mies, Ps. 56:6 ...

For a ~ing man to lose his samples,
implies he will find himself embarrassed in business affairs,
or in trouble through love engagements. For a woman to dream
that she is examining samples sent her, denotes she will have
chances to vary her amusements.

To dream that you see or ~ on a macadamized road, is significant of pleasant journeys, from which you will derive much benefit. For young people, this dream foretells noble aspirations.
Macaroni ...

If someone discovered you, you should start to ~ more. If you discovered someone or something does this symbolize inheritance.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes:
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THE DREAM - I am on the highway down to Mexico. I visit Mexico in my hippy ~s frequently and enjoy it. Then I end up in a dark and dreary miltary camp with Adam (Adam had been helping me with a new cause I was promoting).

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We gladly volunteer our time for most of our reach-outs, events, classes, dream interpretations, and personal ministry. Your donation or dream submittal blesses us to cover ~ and set-up expenses for future venues. We are not 501(c)3...yet.

This does not necessarily have a bad connotation; it simply denotes a change of emphasis in ministry. I will often see this in personal ministry as well. The Lord telling someone that they will be ~ing alone for a while in personal ministry. ...

football baseball basketball video games playing game pumpkin fruit fighting food fight die dying scared screaming screamed scream cry crying cried help afraid sleep walking sleep talking eating apnea insomnia what does it mean emotions emotional upset mad angry sad happy party stairs bed ~ ...

Bridge Bridges often signify ~ and transitions. Dreaming of a bridge over water suggests that you could be conflicted in your emotions. If the bridge was unstable or collapsing, it could mean problems in a friendship or love relationship.

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